Pooklook to star in lakorn with Pancake

Latest news! Khun Dang, big boss of Ch.7 has sent a new lakorn to Miss Thailand Universe 2010, Pooklook Fontip, as soon as she came back. In this lakorn, she will be staring alongside another famous leading actress that has been heavily criticized for her bad acting skills, Pancake Khemanit.

“I will be playing in a lakorn for Ch.7 now. I feel lucky that luck has come to me. The elders from the channel finally saw my talent. After I came back, Khun Dang had a lakorn for me. I have to thank the elders too. I am so excited!It will be a good experience for me accepting this role as a woman of high prestige who is proper and kind. I will play Mae Prayong‘s mother and will be co-starring with p’Pancake. I will be playing as a supporting actress of p’Pancake.”

“As for the news with p’Vee, it’s just a small drop. There’s nothing to it kaa. Right now, I just want to work. I want to get a lot of work. About love, I don’t know how much time I will be wasting if I were to be in a relationship. Right now, I’d rather work. p’Vee isn’t pursuing me. Lets just think of as brother and sister working together in the same channel. I feel good about all this good that he’s given me. It doesn’t matter who it is, right now I’m really single kaa. But it’s normal that there are people who come and talk to me. All that matters is if I’m ready. Right now, I am not ready. I’d rather work.”

Source: Daradaily

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17 responses to “Pooklook to star in lakorn with Pancake

  1. she’s gna try to get Om!!!!! :OOO
    HAHAHA. idk..how her actings gna be. Its very easy to tell when this girl is acting fake, like on mo chit.

  2. Um WTF? This is pooklook? I wouldn’t have known!!!!!! She def did something to her face. She can’t even smile the same anymore!!!! i know because I googled just to prove myself wrong LOL

  3. omg.whats up with channel 7.they be taking all the pageant ladies to the acting industry.do they not have anymore people that got actual talents to really just act and not from some pageant show.aiayaiayayaiia…im sooo disapoointed in the thai industry now.it can not be compared to the before where the actors and actresses were really actors and actresses.

    • If the writer keep the role of Khun Luang’s fiancee simple like the previous version then I don’t think she’ll have any problems playing the proper and obedience girl. If they going to add more to her role then I would be worried. I think Pooklook is better off playing nang’rai.

  4. I wonder if she will make Pancake look good or bad as an actress. haha, jk!
    She’s pretty but, sometimes pretty people just can’t act. I hope she’s a real talent rather than just being recruited because she was the face for Thailand this year. -_O

  5. .” Lets just think of as brother and sister “…
    yhea we always hear about the brother and sister part. like what Pinky and Peck said lol

  6. Oh she’s playing Prayong’s character. The girl that the pra’ek’s mom wanted him to hook up with. I heard the original one was played by a miss thailand of that time too.

  7. yeah shes pretty but gosh is she CONCEITED “The elders from the channel finally saw my talent. ” wtheck, am i missing something here?? what talent?

  8. Yea Pooklook is right. Khun Dang saw her greatest talent. The way she rais her leg sky high is probably her best talent and Khun Dang like the whore look because the whore look promotes the best in entertainment industry. Since Pancake is such a horrible actress she need Pooklook leg to distract viewers from Pancake bad acting. hahahahahah!

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