Tik fakes a kiss, but Aff slaps for real!

“Wanida” is currently raking in the ratings. Although we still haven’t seen a love scene yet, the lakorn is getting good each day. Lets follow them on set to see the “kiss-n-slap” scene that everyone has been waiting for. We guarantee the fans of Tik Jessadaporn and Aff Tucksaorn will smile for sure! Many people may even be a little jealous inside too!

This scene starts off with Wanida and Prajuck driving back from a dance, but both have been arguing the whole time. After driving for a while, Wanida tells him to stop the car. Both continue to argue nonstop. Because Prajuck was angry, he pulls Wanida in to kiss her, making her really surprised. She was so surprised that she pushed him away from her and slapped him really hard in the face before running off.

The view is so beautiful and was filmed at the Queen’s Garden in Kumpangpet. This p’ek-n’ek will have to film this long scene here and most importantly the kissing scene using certain camera angles and has to be perfect. From both of their opinions, before shooting this scene, it is customary to apologize each other for getting up close and personal. Aff was the first to put her hands up and ‘waai‘. She even joked saying, “Just in case I miss my queue and slap you in the face there would be no problem kaa”. When it was time to film, Tik grabbed Aff and fake kissed her using camera angles. After that, Aff pushed Tik away from her and slapped him for real! You can even hear the slap from it! And what’s even more funny is that Aff really did miss her queue so Tik got it fully!

In the end, everything came out good. Please stay tuned  and watch this lakorn 🙂

Source: Zubzip

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11 responses to “Tik fakes a kiss, but Aff slaps for real!

  1. 555 poor tik,,,hope they have a real kiss.i really love this lakorn every epi always has surprise for the viewers that can made us laugh….i love tik&aff….they are really hot excellent.

  2. by the way can i ask, since wanida really good
    can i ask the rating,,,it is number 1 now.?..i really love to talk about the rating bcoz my friends ask me about the rating,,,

  3. I am super excited to see this scene! They make the best couple. Wishy please please upload it, thank you na ka 🙂

  4. I cannot wait to see this!!! So sad, Aff slap Tik while
    Tik didn’t get anything back/from but a Fake kiss.hahha.
    Loving every moments of this Lakorn.I am so totally going
    to buy this lakorn when it comes out!

  5. I think the day Aff will kiss for real will be the day the sky falls, but i think her closest to a real kiss was in JLR at the end.

  6. lmao poor tik. first time getting a taste of a girl huh? lmao no not the dirty way but the tough way 😛

    can i ask what ep this scene will be in?

  7. i love the epi8.. but the kiss i want it to be real,,coz the way they look,smile and actions seems they want to kiss and hug each other,,,then why fake? were not innocent here so it should be realistic since they are actor&actress they have to made it real,,,,hahahha really i want them to kiss in real to feel that they really love each other in that lakorn,,,to carried away the feelings of the viewers…hope they can make it for the next epi..coz action speaks louder than words!

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