When It Comes to Love, Age is Just A Number For Aff and Songkran

He’s 27 and she’s 30. Their age difference is only 3 years apart.

For being one of the most envied couple, Songkran Taechanarong and “Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukchareon, has no problem expressing their love when it comes to age. Even though the female side is older than the male side, it isn’t an obstacle or yet a big matter for the two to not fall in love with one another.

The important thing about dating someone as stated by Aff herself on Woman and Home is, “It’s all about happiness, joy, love, and honesty.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee]

16 responses to “When It Comes to Love, Age is Just A Number For Aff and Songkran

  1. Age ain’t nothing but a number…sometimes =)

    For me, I don’t mind the numbers, but I stop at 3 years younger or 10 years older. =)

  2. Damn, I didn’t know that Aff is older than him.I do not like
    seeing them together,I just dislike him very much.Errrrrr…
    It is very hard for me to read their news…..

    • Then don’t read…Just kidding. 🙂

      I think they look good together.
      They do not need to care for others opinion as long as they r happy.

  3. I agreed with Aff:-) I’ve been in the relationship with a guy younger than me before. You don’t have to time to think about that at all. All you think is how you going to make each others happy and how happy that guy make you. How you going to keep this happiness going on. Agree age is just a number;-)

  4. It’s only 3 years, that’s not an issue.

    And Aff is a gorgeous woman at 30..i wouldn’t complain 🙂 so for sure Songkran doesn’t.He’s been an admirer of hers even before they dated..

    About Songkran, well…not that i like him but he’s better looking than Aff’s ex-BF…lol

    In the end it’s Aff’s happiness that counts..look at her glowing 🙂

  5. im with her. age is just a number and 3 years of a difference between them isn’t bad at all. some woman date guys 10 years younger than them!

  6. when your in love.. age doesnt matter.. lol.. my sister is happy with her hubby..(just a yr or 2 gap)

    aff is glowing these days..

  7. thats okay. in most cases when an older girl do marry a guy whos younger, when they have their baby, by then you wont even notice whose which 😛 to me i think this this does happen whether with our without a baby, the dude will eventually catch up and look mature like her

  8. I think they’re a perfect couple!..Songkran seems sensible and loanly (pressured of being a big son of rich family and the expectations) he has big responsibilities to keep up but he is just a big boy who also gets scare, feeling lost & loanly sometimes…he need a strong & mature women who support him emotionally when he feel weak and Aff is doing very well… Aff is a sweet & romantic one. She is a strong women, self-content, stable and mature not like most actresses that are pretty, sexy but stupid, childish, possessive and fake!…

    Songkran has chosen the right women for him, they can enjoy their differences and fulfill each other emptiness…they can be a very happy high profile couple but living a simple life the same time…


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