Ploy, “I’ve Been Criticized For Saggy Breasts and Having A Wide Rear”

“Ploy” Cherman, “I’ve been torn to pieces when naked screenshots of me were spread all over the internet from the movie, ‘Chua Din Fah Salai’ (Eternity). Plus I was criticized about my body in a bad way.” – “From having saggy breasts to a wide/big rear.” Which the actress accepted that she was angry over the criticisms, but she came to terms with it. She also speaks sarcastically that society in this era are deteriorating downward every time.

Making her stress once again for actress, “Ploy” Chermarn Boonyasak who showed her good spirit in her acting role by getting naked for the movie. She admitted that the form of the movie was hard for, ‘Eternity’, but netizens criticized her and took screen cap pictures from the movie and posted it up to criticize her body in a bad way. Such as her rear being wide/big to her breasts being saggy. When Ploy found out about it, it left her stressed out. When reporters met her the event for ‘Levi’s, first floor’ at Siam Paragon, which the actress revealed with reporters that she has to come to terms with the criticisms and plus she spoke sarcastically saying that society in this era are deteriorating downward every time.

“Regarding this issue, I’m angry, but what can I do? Right now society is deteriorating. If you ask me if I’m serious, I don’t care about it. but when I first heard the news about it, I didn’t want to check the news at all. My friend forwarded a mail to me. If it was before, I would check it, but now I don’t check it anymore, but when I heard of the news I was a bit sad and I was angry. Now, I don’t want to know anything anymore because of how society is.” Ploy said.

Image of Ploy’s naked rear

[Source via Siamdara]

24 responses to “Ploy, “I’ve Been Criticized For Saggy Breasts and Having A Wide Rear”

    • oh wow. i wouldnt be surprised if those who commented were people who are wayy worser looking. If im ploy i wouldnt worry because with a body like that, damn im set for life! Lol!

  1. i guess thai netizens love to see skin and bones. ploy is meaty and curvaceous unlike other actresses nowadays who are scrawny with no curves.

  2. that was mean with what netizens are saying, but i guess her news made people anger with her. they will take ever chance they get to attack ploy. i have a feeling there will be more attacks later on.

    now what pisses me off is that she blames society. well bitch, shouldnt have taken your clothes off!!! sorry but quit blaming society when you are one of it yourself. how shitty of her. who was the one who decided to take her clothes off!!!

    • i’m with you fun. she should’ve known that taking her clothes off would get criticisms and it’s 2010 where you’re going to be judged for your body once you take your clothes off and decide to get naked.

      again it’s 2010 where there are plenty of open minded people out there who will see the movie and take screen caps and pictures of her rear end. this isn’t 1934 or whatever where everything has to be censored. don’t take your freakin clothes off if you don’t want to get criticized.

      i swear ploy is the biggest effin hypocrite ever! she says it’s ok to do one thing when she does it but when netizens or the public criticize her it’s f**kin wrong?

      dumb bitch

      • Im just angry at her for whining like a little brat. She shouldn’t have taken off her clothes to begin with. She had earlier attacks, it is because of that, the netizen are taking this chance to boo her down. But her whining makes me despise her. Yeah go blame everything on society!!! She has some nice curve, a meaty body, very hot indeed but I’m not criticizing her for that.

  3. I have to agree that the screen shots of Ploy’s naked scene were totally uncalled for and I see lots of forums posting about it too. And then to criticize her? Whose real boobs aren’t a little saggy? If it’s nice, tight, and firm always then it’s not real. Ploy shouldn’t be sad and angry. She’s born with good assets :D.

  4. Geez… I sometimes find the comments here from other viewers more entertaining than the article itself. Some people get so emotional about other peoples “issues”. Name calling is mean and not necessary. You can always substitute vulgar words with something else. I usually just read/browse pics and leave but I’m bored so here I am typing away… One question: Who wouldn’t get sad and angry? It’s only natural. If someone or group criticized you, no matter what the situation is, I’m sure majority of people would feel the same way. Sure, celebs should “expect” to get criticized but to get it so often, it can really break you down sometimes. Have a heart ya’ll. =)

    • yes my name calling can be harsh but really i cant stand her any more. it was her sole decision to get naked. she has a nice figure, i had to disagree with those people who are criticizing her but her response was something i disagree with her upon.

  5. ^^i agree hello. i mean we are all human so even if you are a celeb and you expect to hear criticism but those words could get to you and bring down your self esteem. ploy have been getting harsh criticism dealing with her weight so thats why in the recent years she tried to become thinnier in order for the public to stop calling her fat

  6. actors and actresses get criticized for going under the knife and they get criticized for being natural, so what are they supposed to do? thai netizens are so hypocritical sometimes. take a picture of your boobs and your rear and see if it even compares to ploys!

    • Agreed! LOL…and why is she angry w/ them calling he rear end “big” and “wide”..isn’t that a good thing? LOL

      • No it’s not. Thai daras should not be wide because then people just think it’s fat like when Poo Praiya was criticized. It’s not like in America where big booties are deemed cool like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian’s much talked about rears 555.

  7. I know that she’s showing good spirit in taking her clothes off for a movie but she should already that she’s going to get criticized for it no matter what. She shouldn’t do it if she can’t take the criticism. You can’t stop people from criticizing you so maybe you should think before you do it.

  8. We were all created differently believe it or not. o.O

    & to be screen-capping it JUST to criticize her body is outrageous and ridiculous.

  9. and people wonder and criticize celebs who go under the knife! haha i don’t like ploy much, but criticizing her body is unnecessary. i haven’t seen the movie, but it’s not like she took her clothes off to do a porno. there’s a difference between doing porn and acting out a sex scene or shedding some clothes off. i’m not saying it’s morally cool to do that, but hey it’s her body and her right. as for saggy boobs? she’s got some lumps that are not fake, so of course they’re gonna sag a bit. trust me!! i guess thai netizens aren’t used to seeing women with naturally large boobs since some asian girls have small boobs and if they’re large, then they’re fake, so they don’t sag. as for a wide rear? folks are just jealous they have no hump! it’s not like she has a jennifer lopez ass (i will not elaborate on jlo’s booty). i’m surprised that people aren’t criticizing her for taking her clothes off, but rather how her body looks like. we’re all hypocrites!!

  10. I love Ploy’s figure. She have a nice curvaceous body not skinny like most Asian girls. Her problem is her audiences; these Asian men they love their skinny to thebone type of girls and younger too. Off all the actresses in Thai I want to have figure like her or like Amy Klinpatoom. Amy is another curvaceous figure girl in my opinion.

    • These Asian men loves stick. Ploy was game enough to strip and she should be proud of herself and her body. She shouldn’t care what they say about her.

  11. I saw Ploy last week and the girl is actually not as big as people think. I find her body amazing and she is the nicest and sweetest person.
    Thai people are just obsessed with skinniness that it’s not even healthy anymore. It’s not about a healthy nutrition and exercise but about eating little and preferably the last meal of the day at 4pm. This shapes society.

  12. i believe that it is normal for a woman breast to be a little saggy because it mean that is natural. In this case, P’ Ploy breast is natural and there is no implant. I think that her breast is fine but people love to criticize other person, especially she is a star and is even worst. If her breast look to tight and hard meaning that she probably has gone through operation.

  13. It is a natural thing to get upset when negative criticism strikes directly at you. Ploy is absolutely HOT! Don’t hate! If I have a body like her, I will take my clothes off too, but I don’t think it’ll happen this life time. LOL (0_o)

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