Film Seeks DNA Testing

“Film” Rathapoom Tohkongsub held a press conference today to clarify the outburst of rumours accusing him to be the father of Annie Brook’s baby.

In his statement to the press, Film reveals his intention to seek genetic DNA testing to rule out whether or not he is the biological father.

“As published in the various newspaper, I’m here to clarify the news and to explain the situation. If you ask whether or not me and the girl know each other, yes we do. We dated at one stage but we were never boyfriend and girlfriend.We were together during filming for ‘Peesart San Kol, about a year ago”

“Then some time later on she called me to tell me that she was 3-4 months pregnant. At the time I admit I was shocked. I discussed the situation with my family, my mom and my brother and all my close friends. My mother told me that I should help, regardless of whether or not I am the father, we can worry about that later”

“I don’t know what to say to the female party. I’m a guy, if I say anything I might hurt her feelings. So that’s why me and my family decided to help her out first in the early stages. We gave her 200,000 baht to cover her expenses in the beginning”

“I don’t want to give away too much details because it might offend the female party”

[ Film & Annie from Peesart San Kol ]

“My family have been supporting her the whole time. If you ask why I sent her the money, it was because I thought of her as a friend in need. And I felt sorry for her because of her situation”

“My family and I have not neglected her, after she gave birth to the child we have been sending her money on a monthly basis. On the news, some sources said that I missed some payments. Every source has a different story, for now we’ll just have to wait. For something like this, we will need to wait for verification. Right now I am waiting for it also”

“The other party is confident that I am the child’s father, but I don’t know. If you ask if I don’t believe that I’m the father, well I feel like I’m confused.  But I have to help her first”

“At this stage, I’m in the process of getting proof. I should get a DNA test very soon and if the baby turns out to be mine. I will be more than happy to take responsibility. As for getting married, that’s up to the future, but it’s a very sensitive topic, for me and for the girl”

When you were in a relationship with “Annie”, were you intimately involved?

“I don’t want to say too much because I feel bad for the girl. When I heard she was pregnant, my mother and my manager talked to her. My mother went to her as soon as I told her the news. I myself have spoken to her about it.She was probably shocked too”

“When the baby was born, we all went to see him, it happened a long time ago. I don’t know why the news only just came out. I didn’t hide anything, I was waiting for the right time and I was in the process of a lot of things. In the past I did the best that I could by sending my family over to support her. Everyone felt sorry for her”

Film apologizes to his fans

“I believe my fans will understand. I came out here to tell you about this because I am filled with sincerity. The first thing I want to do is apologize to my fans and everybody. I know this is a very sensitive issue and I will deal with it to the best of my ability. I care very much about my fans feelings and I will continue to take care of the situation”

“As for my career…I believe we are still waiting for verification. I’m prepared to accept the truth if the child is in fact mine. Hea Hoh (RS Promotion Executive) has given me advice and support and so far the situation has no impact on my plans to to work in Korea. But we will have to wait and see what the future holds”

Source via Manager

Clip via Daradaily

104 responses to “Film Seeks DNA Testing



      • I think she meant she hopes he’ll be a good father.

        If the baby is his, I, too, hope he’ll do what is right and be a good father too. As for marrying her, I don’t believe in marrying the girl just because you have a child together, there is no happiness in that. They can raise the child together, without getting married.

  2. Wow! Film just made his family out to be complete angels from heaven.

    What man in their right mind would give a woman money every month when it’s not his child. Now, I would understand if he gave her some money as a one time thing to help her out.

    Film and his family probably knew there was a chance this was his kid that’s why they pay the girl every month.

  3. Good Luck with the paternity test. Wonder what Janie going to say about it? Hope Janie is prepare to answer the questions.

    • That does not confirm anything. There has been many married men that came out of the closest! My high school biology teacher found out her husband has been gay all along and they had two kids together!

      I think Film and his family most likely think the child could be Film. He isn’t complaining cause he know he slept with her during the period of dating. I think they should get married ahahah to save face. I know that is extremely important to Asian society. But he must take responsibility for his action.

      By the way RS big boss is in a tough position right now. If he keeps Film by his side, I’m going to throw rotten tomatoes at his face one day. He kicked Lydia to the curb because she had a scandal. psh! Karma!

      • LOL yes now we noe he’s not gay…he’s a Bisexual, sleeping with old man and getting it on w/ young girls…i see greatness in his future

  4. Obviously, Film knows he is the father of the child. That’s why he financially support the child’s mother. Of course, he would not marry that woman. If he does love that woman, no need to do the test, just marry her.

    • Yup! I want to laugh in his face…i guess this isn’t a scandal according to him…i want the other celeb. that got kicked out to come back and comment on this MUAHAHAHA

  5. Ok, 1st off… what a loser!!! Seriously, if he didn’t want this to happen, should of zipped up his pants. This is proof of life imitating art. I do not feel sorry for Film or Anne, they did the deed… they should face it and take responsibility and I’m not just talking about money here. The real victim here is the BABY. If Film and his family think they can just throw money to shut people up or take away this problem, they are wrong. I feel bad for this baby. Makes me wonder how many of these n’eks and p’eks are sleeping together. But this is reality.

  6. there must be a chance… a big chance that he is the father, no guy in their right mind would continue to support a women …friend or no friend… every month after she has given birth if it wasnt his

    now i dont want to jump to conclusions seeing as there is no DNA proof yet but his actions are making him sound suss


    whats up with the comment– we dated each other but not bf and gf- doesnt mean you didnt have sex with her dude!

      • yeah i get that.. but when he said it.. its like he implied because we were not bf/gf therefore he did not have relations with her.. you dont have to be bf/gf to sleep together is what im saying

        • I just think he wanted to emphasize that they were dating at one point in time to not make it sound bad on the woman’s part.

          I do agree with you that you don’t have to date someone to sleep with them.

          Maybe he feels like Thai society will see him badly so he says at one point he dated her which lead for them to have relations. lol

          I don’t know but hopefully the DNA proof comes out soon!

  7. People say that super stars are the DIRTY. They all play stupid games like us regular people. Thai stars are really getting dirty lately. Whats up with that? I guess its a dirty world they live in and live to cover by their fames and glams

    • I just had to comment and I’ve been dying to say it but it’s a “DIRTII-licious world out there” I know it’s lame, but I just had to say it because that’s the point of Dirtii Laundry.

      Not all celebs are what you see them as and it’s time to take notice of the evidence that piles up also.

  8. Damn Film, why’d you have to ruin the fun and come out. I was kind of hoping you’d go off hiding and denying, then coming clean and crying when you’ve been cornered. You know, like the whole Sia Ode thing? Once the baby’s proven to be his, that’s the end of the scandal. Damn it. No fun!

    A man paying child support without being court ordered to do so on a monthly basis? Too damn good to be true -especially when he’s “not sure” if he’s the father. Oh, and to have his family willingly support the girl financially while she “isn’t dating their son” and the child could probably not be his? This, is also too damn good to be true. Film’s only saying this to cover his ass cause he knows that if he comes out denying and the baby does end up to be his, he’ll only damage himself even more. So of course, play the angel role to lesson the damage.

  9. What’s up with that lame,”It happened a long time ago I didn’t hide anything crap”?

    He totally hide it cus if he didn’t we would had known since she gave birth. What a sorry piece of poo!

  10. just because they dated each other don’t mean the baby is his, besides they dated a year ago, who knows she could have another fling a few months after they broke up, i think she should come out and say something because this makes film look bad. however, i’m proud of him for telling the truth and if the kid is really his, he’ll be a good dad.

  11. WOW, this just tainted his image!!! He is suppose to be the beloved child of RS too…

    Another Thai scandal!!! I think Lydia is off the hook now 😉

  12. he obviously announced that he did have sex with her when they were dating if you reread his answers in between hes all like im confused if thats my baby or not and that if the baby turns out to be his he’ll take care of it. SHOCKER! i did’nt know film was doing the nastay lol well hope the best for him.

  13. its totally not his kid if they dated a year ago and she just gave birth now 3 months ago i mean film should be smart he shuld count the months of when he had sex with her until now lolololol

    • Well if you do the math. The child is 3 months now. It takes 9 months to carry a baby according to what I learn in school so 9 add to 3 equals 12 months. I believe 12 months is a year? So a year ago is 12 months.

  14. lol these pra’eks and nang’eks are so not innocent like what they portray on tv. watching rabum duang dao makes me wonder if celebs go all the way to hide their bads like ploy’s character. film may or may not be the father but he reminds me of ploy in RDD foreals lol

  15. At least he admit that they had intercourse. LoL I think the baby is his. It’s so scary how RS put him in fron of all those press alone. I use to be a big fan of RS, but honestly, their business model has change in negative ways. I like Grammy so much more now.

  16. We dated at one stage but we were never boyfriend and girlfriend WTF.
    The point is that he didnt use condom, how stupid can he be.
    He’s the father, if he’s not then that mean they pay for the DNA to be negative

    • First off you don’t know WTF you’re talking about. How the hell is he going to pay her off and for it to be negative. HELLO! You can’t freakin hide from the truth! Film couldn’t hide from the truth and look at where it’s gotten him now!

      Use the part in your brain where it tells you to think logically instead of judging things by hatred.

      So what he slept with her now what? Last time I checked in my books it wasn’t wrong to sleep with someone or have a fling. He said he dated her whoopie! But they were never boyfriend and girlfriend.

      You can go on dates with someone without having to be their girlfriend or boyfriend! A lot of people go out on dates and have random one night stands or before they take the step into becoming girlfriend or boyfriend they usually go out on many other dates.

      It doesn’t automatically mean you have to be someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend to date them or to have sex!

        • that’s really my problem if i suck. what’s wrong with voicing my own damn opinions? i like what i like and i like it. i don’t have to be an idiot and follow the crowd. sorry but i don’t give in to peer pressure.

      • Preaw didn’t mean paying the girl for it to be negative. Preaw means paying whoever is in charge of giving the results from the lab to say it’s negative. If a record company doesn’t want to ruin their business, they have the money and power to do this.

        BTW Use the part in your brain where it tells you to think carefully before you speak so rudely to others. I don’t think you would appreciate people who don’t even know you to speak to you in such manner.

        • i am using my brain and my knowledge. i do think before i type therefore i know what i’m saying.

          now if rs was to pay off the dna testing company don’t you think it would make another big scandal? when has rs ever paid for anything? fluke inam knocked a girl up and i don’t see them paying for it.

          film even said that his manager and his mother knew of the situation. if they didn’t tell anyone that he knocked her up than who did? i’m pretty sure rs knew about the situation but kept mum but didn’t bother hiding it.

          i really don’t care if people want to speak badly of me. oh well what am i going to do? it’s the internet. it’s funny that you would say i shouldn’t speak badly of others when i don’t know them. so do you know these celebs to be speaking of them badly?

          • Well it’s different with Fluke Inam because he took responsibility right away. He married the girl before the baby was born. He admitted the baby is his from day one. So there’s no reason for them to pay for anything.

          • @ treezie you can say whatever the hell you want, I don’t give a hoot, but I do think you need to RE-READ this again! AGAIN you suck!

          • inam fluke wasn’t the favorite child of RS so RS don’t give a shiet.

            “when has rs ever paid for anything?” EXACTLY! They paid off so many people that we never heard of anything. 🙂

            Just because “a lot of people” are sleeping around and having one night stand doesn’t make it “okay.” Especially as an idol, they should zip their pants up. It makes little teens think it’s okay to have one night stands and sleep around. And before they know it, they’ll end up with babies.

    • wow, so heated up in hea..anyways agree if that test comes out negative, RS paid for it to happen that way, no doubt

      and YOU say that now, about sleeping around and having flings…but wait till u have a kid or two, lets say a girl and a boy then u can come back and we’ll talk about this one night stands topic and whether or not u still think its okay

      • It’s not ok. I’m conservative. I don’t think people should do it unless they are in a long time committed relationship and they know for sure that he or she is the one. I’m probably one of the select few that think like this (that is my opinion about sex).

  17. Obviously he’s been intimate with her or else he would have been a million percent sure that the baby isn’t his. Plus, there is a chance that they baby is his or else he wouldn’t be sending her money to care for her and the child.

  18. She isn’t cute, but booty is booty, these type of men don’t give a dame if the girl is ugly or not. ALL they want is booty! Damn Film, I hope Janie didn’t give him booty yet, if she did… she better prepare herself cause this guy is a PLAYA!

  19. OMG this is like a big lakorn situation for Film. I hope the kid ain’t his, i want him and Janie to be together.

  20. He takes the best decision ! Once evrything will be clarified, he would be able to do the best thing for him. I hope it isn’t his !

  21. I have a feeling that this baby might be his because obviously they did slept together. Also I am totally not buying the whole thing about him and his family helping because they felt sorry for her. I don’t think they would be that nice to her if they didn’t know that the baby was his.

  22. What a stupid question “did they intimately involved” if he didn’t he would have say HELL NO to the baby….he would have known for sure that its not his baby bc they didn’t do anything…reporters ask stupid questions they already know the answer to it

  23. Well if he is not her first, then it doesn’t hurt to get a DNA test to prove once and for all, so there will be no doubt who’s the real daddy.
    In today free sex generations, if I were the guy I would have ask for a DNA test too.
    I don’t blame Film for wanting a DNA test first, because if she slept with him so easily, then who else would had she been sleeping around with?
    I’m not taking Film side, but if that guy was your brother and a girl said he fathered her baby, wouldn’t you want your brother to take a DNA test if the girl he is sleeping with is not so innocent?

    • If my brother was anything like Film, I’ll beat the shit outta him. It’d be impossible for him to have any babies. You say you’re not taking film’s side, but you are putting down the girl quite easily. Why is it okay for film to be a slut and you don’t even say anything against that?

      • I said “IF” I didn’t she said “SHE IS” and I also end with a with a question mark, because we don’t know what the true is. But what is true is it doesn’t hurt to take a DNA test.
        And of course Film or the guy can be a “slut”(as you put it), but who is the person end up getting pregnant and have to carry the heavy bundle? So if the girl want to be a “slut” and got herself pregnant, what is wrong with a guy wanted the DNA test first? (And no I’m not saying the girl in the news, I’m saying girl in general… with today free sex ages who to say who is innocent and who is not?).
        I’m not putting anyone down, it’s common sense to want a proof so there won’t be any doubt.
        You said if it was your you’ll “beat the shit outta him”, and yes you will, as you say so, but what if there is a baby involve? Are you going to be 100% sure that the baby is his and no question ask? (That is what I was asking above… it’s common sense question and common people in general will also ask too. And it’s not about putting anyone down… it’s reality and again common sense).

    • I’m not my bf’s first but if I happen to get pregnant and he’s unsure if he’s the father because he’s NOT my first then he better put on some good running shoes because I’ll run the m-f down.

  24. If the baby isn’t his, why would he feel obligated to give her money on a monthly basis? I know his family felt “sorry for her situation” but, this makes no sense unless there’s a legitimate reason. I’m not doubting that he’s doing this out of the kindness of his heart but, REALLY? I don’t think anyone would give her money unless he had a gut feeling that the baby could in fact be his. And of course the chances of him being the father is high. Having a conference to announce that he’ll be getting a DNA pretty much explains..well, you finish the sentence. Poor, poor baby. 😦
    I know, his fans must feel quite hurt right now. This is indeed a really sensitive issue. I like Film and I have nothing against him. This is just one of those times when you wish you weren’t a person of the spotlight. :/

  25. Omg… If the DNA is positive, Film is going to take a hit to his career. If the DNA is negative, it’s going to be an embarrassment to the girl and forget getting anymore financial support from Film.

  26. I don’t think Film is a man at all. He’s sitting there defaming her name by saying he’s unsure if the baby is his or not. That’s basically just telling everyone that she sleeps around and that is why he’s unsure. What an a hole! Even if it’s true, you should say that just to save your own face! Also He should had gotten the DNA testing taken care of before this all came out. I think he knows that he is the father but because he’s scared and in denial, he’s told himself that he’s unsure. While he may had done the right thing by financially supporting her throughout the pregnancy but the question is why. Why did he do that? So that he won’t look too bad if the news broke out? Maybe he did it to keep her quiet? Or maybe he did it cus he knew deep down that the baby is his.

    If that was my brother (and I pray that it isn’t since he’s in that promiscuous age of 18), my first question to him would be, did you or did you not sleep with her. If he did then yes there’s a good chance that the baby is his. Afterward he need to find out for sure then do the right thing. There are way way too many children born from fathers who only thought was the fun they were having at that moment then ran at the first sign of “oh shit”.

  27. Film made it seem like their family is so nice by helping her. But if the results came out negative, would they still be helping this so called friend of his?

  28. Okay. Time for the maury show. AHAHAH jk
    Idk. Film made his answers sound like yeah, he and she had slept together before and that is how she got preggo.
    But whatever. I’m just gonna wait for the DNA testing..the truth and then i will say something. Lol

    I do actually wish and hope that it turns out not to be his. ahahhaha but that’ll be kind of

  29. holy fuck!!! that’s so crazy. I mean, if he was SURE SURE he wasn’t the father then he wouldn’t be giving her payment plans every month, I think he is the father. I think he got the dna test even before the baby was born, I mean why wouldn’t you wna know if that your baby or not?!

    so.. in a way it’s kinda like he’s saying she’s easy, that she sleeps with a lot of people. thats why he doesn’t know if it’s his child or not. HA. that sucks -___- for her.

  30. you can do the dna test like doing the test for down syndrome but it is too dangerous and unnecessary to disturb the fetus.. normally, such dna test only will be done once the baby is born.
    as for testing for down syndrome.. it depends on the age of the mother… only for those above 35..
    hope this is clear

    i’m actually impressed by the way he handles this.. I’m sure he’s suspicious that the child might be his… it might affect his and her reputation if this whole mess is not handle properly.. she might look as a playgirl with multiple partners if he keeps denying the fact they have slept with her or the child was not his.. and he might look so irresponsible and might regret rejecting if the child is his afterall.
    i think God was merciful as the outburst of these event were latent and gave them more time to calm down and face the issue slowly, unlike tanya’s case..

    • In one of the video why does she said she doesn’t want to do the DNA test anymore?
      She should get it done and get it over with and prove if he is the father or not and then move on.

      But gotta say, the baby is so cute, I want to squeeze those cute chubby cheeks. 🙂 lolz.

      • yeah i just watched her interview and she said she doesnt want to do a DNA test because firstly she suposely suggusted one when she was 4months pregnant and he said he didnt need one, but after he stop contacting her while she was pregnant she knew that she was going to be a single mom and didnt want him to accept the child as his just because society pushed him to be a dad- if he didnt want to accept the child in the first place

        man if i was her i would just do the damn DNA test

        • The bad thing is his fans and most of society is just going to take this as he really isn’t the father and she knows but doesn’t want to be embarrassed. That’s flippen sad! However I totally feel her and can relate. She’s a strong girl.

        • Oh sheesh now she is playing all innocent like “I don’t want him to be forced to be a dad when he doesn’t want to be and if he is being pushed to do it. I will just be a single mom. whoa is me. boo hoo” lol well those aren’t her exact words but she is playing the sympathy card very well. What she should have done was do the test as soon as the baby was born and make him be responsible if it was his whether he wanted to or not!

          • the baby has the right to know who his/her mom and dad are even if the dad doesnt want anything to do with the child …

      • I absolutely despise Film, and I absolutely despise RS Promotions. I’m just going to go all out, and say what IF RS pushed *cough*THREATEN*cough* her into coming out and saying that she no longer wanted a DNA test or him involved? After watching how RS gets rid of their “bad” artists (let’s think Dan&Beam shall we?), I would not be surprise if they did a little blackmailing of their own on Annie.

        I honestly do think Film is the father, and I honestly think that he knows he’s the father. He obviously slept with her during that time frame. Regardless of whether or not she was “sleeping around” the chances of him being the father is still there. Him, his damned company, and his freaken family knows that. I don’t care about her supposedly not wanting a DNA testing, I think he should just still make his move and take it. It would be the right thing for him to do. If this ADORABLE child isn’t his, then he can clear his name. If the child is his, then well… if he’s not going to own up, at least acknowledge the child.

        I’m also pretty positive Annie did (and probably might still) love him otherwise she would have never kept her mouth shut all this time. If she did hate him and wanted him ruined, then she sure as hell would have done it a long time ago like she said. And going back on my previous statement, IF RS did not force her to come out to pretty much push Film in the clear, then well, maybe she realized that even with the public knowing he still wouldn’t be personally involved, and she loved his ass enough to set him free and do his own thing.

        It is definitely sad for her side regardless of the outcome. No DNA testing means everyone will consider her a liar and a slut. And even with a DNA test and positive results, Film will more than likely still not be in the child’s life. It’s better for her to let go of this jerk, but society will still be looking down on her.

        And I’ll be damned if Film doesn’t get sacked for the sole reason of sleeping and having relations with Annie, while my Beam gets sacked for dating his longtime girlfriend. Screw you RS, SCREW YOU!

  31. And why does he keep referring to her as “poo ying” (the girl) when she clearly has a name and we all know who she is already. At least have the audacity to show some respect and say her by her name lol.

  32. Dear Mr. Film Rathapoom,

    I just want to say THANK YOU so much. Thank you for revealing yourself, your “TRUE” self once more to us. You see the last time when the media caught you sleeping around with old men to get money and fame, you suddenly disappear and I was glad. But then once more you probably slept your way back to the entertainment industry, making a clean come-back years after to a whole new group of young teens who have no idea who you are and what you did. I mean even your most recent lakorn got good ratings, got lilo girls screaming for you again. But like i say, I’m glad and want to thank you for showing ur NEW fans who u really are. So whether from my days of you or their days of you, we’ll all know how u really are.

    • You and me both Kashie. But the problem is, Annie currently doesn’t want the DNA test, and without that DNA test, his new fans will most likely still support him and pass her on as a liar. =(

      • I know that sucks…why do some women blame the woman when this kind of shit goes down…will Film is a jerk and I hope his new fans will get to see more of this side of him. Dun care much what happens now..if it gets worse for him, great if it doesn’t oh well

  33. is it just me or no one else think it’s cruel and inappropriate of her to take the 3-4 months old baby along to do a TV interview?

    i don’t root for Film or for Annie
    but I 200% think it’s not right of her to take the baby to do the interview like that

    if she said she knew she’s going to be a single mom and without a father is fine..and no DNA test…WHY is she doing the interview RIGHT AWAY and taking the poor baby with her?

    so that we will feel sorry for her? that she must obtain the media attention? or is this a way she’s crashing down Film?

    I will feel sorry for her if she would just shut up and go do the DNA test to prove how irresponsible man Film is

    Or….perhaps she’s afraid of doing the DNA test?!…..

    • ^According to her interview this morning, she does not want to take Film’s future away from him. She does not want him to be with her b/c of society since he didn’t want the kid to begin with .. she stills love him that’s why she’s doing this much to plead the media to please stop with this issue and ends thing here. She can raise her son alone .. getting money from Film is not necessary anymore. i feel bad for the woman side for getting herself in this kind of trouble .. who in the world ask you not to protect yourself when you knew what kind of man he is. Just b/c he cares for his parents, doesn’t mean that he’ll be like that to other .. I don’t know who to believe — this is like LAKORN ..

      • real life lakorn indeed
        if she’s trying to take the baby to please the society to stop… whoever taught her to do such should get fired….

      • I just got done watching the evening interview that she gave. Maybe I’m just weak right now but can’t help but shed tears for her. As a girl, you can’t help but tear for her.

        • Right, i agree .. i feel her pain when the host ask her if she still loves him. The build up tears in her eyes and her struggle to speak expressed it all — that she cares and still loves him despite what he did to her. I really pity her for getting into this situation.

    • Yeah I know. At least leave the baby out of this interview. Having the baby there make us feel pity for her and she knows it. (And it works. The baby is just too cute). Why do you think she holds her son the whole time? I’m not taking any sides here but I’m just waiting for the truth to come out. But yeah, like many of you guys said, why did Film and his family keep paying her “monthly”? Sounds suspious and it makes it seem like he’s the “real” father but sounds like there’s more to it. But yeah, I just recently became a fan of Film after the lakorn he did w/Jainie. (Jainie <3) so I don't really know much about him except that he is a singer/actor. So, I can't say I know him well. And yes, it sounds like she's a "slut" b/c she slept w/Filmknowing that their relationship was not serious. And they both knew about the possible "consequences" but refused to use protection.

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