Rumor: Film Possibly Fathered A Child?!?

There have been rotten rumors all day for entertainer, “Film” Rattapoom Tokongsup. Rumors around the u-bend is that there was a singer with the initial “F” who has fathered a child with an extra actress with the initial “A” on one of the sets of his lakorn! The woman has given birth to a healthy baby boy who is now at the mere age of 3 months. The father in question? Film of course!

That’s not all, but rumors are coming on strong that the cameo actress is no one else, but sexy star, Annie Brook who accepted the role as “Sumnata” in the lakorn, ‘Pee Saat Saen Gon‘ (with Film and Goi Ratchawin). It was said that the two had sparks flying between them on the set and had something intimate with one another until the female had gotten pregnant. And at the beginning of the year Annie had to pull herself out from accepting the Nang Rai role as “Galam” in the short lakorn for ‘Ching Chaa Sawun‘ because her stomach was growing and it was getting visible with the baby bump.

Plus the reason for the problem starting to become a bulging rumor around the Entertainment industry at this very moment is that the moment Annie was pregnant to the time she had given birth, she had received support money from Film in the amount of 150,000 baht after having given birth to the baby. 3 months after, the singer had sent her 50,000 baht, but when “his” son was sick and had to go to the hospital, Film was no where to be found and didn’t help out. When he is confronted, he denies it. The situation has gotten red and out of hand that rumors are so strong at this moment. It was also said that Annie was willing to prove that the baby was Film’s if he was willing to get a paternity test to see if he’s the father or not.

So that everything about this issue can be cleared. Manager Online had tried to get in contact with Annie, but she would  not pick up her phone. Which leaves them without an answer. As for Film’s side, at first when the rumors came out he was going to hold a press conference with the public on the 16 of September, but in the end it was just a rumor. RS Promotion is probably trying to confine the singer so that he can’t come out and give any interviews.

As for Annie Brook, she is of Half Thai and Swedish descent. She started her career in the Entertainment Industry as leading lady in the movie, “Cherry Ann“. She also had a pocketbook called , “Men With Bad Sex!!” and did a no limit view for “CLUB F“. As for Film, he has caused a scandal of his own when “Sia Ode” said he had intimate moments with Film. Film denied the accusations and said he does know Sia Ode and Sia Ode is a person of benevolence to him. After having surpassed the monsoon of the rumors that was mentioned, lastly he had become involved in another scandalous rumor with the fathering of a child. If the rumor of Film fathering Annie’s child is real or a just hoax. We’ll have to wait to hear the truth and answer from Film himself.

[Source Manager Online]

25 responses to “Rumor: Film Possibly Fathered A Child?!?

  1. Wow. That’s crazy. If he really isn’t the father, taking a paternity test is the right thing to do. If he runs away and tries to avoid it, obviously something fishy is up!

  2. Honestly I don’t know what sort of “dirtii” things Film is capable of…he surprises me every time, so I will not be surprise if this is true…but yes! they need to go on the Maury show…if this is true…oiii..Mr. Big Boss of RS better make plans for turnning someone ELSE into the “NEXT ASIA SUPERSTAR” LOL

  3. Film should be happy if he’s the father. Having a child of your own is a wonderful thing. If he’s not the father he should do the paternity test to prove his innocence.

  4. i want to know if he is the father,he does not look like
    the kind of person who do not take responsibility. but
    you might not know.

  5. the best thing to do is testing. but you know how rotten the industry is. even if the child was his, they will do whatever mean for it to not leak out the truth but to distort the truth lol… i will be shocked if he is indeed the father. i had always thought he was very feminine not just in looks but attitude and behavior as well ahahaha!!!

  6. Holy shit indeed. If it’s true, then this is BIG. And after his whole explosive scandal with Sia Ode, he’d be a fool to not come clean. At this point, whether it’s true or not, hiding only makes his situation worse. I think RS and Film should both no better than that.

    • Probably not. RS is a hypocrite and Film is their love child. They will probably pay off the girl and hide the truth because they want him to be the next asian superstar. RS is all about money and being the next asian superstar will bring them money.

  7. I think Film is releasing an album soon.
    So this could be…

    1. RS’s old method of “promoting”
    2. Someone is trying to make Film look bad
    3. Film is not the father, this girl is simply out of her mind (wants $ or news attention perhaps)
    4. Film is indeed the father (will be responsible)
    5. Film is indeed the father (will NOT be responsible will not do the test)
    6. Film is indeed the father (but RS will use $ force to hide, no test)
    7. Film is not the father – comes out, test, FREE man again
    8. What else? lollllls

    • Interesting possibilities. Although I never thought of the first one. That could indeed be a promotion strategy and the chick is getting paid to lie. Who know lol…

  8. Wow…!!!! Last I heard his manager is requesting a DNA test. Good luck to him. I think Big Ass lead singer went through similar situation but the DNA test result showed that he was not the father. I hope same go for Film.

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