Lydia and Aerin show no shyness when locking lips!

Everyone’s talking about it! The kissing scene of Lydia Sarunratch and Aerin Siriporn where they exchange kisses as well as each others saliva without caring what other people think. Some people might be jealous, some might be surprised. But don’t worry, it’s just a scene from the lakorn “Rabum Duang Dao” that is currently on-air on Ch.3

This scene is a definite HOT scene where n’ek Lydia has to dress up as a coyote and dance in the opening event for a car. On the other hand, Romy (played by Aerin) came to the event as a presenter for the car. For this scene, both girls expressed their shyness because they have to kiss each other in front of everyone in the pouring rain. Before Aerin walked to the car, she stopped by Lydia and grabbed her to kiss. Might I add that they ready did kiss and no camera angle was used? Yes. You read that right. The really did kiss! After the kiss, Lydia didn’t  run away or anything. She just continued dancing, probably all shy too. Lets see what Lydia and Aerin have to say about this:

Lydia: “I kissed Aerin for real just for the lakorn na. It feels weird because I’ve never kissed a girl like this before. But I don’t think too much about it kaa. We’re friends.”

Aerin: “I just held my breath and kissed her kaa. I’ve never kissed a girl before. This is my first time and my last. I admit that it was weird kaa, but I don’t think too much about it because we’re close. We’re friends. I’m not changing my taste for sure kaa.”

Please tune in to see this scene of the lakorn!

Source: Zubzip

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9 responses to “Lydia and Aerin show no shyness when locking lips!

  1. holy moly.. wow.. im shocked.. ahaha.. there’s hardly any girl/girl kissing.. the last lakorn i saw that was leh kularb with yardthip.. hmm i forgot if it was real though.. hmm..

  2. wow they went too out for this lakorn. it felt like they are desperate for viewers ahahaah. but i think i might just change my mind and continue to watch. the director and producer made a great move ahaha cause it sure got my attention!!!

  3. What!!! I don;t understand at all we barely see our favorite
    nang’ek and pra’ek do a real kiss on screen and then
    all of a sudden you see two girls kissing each other
    for real on TV. What! Shocking! I never thought that they’ll
    ever do these scenes on Thai Lakorn before.

    • ahaha i cannot stop laughing at your comment. so true. we have been asking for some real kissing and tongue action between our fav pra nangs and bam two girls at it with each other! so unfair. oil better get to kiss her with some tongue action in here as well or else i will just be one grumpy kid ahahaha.

  4. Okayyyyyyyyyyy…… let me just grab my mouse and click on a different tab…

    lmao jk. this is weird just reading this. imagine if we were one of them! lol

  5. i love it!! its hott.. shoot i wish i cold kiss lydia! lolz! im sure the rating went up in american bt in thai i think all the parents are disgusted bt its good to have this out so maybe the asian parents can be more open to same sex dating and marriage lol

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