Film’s Future Determined By Hia Hoh on September 20

In the case of entertainer, “Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsub who had fell into becoming boisterous news for having relations with actress, “Annie Brooks” until she had fallen pregnant and had given birth to a son who is now at the mere age of 3 months. Recently on the 17th of September, Big Boss for RS Promotion, “Hia Hoh” Surachai Chetchotisak had posted on his twitter his thoughts about Film and Annie saying, “I have watched Annie give her interview and I can understand and analyze this situation. I’m collecting information and evidence. I think that today (20th of September) I can determine all of the situation with the future of Film’s career.” Hia Hoh goes on to say that “Obstacles aren’t a thorn in life, but it’s a part of being successful. It’s like a vaccine that builds immunity to life.”

What will be the outcome of all of this fiasco? We’ll have to wait until the 20th of September to know the full details to be distinct. As for Film, we don’t know if he’ll be coming out to give a press conference or keep quiet like usual, we’ll just have to wait and see.

[Source via Rakdara]

19 responses to “Film’s Future Determined By Hia Hoh on September 20

  1. He hasn’t made a decision yet so I wouldn’t be so quick to jump on the band wagon to bash him.

    I’ve also read on Thairath that Hia Hoh had thanked Annie for revealing her side of the story so he can understand the situation better. Let’s just hope he makes the right decisions.

  2. “Obstacles aren’t a thorn in life, but it’s a part of being successful. It’s like a vaccine that builds immunity to life.”

    Judging on this statement alone, Imma bet he’s gonna forgive his little “protege” and let this slide… After all, he’s now a baby daddy and he needs money support his 3 month old child. I can see Film begging and playing the pity card right now. Just watch, Film’s gonna lay low then come back when there’s a new unsuspecting audience.

    I would not be surprised if they don’t sack Film.

    • It will really surprise me if they sack Film.

      In the bottom, I don’t think Film is an “evil” person. He’s irresposible (about women), selfish, cheater and a liar. But I think in doing his work, he’s not all that bad. He’s trying his best and responsible (in his job).

      anway, it never crossed my mind that Hia Hoh will fire Film, just the other way around. He will try to smooth this up and bring Film back in somehow. Hia Hoh already put so much money into this “going Inter” project.. it will be too much of a loss if he just stopped everything now.

      Best of luck to every persons involved. I don’t like Film, but I understand both Annie and Film in this case.

    • yeah, i don’t think they’re gonna let him go either. which is so hypocritical of rs, cause they fire people for the minutest indiscretion. from the statement, it seems as if rs is gonna be sticking by film.

      and yeah, film is just gonna lay low for awhile and come back when everyone forgets about the issue – people forget easily. just like what he did when the scandal broke out about film and his sugar daddy.

    • “Obstacles aren’t a thorn in life, but it’s a part of being successful. It’s like a vaccine that builds immunity to life.”

      Basically Hia Hoh is just saying that Annie is a thorn in Film’s life and he need to get through this to be immune to her

  3. In a business world, Hia Hoe will definitely not let go of Film but that just makes the world hate him for the justification. He threw Lydia and Beam to the curb because they had scandals and they aren’t even that negative. He won’t let them go because he didn’t want the people who are actually talented to gain success outside his world. What a douche bag! Film probably gave him some ass!!!

    • Speaking of Beam, i’m still pissed off when it comes to this. Beam, of all people, made a scandal?!!! pfff..
      Hia Hoh is a hypocrite alright. And Lydia, with a scandal that she didn’t really cause, just tryingt o protect her dignity by suing that ass. I would have done the same.

      Maybe karma is getting back to Hia Hoh as

      • refresh my memory about beam, i don’t get why he got thrown out. i can’t wait for the decision. either way good luck to all parties and even without film helping annie with the baby, annie can definitely raise her child on her own.

        • I don’t think was the scandal maker but instead in the category of not wanting to work. There were other possibilities besides having a scandal and one of them was not wanting to work.

        • It’s just a “conclusion” from RS. Hia Hoh wanted to get rid of people he considered not making enough money to the company. When the scandal hit Lydia, he just included Beam into it, just like that.

          Beam’s fans were confused cause they never heard anything like it before. Beam’s twitter was showing the day after (or before, i don’t remember). “I really love singing, of course I would love to sing.”..

          The thing is that RS, didn’t give Beam enough work, so he has alot of free time over. Beam eventually asked if he can worked part time in a engineering company (he has afterall mater degree in it). Beam needs to make a living as well, if you know what I mean.

          And for some reason (which I stil don’t understand), Beam was forgotten by the company and now they’re not giving Beam any work, until his contract is over. I think it’s almost a year (I might be wrong in how many months it is) until his contract will be over.

          Voila! I just get this deja vu feeling when Dan was banned and now they treat Beam the same way, even though he has done nothing wrong.

          RS never failed to make an idiot out of themselves. Big grats this time too.. in advance.

          I wish Beam could get out of there as soon as possible.

  4. I think that Film reputation was pretty damaging at this moment regardless of what is going to happen. I would advice Film to get a DNA test because if this matter is proven to be false then he will be free and clarify all of this false assumptions. Film shouldn’t got involved with this actress from the beginning because if he doesn’t love her leave her alone. I believed that intimacy should be put in place when you love somebody.

  5. It kills me to say this but I do hope RS won’t ban Film and his fame dies because of this. Not because I like Film, far from it but because if anything happen to Film, all his STUPID AND RETARDED fans will blame Annie. Especially all those idiots who believe that Film and Janie will be such a cute couple. I mean it just disgusts me what people are already saying about her because they think it’s destroying his potential relationship with janie because of this. Seriously get off his jocks.

  6. Fans should realize that it’s not scandals that got them popular, it’s their work that they work hard for. Even though Film career is going down because of this, true fans would support no matter what the outcome is. I’m not an Flim or Annie’s fan but come on, this situation isn’t for the fans and media to put upon those two. It’s their damn problem. Whatever decision they make, it’s up to them. Cause not only stars, but normal people goes through this crap too. A man who doesn’t take responsibility is at fault but you don’t want a marriage without love, it happens in dramas only, not reality.

  7. so thai ppl knows how to have sex before marriage too? lol, jk jk. thais aren’t perfect just like the rest of the world.

  8. After watching the news and interview of Annie, I think she loves Film but I felt sorry for her that she happen to love the wrong person and took advantage of her love for him to the point of having some deep and meaningful relation, he is stupid to taken advantage of her when he knows that he is not ready for a relationship, I believe that the baby is really Film because the baby is a copy of Film, I think all he cares about is his fame and status, if he is really is a man, who cares about the fame, it’s doesn’t last long, it comes and goes but a baby or ur own flesh and blood is what u have create it, u have make a mistake of creating it but u can redem your mistake by annoucing that you will take responsibility for him, even though it was a long relationship as least try to help or try to get along for the child sake or reconcile to see if u still have that feelings for the child sake to see where the future will leads u both. Work or being a an actor people will never take that away from you but dump the fame bit so u can take care for what u create it. what u create is a human being, him has feelings and its needs ur love and attention. u just don’t walk away. If he thinks he can court Janie or any other N’ek, he should be ashame of himself, first of I don’t think Janie is that nice of a person, she just a fake person. If he has any decency, he should reconcile with his baby’s mother, she seems a nice, sweet and loving person, If I was a guy I would think twice before walking away from something so precious as a loving, caring woman and also 1 very beautiful as Annie and a beautiful, adorable, cute human being u help to create such as a baby.Any woman if she does love him, she wouldn’t let him or do that for him, Film should be ashame for letting her go in exchange for fame and a fake actress like Janie or any woman.

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