Yard moving to Ch.7?!

It always seems like those who are in want to get out and out want to get in. Latest news! Ch.3 actress Yardtip Rachapan is showing signs of wanting to change channels as well. She has yet to confirm, but her time is running out because her contract is expiring! We’ve asked her, but she says that she isn’t sure whether she will be renewing her contract or not. As for the house of Maleenont, she still loves it a lot. She reveals that if she were changing channels, it’s not because of the money. But we’ll have to see whether she changes or not! We’ll see the end of this year!

Is it true that the elders from Ch.7 asked you to stay with them?

“They have. But I don’t know too much about the details. My mother was the one who received the offer. She takes care of everything.”

Is there a chance for you to move to Ch.7?

“I can’t say too much right now, but I stayed with Ch.3 for a while now. No matter what, I still love Ch.3”

Have the elders from Ch.3 called you to renew your contract with them yet?

“Contracts are normally renewed when it’s closer to the expiration date kaa.”

Are you thinking of renewing your contract with them?

“I can’t talk too much about it right now. Because I’ve been with the ch.3 for 8 years, I still love Ch.3 But if things change in the future, I don’t know. It’s natural for actors to switch from this channel to that channel.”

Are you satisfied with the work some channels have given you?

“It’s ok kaa. I’m in Ch.3 so I want to stay with Ch.3 I feel like thanking Ch.3 for always giving me opportunities. Also, the channel has given me the opportunity to be n’ek and I’ve been working with them since I was 15 kaa.”

Have you consulted your close friend like Pinky yet since she just moved to this channel and now you’re moving the opposite channel of her?

“Lets just wait until it really happens then you guys can ask this question again. Right now, there’s nothing kaa.”

Source: Zubzip

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15 responses to “Yard moving to Ch.7?!

  1. I’m like reading the title and thought yard was already with ch. 3?? is that a typo?? LOL…hmm I hope she stays with ch.3 but they have so many actresses now. -_-

  2. WTF, maybe because of om. Any everybody say it’s not about the money but thats the main reason, why would por move. At least she want to stay with Ch.3 and thank Ch.3 for always giving her opportunities not like the ass Por.

    • Why would it be because of Om? He’s not contracted with Ch.7, he’s contracted with Polyplus so he’s playing for both channels.

  3. nooo… dont go to ch7.. i want yard to stay with ch3!!! lol.. i wanna see her reunited with tye, tah, and the other actors first ehehe.. and i think ch3 is a better choice.. since it’s like her home and we’ll know that she’ll still get lakorns for sure.. there’s so many newbies at ch7 rite now and since min is so popular.. i dont even know if yard or the other ch7 actresses will get any work.. >_<

  4. About time she moved! Take Pinky back too!

    I’m so mean but I was never really fond of Yardthip. I guess I’m bias here.

  5. say what?? i thought she just barely renewed her contract with ch3 but how is it almost expiring already? i hope she decides to stay with ch3 because they are her home although i know she hasnt been receiving much work from them. plus, her roles are minor and not so great like the other ch3 actresses. i think it’ll be the same if she goes to ch7 cuz they focus too much on pancake and their scripts are good as well..she might even have her play supporting or nang’rai rather a n’ek

  6. how “pretty” do you have to look to be a n’ek? if talking about acting wise, the child stars like pinky and kwan would also be in the same category cuz their acting isn’t so great as well..

  7. i always thought ch 3 was better then ch 7..i watch more of ch3 lakorn’s..ch 7 is making there lakorn’s so long…

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