Rita not jealous of Janie, understands that it’s just work

There was a photo of Thaitanium rapper “Khan” flirting sweetly with Janie Tienposuwan, even though he is currently dating actress “Rita” Sirita Jensen. Instead of being upset or angry, Rita understands that it’s only a picture from their music video. Because of this, we not know that their love is still strong.

“About the picture of him and Janie, it’s just a picture from the music video that they did together kaa. Of course I follow it. I already know about it, that’s why I don’t think too much about it kaa. He didn’t tell me anything, I saw it myself. There’s nothing to it. We are all friends. There’s nothing that has changed my heart yet. Right now, we are just really good friends. As for becoming something more, I would say that we should leave it all up to time. Right now, I don’t have an answer kaa. We are just good friends kaa. Also, I’m going to continue my studies too. Therefore, I don’t know what the future is going to be like. It’s better to be friends first. I don’t know if it will make us distant, but this is something that I’ve planned out already. I’m just doing what I’ve planned out to do.”

Source: Daradaily

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11 responses to “Rita not jealous of Janie, understands that it’s just work

  1. i love how rita is professional about it.. i wish them luck too if it is love… good luck to rita if she continues her study ^_^

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