Num Gunchai almost paralyzed!

Latest news! Num Gunchai misses queue in lakorn “7 Brajun Barn” causing the ligaments around his spine to tear. His case is so bad that he can’t sleep or walk and has to even take a break from working.

“The doctor said that it’s torn and is infected really bad. I can’t sit, sleep or stand up. The doctor said that I have to get shots in order for the medicine to get into the ligament, but the doctor said that it shouldn’t be too bad krub. I’ve been doing acupuncture everyday so that the blood can run smoothly. After getting the acupuncture, I feel a lot better krub. I can walk, but it still hurts.

They said to do acupuncture for 10+ times to make it better. The doctor doesn’t let me move at all, he just wants me to lay still. The doctor doesn’t want me to lift heavy stuff or move around too much because they want the ligaments to go into place first. Will I be paralyzed? That’s if I affect that area more than it is now then it’s a chance that I can become paralyzed since the ligament is connected to my spine. At first, I was scared. But now, I’m normal because it has gotten better krub.

Before, it hurt a lot. I was really suffering. Whenever I turn or move my body, it would hurt so much. Sometimes just sleeping and staying still hurt. I couldn’t sleep at all because it hurt a lot. As for the bone, there probably isn’t anything wrong with it because I didn’t x-ray it yet. But the doctor diagnosed that it’s the ligament that is around the neck area that attaches to the spine.

This is effecting my lakorn work very much so because I wouldn’t be able to film at all. Some days at the set, I would have to carry things. For example, I also stand a lot for my tv show. Now, I can’t do that. But some other shows I’m lucky enough to get to sit down. As for the lakorn right now, the set is cancelled. I had to cancel some tv shows because I can’t do them. Same for Ratree Samosorn. Some times we’ll be filming and all of a sudden I’ll be in pain so they carry me all the way home. At times, I even have to sit in a wheelchair to film. I can’t leave this problem like this or else I won’t be able to walk anymore.

The doctor tells me to try and not do anything that is too much because it’s dangerous. It’s the ligament that is connected to my spine and every time I do acupuncture, they use over 10 needles on me na. I go every 3 days. I try to go as much as I can, because the doctor that I go to is really good. The doctor is off of Charoenakorn. If anyone has a problem, I recommend going there.”

Source: Daradaily

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8 responses to “Num Gunchai almost paralyzed!

  1. The woman in RS were making fun of him during WANIDA special about his back too .. i hope he gets better soon b/c he is one funny man despite all the rumors he’s going through in the past.

  2. awwwe.. i hope p’num will get better soon… he’s one of my fav funny actor.. eeeekk.. that is a big pain indeed.. >_<

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