Guys Aren’t Working Out, Namwaan Zaza Dates A Tom

Oiiiii, who thought that a man and woman were born to be with one another? In this modern era, you’ll have to go back and think it over again. Just look for yourself, no matter where you turn not only are there man and woman who are paired up, but when you look to your side you’ll see a woman and woman together. But try to understand that need for man isn’t necessary anymore. It’s like all the men is not needed for the world to go ’round and they have flew off to another country. It leaves women to eat women. Aye, what we’re talking about is it giving you a headache?

We’ll get to the point. The reason for the statement with the paparazzi photo is of sweet faced singer(whose name goes with her very well), “Namwaan” Pimra Charoeunpakdee. Where the paparazzi took a picture of her shopping jubilantly accompanied by her handsome woman partner. Oiiiii, they’re both being sweet without caring about those around them that it’s without a doubt the real males will be crying a stream for sure.

[Source via Gossip Star/TV Pool]

We don’t have anything against same sex dating/marriage. Everyone should be given a chance at love, but what I find odd about the whole paparazzi picture was that from a far glance, the tom looked like Mike Pirath (from duo Golf-Mike)!

*No, I’m  not trying to say Mike looks like a lesbian, but from a far glance, I just thought it was Mike.

15 responses to “Guys Aren’t Working Out, Namwaan Zaza Dates A Tom

  1. Well I always thought that Mike looked pretty. lol
    Nonetheless he is still oh-so super hot!
    I saw Zaza in concert and indeed, Namwaan was super nice. 🙂
    Sorry to the fellas. rofl

  2. Love is love and it comes in different forms. As long as it makes the person happy than that’s all that should matter.

    I do agree that from a far away glance the tom looks like Mike in a way but the breasts poking out is a give-a-way that she’s a woman. ^^;

  3. No where with those pic does it look like they’re an item. I have nothing against same sex relationship but just want to point out the fact that some times the paparazzi just makes up stories. From the pics above it just looks like tow friends shooping together. Hell when me and my GF shop together we’re more touchy feeling than those pics, and I’m straight.

  4. namwaan….is hella cute in person…never though she a lesb…if i was a LESb…..i dont mind datin her….lol..but we all know celeb wont date a regular person….ahahahah

  5. So weird Pimp just broke off with Sao lor and now Namwan is dating well her choice and her happiness. I think one of veteran actress (very pretty one too) is now married to Sao Lor.

  6. OOOOOO lord i hope this world is not infected by HIV or AIDS. I feel bad for the real gays and the lesbo that have no option and they are really made that way but the scary part is being gay and lesbo is becoming a trend and that AINT cool.

  7. i am so suprised. but whatever namwaan is i will always love her because she is so cute and very good in singing. myanmar fans love her so much. but she is so pretty so she should not be lesbian.

  8. I love Namwaan Zaza so much. This case is her personal so I don’t care anything. She is the best of Zaza.
    Hey sister Namwaan!
    You don’t care them. I am your great fan. Don’t worry about that.

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