Paula Explains Leaked Picture With Edward;Not In A Rush To Marry

Leaked pictures of Paula and boyfriend partying garners attention.

Cute smile actress, Paula Taylor is being looked at as a party girl courtesy of her beau, Edward. Paula explained about the leaked picture of the actress and her boyfriend.

“The picture leaked from a friend’s birthday party. It’s nothing serious.”

It looks like you’re a party girl.

“Hoh, my friend’s have a birthday once every year. It’s nothing damaging. He’s not a party boy and I go out, but not often. It’s once in awhile I go out, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

You look more beautiful. Is it because love has fulfilled you?

“I don’t know, but it’s 100% me. There are no knives or doctors involved.”

Paula tells of her boyfriend flying to England to go study. Long distance relationship is not an obstacle for them.

“Edward has gone to school already. He’s in England and will be there for a year.” (Are you sad by it?) “No because I just returned from England. I haven’t missed him yet, but the reason I was over there was because his sister just married and I went to the wedding over there. I think we don’t have to try too hard because it’s like we trust each other already. There are different ways to communicate with each other. We don’t have to call each other every day. When we first started dating, I was in Hong Kong already.” (Are you afraid he’ll stray?) “No, I’m not afraid because the distance isn’t an obstacle. I trust him 100%.”

Do you have plans to go see him in England again yet?

“If I was going to go to England, I would have to wait until the drama is done filming.” (We heard that after he finishes school you two would be getting married?) “There is 1 more year of school left. We’ll have to wait and see first. You’ll have to ask him because if everything is OK right now, I don’t know when it will be. Rumors must be circulating and did you hear it wrong? Are you sure it’s not about his sister? His parents aren’t rushing us or anything and they’re just letting us do what we want and they’re not in a hurry.”

[Source Entertain Teenee/INN News]

11 responses to “Paula Explains Leaked Picture With Edward;Not In A Rush To Marry

  1. She is happy and I think that all matter here. Everyone is going to act like a party animal at one point in their life but you will out grow from that phrase. Nothing scandalist about this picture. To be honest I like this kind of picture bc it show that celebrities are human too not some devine creatures.

  2. A sweet photo 🙂 they’re dating for goodness sake! Nothing wrong there..I don’t even see why the photo is a big deal to some..

  3. and this is news because? why is paula in the news? i don’t even see her in lakorns anymore or does she do movies lol i guess because i’m not interested in her that’s why i don’t care.

    • She a VJ and she still has her sitcom. I also believe she has her own talent agency company. It is news, someone published it as news. A bunch of celebrities get this crap of news too but I don’t see why no one else is complaining?!

  4. she’s on here because she’s part of thai entertainment, on this THAI ENTERTAINMENT site

    i love paula taylor!!! they look so in love!

  5. lmao.. that’s a leaking picture? then i must say it’s one of the best leaked picture.. they look adorable!!! ❤ paula..

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