Flagrant Copy Between Film and Nong Tekayu?

Look clearly if there are similarities between “Film” Rattapoom and Nong Tekayu? Where Annie Brooks had came out to say that Nong Teekayu is the son of the superstar 100%.

Still being a debate amongst some about the case of this adorable child who was given birth by actress, Annie Brooks. Who confirms that her son was fathered by the singer and actor, “Film” Rattapoom indeed. Without having to get a paternity test.

But no matter what there have been criticism saying that if they do not get a paternity test how would others know if he’s Film’s son or not? Which the actress said that she had displayed her intentions and asked Film to get a DNA test to prove the purity of her heart from the beginning, but Film had denied a paternity test and said he believed her.

Up until recently when Film had given a press conference asking to get a DNA test and if results come out to say he is the father he’ll accept the child. Which led Annie to come out and open saying that there is no need for a DNA test anymore. Even if the results came out and said he is the father she does not want any help from Film by saying that one child a mother can raise him herself. She also reaffirms that her son was born out of her love and she will raise him the best way that she can.

As most of our readers have seen in the other post we had went and dug up Film’s old baby picture to show the comparisons between Nong Tekayu and Film when he was a child. Rakdara went out and did the same thing to show to their readers the similarities betweeen both Film and Nong Tekayu.

[Source via Rakdara]

21 responses to “Flagrant Copy Between Film and Nong Tekayu?

  1. Film should just do a DNA test so both parties can have some sort of closure. You’ll never know… sometimes stuff like this can end up like what happens on Maury and the baby might now even be his. I’m just saying, sometimes people are so confident it’s just true.

    • The thing is Annie doesn’t want one now since she feels like society is forcing him to get a DNA test. Which makes things more complicated.

      Hopefully to prove Film’s doubt and for Annie to prove she’s right they should go out and get a DNA test. If it comes out positive at least Annie can be happy and laugh in front of Film’s face to say she was right all along.

  2. In the words of Maury Povich… Film RATtapoon, you ARE the father.

    I hope the baby will grow up to look nothing like his sorry ass father. =(

    • The scary thing is as a baby Film was cute. But I don’t know what happen along the way lmao… hopefully the baby doesn’t follow in his footstep.

      If the baby is not his, holly cow, the baby is an exact replica of Film’s when he was a baby. Chances are he is the FATHER!!!

      I do believe Annie, why would she lie about something this serious. I think she just wanted Film to acknowledge that he has a child with her, no intention of him to take full responsibility to take the child into custody. I do pity her, she will have to live with her biggest mistake… yeah it was to sleep with the loser aka so call Asia Supid Star.

  3. i think what she’s doing is good. at first he didn’t want to take the paternity test because he believes her but after that he says he’s not sure, what an a**. she doesn’t need film’s pity nor film to be a part because he didn’t want to in the beginning so why now, there’ s no need. if i were her, i wouldn’t want him to be a part of “our life” if that’s not what he wants. she can take care of her baby like any other single parent.

  4. film is an asshole. when he hold a press conference and said that he wasn’t sure if the baby is his, well, its pretty much a slap in the face and saying she is a whore who sleeps around!! after he said that, shit, i would want a paternity test to prove that that baby is his, and just like her, i wouldn’t want him in my life either cause of everything he said on that conference.

  5. yea..khun film should do a DNA test to make it sure..if he is the father he’ll be happy …but if he doesn’t and he believe annie and when later in life if that baby is not his he’ll be sad(but u know he won’t be sad because he’s a sandee poo chai ja)..worry and very worry ja…KHUN FILM JA U MUST DO A DNA TEST TO MAKE SURE JA…..!

  6. This is purely a result of two selfish and irresponsible people and now the kid have to live with it for the rest of his life. Poor child!!

    • ? she didnt abort the child. she is giving the child unconditional love. how is that selfish? i do say it was definitely a mistake.

      • Just think if ure the child reading these news 15+ yrs or as an adult from now…how would u feel?
        Well, I feel sorry for the child…the child that brought into this world unintentionally.

        Worse of all they now expose the child to more cruitiny by the media bc of their selfish act for attention or to protect the fame.

        • Mistakes can not be erase, you deal with it. It’s no use criticizing or judging now.

          Let me tell you how a child would feel since I am that child. A child who found out later in life that her father never wanted to acknowledge her from the start. The child won’t care as long as the child is raised with unconditional love by the mother. There are thousands of child who were brought into this world unintentionally, even by couples who are married. Don’t let unintentional be an excuse.

  7. Anyways,

    She gave him the chance to take a paternity test when she was 3 or 4 month pregnant, and after his conference, i undersdand now why she wants him out of their life, as for me, Annie did the right choice.

    Why DNA test right now ? Because everything push him to do it if not and if no one know about this problem i’m sure that he’ll never and never accept to do it and try to run away like he did when she was pregnant.

    Giving her money ? Who he thinks she is ? a Whore ? I know that this problem was create by both of them, by having sex without protection and now the baby is here, she needs him by her side and the baby not his money.

    Go go Annie !!! You have to be strong with this problem !!!

    • i agree with you. i think she did the right thing by excluding film from their life. if he really wants a dna test, he would have done that when she was months pregnant and when she asked, not until he’s pressure by everyone and wants to save his face. he did make her look and sound bad, if i were her, i would have done the same thing come out and clear the news.

      sometimes when you think you’re deeply in love with someone, you’ll make the same mistake as her but hey that’s why we learn from our mistakes.

      maybe the son will understand the situation, because his mom really loves him and by the way, would you rather have a dad who doesn’t claim you or would you rather live happily with your mother who put her best effort alone to raise you? If i were the child, i wouldn’t want my dad to be part of my life if he’s pressure to take care of me when i have a mother who loves me.

  8. After watching the news and interview of Annie, I think she loves Film but I felt sorry for her that she happen to love the wrong person and took advantage of her love for him to the point of having some deep and meaningful relation, he is stupid to taken advantage of her when he knows that he is not ready for a relationship, I believe that the baby is really Film because the baby is a copy of Film, I think all he cares about is his fame and status, if he is really is a man, who cares about the fame, it’s doesn’t last long, it comes and goes but a baby or ur own flesh and blood is what u have create it, u have make a mistake of creating it but u can redem your mistake by annoucing that you will take responsibility for him, even though it was a long relationship as least try to help or try to get along for the child sake or reconcile to see if u still have that feelings for the child sake to see where the future will leads u both. Work or being a an actor people will never take that away from you but dump the fame bit so u can take care for what u create it. what u create is a human being, him has feelings and its needs ur love and attention. u just don’t walk away. If he thinks he can court Janie or any other N’ek, he should be ashame of himself, first of I don’t think Janie is that nice of a person, she just a fake person. If he has any decency, he should reconcile with his baby’s mother, she seems a nice, sweet and loving person, If I was a guy I would think twice before walking away from something so precious as a loving, caring woman and also 1 very beautiful as Annie and a beautiful, adorable, cute human being u help to create such as a baby.Any woman if she does love him, she wouldn’t let him or do that for him, Film should be ashame for letting her go in exchange for fame and a fake actress like Janie or any woman.

  9. that baby looks more like his mommy than Film. and what’s with calling the guy an asshole?. he’s up for the paternity test but she isn’t, any sane person will already know that something’s fishy about it.

    yes, she gave him the option of getting a paternity test when the baby was still in her tummy but that’s not as accurate as when the baby is born.

    if she claims that she isn’t doing this to hurt him then why the hell did she go to the public and announce it all?.it seems like she just wants his money and to ring him down. the things women do these days, shame.

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