If Chakrit Was Compared to An Old Book Where You’ve Read It and It Makes You Cry, Jakajun Asks Not To Read It Again

“Jakajun” Akumsiri Suwanasouk boasts that her life right now is at it’s happiest. not even ex boyfriend, Chakrit Yamnam.

Coming back to being a single woman once again, but has no intention on returning and she goes on to compare Chakrit like an old book where you’ve read it and it makes you cry, she asks not to read it again.

“Jakajun” Akumsiri have remained on her single status since she has broken up with actor, Chakrit Yamnam, but this time since the male side is single a lot of people are watching closely to see if the once lovers would return to one another to rekindle their once flame.

When approached with the question, Jakajum replied,

“Right now I’m single. I don’t have anyone. If I do have someone I’ll let you know. I used to talk to someone, but it didn’t work out, so I rather not have anyone instead. Last year I was talking to someone, but he wasn’t the right one, so instead I don’t have anyone. If I did have someone, it didn’t turn out good, so I rather not have anyone at all. Right now I’m happy and I don’t want anyone. Right now it’s not the time. Truthfully there are some for me to pick from, but I’m a picky person.” (Are they from inside the entertainment business or outside the biz?) “From outside and inside the biz, I’m not afraid to have a relationship with those in the biz, but it’s still not the time.”

Jakajun goes on to reveal that if there was someone she would tell because she wants the public to be her eyes and ears. If anyone comes into her life she will have to do a background check because she used to talk to a friend in the Entertainment industry and the guy that was hitting on her friend was also hitting on another girl, which let them know that the guy was a player.

“When I heard about it, I was like, aow…Good thing that I didn’t continue to talk to her more. But I find it amusing instead. My viewpoint in love has changed and I start to look at other areas more. I’ll just continue to look.” (Right now, Chakrit is single once again.) “Different people live different lives. We don’t talk to each other nor do we speak to one another, but we don’t see each other. We haven’t talked to each other in a very long time. It’s been nearly over a year since we’ve talked. OK, I’m single, but we haven’t talked to each other in a long time. It’s nothing. I like to read new books, old books where it’s profoundly deep and it makes me cry, I don’t want to read it again. That’s when I’ve had enough with it, I want to rest from reading it. I want to read a comic/manga book instead where it’s good and there are other things mixed in. Whatever has passed in the past just let it pass. So, we’ll just say that we are brother/sister who are good towards one another. I believe that at one point in time, I knew what love was. I’m thinking in a positive way.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/KomChudLuek]

15 responses to “If Chakrit Was Compared to An Old Book Where You’ve Read It and It Makes You Cry, Jakajun Asks Not To Read It Again

  1. What’s up with all the repeated “right now”, “I don’t have anyone”, and the “one”..Her response was so confusing and repetitive. I think we all understood that she currently she isn’t talking to anyone.

  2. I like them both, I just don’t like them together. lol if that even makes sense. I didn’t care for Jakajun’s work before, but she grew on me and I like her esp in the lakorn wit Weir. Plus her acting really improved. Chakrit grew on me too. When I first heard him speak English, I almost melted. I think Krit should date someone outside the biz and has a laid back, homebody pesonality like him =)

  3. Well in their case, she can’t blame only Chakrit, she is to blame too, they both jumped on the bandwagon real fast. I was so surprise when they announced their engagement. So at least it was over before they both got in deeper, and the media should stop talking about them or them returning, because it’s OVER! And media SHOULD GET OVER THEM, AND LEAVE THEM ALONE!
    I like both of them, but not together as someone mention above. 🙂

  4. I’m so glad that they broke up..can’t stand her, she’s immature and her voice is so annoying too.

    Love Chakrit, I’d rather see him get back with Joy out of all his exes.

  5. I think it’s normal that they’re going to ask her about Chakrit since both are single now. So she made it clear that she is not going to back to him and that’s great for her.

  6. Her reply definitely confirms she’s not over they’re break-up, still has alot of bitterness towards him…whatever, i’m a chakrit fan so I might be a bit bias, but she totally over-blown their break-up crying to the media and making Krit lose ratings…he had the decency not to “tell all” about their personal life in front of the media

  7. i cant imagine her dating chakrit! hes like super sexy and a bad boy player looking type and shes soooo innnocent looking. its still a little getting used to. mmmh chakrit is one fine ass asain meat lol!

  8. Hihi all..lol this post is dated back 4 years ago but I still want to comment haha
    I just finished Bo See Chompo and I was captivated by him haha he’s so fine looking altho Bo See wasnt the first drama of his that I watched. It was Talad Arom. Well its hard to find lakorn to watch at my place and not many good quality lakorns is being posted to the internet for downloads unlike Kdramas. And after searching for his info, I read that a lot ppl comment how good his English is. Indeed lol after watching him at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oea1daDPUBo

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