“Peck” Sanchai Begs Media to Stop Before His Family Collapses

“Peck” Sanchai loudly repeats that he will not be divorcing his lovely wife, “Tanya” Tanyares and begs the media to stop publishing news about them before his family collapses. He also loudly says, “I’ve caused this problem myself, I will solve the problem myself.” Advises media to stop the critical abuse.

Becoming a ripple of news of the “To divorce or not to divorce” famous couple, “Peck” Sanchai and “Tanya” Tanyares Engrakul. Even though Tanya is in The States to relax with their daughter Leah its seems like it can’t stop them from being attacked by reporters. Recently Peck had given a live interview through “Woody Talk” on Modern 9 channel, where Peck said he’s had enough with the  media who hasn’t stopped playing around with the news. He begs, let it be his problem where he is the one that solves it himself.

When asked about the wave of news saying will he be divorcing or not divorcing, what is the real story to it? Peck said,

“I have not talked to Tanya about this at all. There is no divorce what-so-ever. We’ve been married for 6 years and have 1 daughter together. When it comes to divorce I see it as a big problem and it hasn’t gotten to that stage yet. The problems that I have will need time to resolve, but I think that what we tried to resolve will collapse. We (Tanya and I) are losing encouragement because of the many news that come out. Whom/Who ever let out the news about 3-4 days ago saying that Tanya was about to give a press conference regarding the issues to divorce me. Which I don’t understand why they want us to divorce so much. It’s my problem. I caused it and I can solve the problem myself.”

Do you know who posted the rumor or if they made it up on the internet?

“This is the important issue. If I knew who did it, I won’t let them go. I don’t know who would want to and what they want. I don’t want to say anything to anyone, but I want them to understand. I’m the one in the news being grilled and the outcome of it is damaging, whether it be Tanya’s work or mine. Those who haven’t been in  my position won’t know how it’s like. Before I used to be the type of person who watched the news, but when I was the one in the news, I couldn’t bare to watch it anymore. The most important thing I want is for everyone to make judgments when watching the news. Let your ears listen because you can hear. I used to think that in some situations it was true while there are some that aren’t true at all. I understand the feelings of singers, actors, and entertainers when it happenes to them. I think that it’s not our business and we shouldn’t be thinking too hard on other people’s problems. We are all human beings.

Do you still love Tanya?

“Of course I still love her. She’s the mother of my child. I love her to death. Tanya and I have known each other til this day including our wedded bliss, it’s been about 10 years. There are so many connections in a lot of ways. Those around us, even our close friends doesn’t understand what we’re going through. I think that this whole matter and issue is my family’s problem. I want to think and resolve the problem on my own without having the media interfere. I want you to understand me just a bit. You can stop already with my problems. It’s been going on for too long. If it collapses it’s because of all the news that’s being published. Those around are starting to instigate.” (From now on what are you going to do?) “I am going to clear the situation so it can all end because the news moves on. Those who have been grilled by the press will feel bad and start to lose their focus on work, lose encouragement it’s too much. There is no benefit from it.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Thairath]

16 responses to ““Peck” Sanchai Begs Media to Stop Before His Family Collapses

  1. I agree the media should just leave them alone, i know
    they want stories and stuffs to make a living but this
    is just too much.

  2. If Peck would just keep his boys under control and not mess with Pinky, then the media wouldn’t have started this.

    • Agreed, if he didn’t cheat he wouldn’t have a dug a hole for himself. The hole just keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

  3. i bet he’s tired of reading how ugly he is.
    this has been on going news toooo.
    its getting old though. i gues it will soon die down.

  4. I wonder if they were a normal couple and not famous would their issues be resolved much faster and they would go on living as a happy face or would she would have divorced him already…

  5. I think the problem is that Pinky is still denying everything so if he comes out and clear the air by admitting to having an affair with her then Pinky’s character will be even more damaging. I think he’s trying to protect her as well but because of this, his family is being torn apart since Tanya admitted to everything. So it’s like a Pinky’s vs Tanya’s word battle here. So he need to take Khem Rujira’s advice and pick one or the other once and for all. He then need to come out and say yes he did cheated on Tanya with Pinky and yes Tanya did walk out on him because of it. Then he need to tell the whole world what’s his resolution will be, Pinky or Tanya. People who do not know the truth or the whole story will continue to dig and wonder.

  6. Blame it on the medias for the collapse of your family when you are the one who created the problems. Sorry, your news makes money for them. REQUEST DENIED!

  7. interesting, he’s going to do something about this… why wait until now to tell the media to leave him alone. i wonder why he doesn’t talk about his other lady or why didn’t the media ask him. i would definitely ask him for clarification if he wants the media to stop. just blurt it out so the whole thing will end and let tanya go, she’s had enough of his fling (?).

    if they did it, just admit they did it and everything won’t be a problem. if they can do it obviously they can admit it, everyone makes mistakes so just admit it already.

  8. I think they should really stop and leave it between them and their family. Gosh the media us a pain in the butt. That’s the very first reason why I personally would not want to become a celeb ( not that I am going to become one)

  9. #1 There marriage is already done for

    #2 If he really loves her, he wouldn’t have cheated

    #3 Being his baby mama should not be a reason why he “loves” her

    I call bullshit

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