Aff pleased Songkran misses her, happily together for 1 year

Aff Tucksaorn is happy that she got a chance to fly to America to visit her family. She is also pleased that Songkran complained about missing her the whole time she was there. She also reveals that he called her almost everyday when she was overseas. Aff explains that her 1 year relationship is still happy the rough start. She also shares how her boyfriend helped her promote her lakorn…

She flew all the way to America to visit her family, making sweetheart Songkran Taechanarong complain about missing his sweet faced n’ek Aff Tucksaorn because they’ve never been apart for almost a month. After knowing that Aff came back to Thailand and is attending the opening of “Shua Fah Din Salai” movie at Siam Paragon, we invited her over for an interview.

We took the opportunity to ask her how her relationship with Songkran is after being together for a year now. Seeing Aff, we can tell that she is really happy to have Songkran helping her plant a love tree. Plus, he’s also her personal PR helping her promote her lakorn “Wanida” of Ch.3! Can we say WOW!?

You just came back from visiting your family in America, how was it?

“It was really fun! I’m happy that I got to spend my time with my family after working hard for a long time.”

Songkran complain about missing you the whole time you were there?

“Really? If it’s true, then I’m happy kaa. Thank you very much.”

How did you guys contact each other when you stayed in America?

“We called each other on the phone kaa. I let him call me almost every day (laughs). Just a little bit, right?”

What does your mother say about you dating Songkran?

“She should be happy na kaa to have another person taking care of her daughter. But honestly, my family already takes good care of me.”

Before there was a lot of gossips/rumors about you, what did your mom say about that?

“She didn’t say anything na kaa. She’s always followed my work. Like right now my mom is in America and she’s following my ‘Wanida’ lakorn on Youtube na kaa.”

After returning to Thailand, have you met with Songkran yet?

“I did already kaa. As soon as I came back, we saw each other. It was good kaa. He came all the way to Bangkok to see me when I came back. Sometimes he tells me that he’s watching Wanida at the moment (laughs). It’s cute kaa. Lets just say he’s another person that helps promote me because he would go on Facebook and Twitter to always post about my lakorn.”

What did Songkran say about your sweet scene with Tik?

“He’s always been my support na. He’s always been like my personal PR. He’s really cute kaa. Like when I wasn’t here, he would always talk to my fanclub for me. As for the sweet scenes, he understands that it’s just work kaa.”

You guys have been together for about a year now, how do you feel?

“Wow… how did you guys know that we’ve been together  for a year? (laughs) It’s good kaa. I’m very happy. Being with each other for a year now it seems so fast na. At first, it didn’t go so smoothly. But after knowing each other for some time, we’ve learned a lot about each other.”

Source: Thairath

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19 responses to “Aff pleased Songkran misses her, happily together for 1 year

  1. Aff’s parent are divorce .. her mother remarried and reside in here in the US. Her younger sister also stay here with her mom. However, her father’s in Thailand and is also remarried. Aff’s in Thailand so yup, she does have two home to go to for vacation if she ever get bore lOl — I’m so happy for the couple and wish many happy years to come to their relationship. REALLY LOVING WANIDA at the moment. Thanks for the translation na.

  2. wow a year already? that sure is fast..seem like they just barely dated lol well best of luck and happiness for the two!

  3. i really love aff and so cute in WANIDA,,,but i have a request since they really good tandem aff&tik can you give them another project in lakorn…they have charisma and many people like them a lot….

    • I agree with you, I think they’re super cute from the start and never seemed to understand why people are so against their relationship, well I’m glad that some people are now accepting them together.

  4. OMG! hahaa he does he’s always saying go watch wanida on FB & twitter. lol.
    but dang, time flys by so fast nowadays. >.<

  5. I always wonder in this couple situation. I wonder if Songkran would ever even look at her if she was not this big of a super star. However, Aff is very cute.

  6. I’m really glad to hear her and Songkran are happy. I’ve always thought she could do happy but I never object or neglect her relationship with him. What suits her needs and happiness, right? Glad that she got the time to come to America to visit her mother. =) I never knew her mother live here either..interesting…nice to hear that she was in America though. =)

  7. I cannot believe she is still with him,I don’t want to sound like
    a hater but damn i just hate the fact how she dating him.i
    think she is too good for him. i didn’t know that her family
    live in America, cool. i wonder which state they live in .hhaa.

  8. I try to like this couple, but i honestly can’t accustom myself to do so. If Aff is happy i’m happy but i can’t like Songkran, i have no idea why, he must be a very nice man but something bothers me about him, i have no idea what but i just do. But best of luck to Aff and i hope everything she wants will come true.

  9. Aff seems to be much happier with this guy than when she was with her ex so I’m happy for her that she found happiness. I have nothing against Songkran. I happen to think that they are a cute couple. I hope their relationship last.

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