Indian Face Nang Aek and Her Shameless Escapade By Sor 7

Indian face nang aek‘s consistency is very reliable. Back in the days she used to act like a little slut, and till this day, she is still the same. Or maybe worse.

If Indian face nang aek was anybody else’s daughter, she’d be smacked to the ground by now. But in her case, her mother doesn’t stop her from doing bad things. Her mother actually encourages her to do them.

Previously I’ve written about Indian face nang aek many times. From her first man till her latest; “Hiso Racer”, the husband of “Babyface Nang Aek”. The one she lured into her hole with her thickass face.

The public went wild criticizing her and her family, but still, it didn’t stop her from seeing other people’s husband. Despite all the critics, Indian Face Nang aek refuses to keep her legs closed. And it seems, luck is on her side.

Confirmation came through that Baby Face Nang Aek is preparing to file a divorce from her Hiso Racer husband, after having to share him with Indian Face for so long.

Honestly, babyface Nang Aek and her Hiso racer husband have broken up ever since the mid of the year. Or in other words, they broke up ever since Indian face barged into their romance. But the reason why babyface didn’t want to say too much is because hiso racer husband threatened her. He told her, if you ever jeopardized Indian face, you’re gonna get it! He even kicked her out of the house and prevented her from seeing their child.

Since then Babyface was stuck in an uncomfortable situation. And when she’s finally had enough, she decided to surrender her hubby to Indian face because she couldn’t handle the degree of shamelessness from Indian face and her mother.

Sure, letting her hubby have a bit of fun ‘in private’ is bareable enough to ignore. Because in the end, babyface is the one with the marriage certificate, if Indian face wants to be Mistress, that’s her problem.

But what Baby face couldn’t handle was when she could actually see the evidence right in front of her face. It makes her want to bitch slap Indian face a few times with her stiletto.

Indian face announced there’s nothing going on between her and Hiso racer, she said she would stop seeing him. But behind closed doors, she’s still up and at it. In her latest shenanigans she played the mind game war by stuffing Indian made condoms in Hiso Racer’s pocket for him to take home. It was her way of announcing to the wife that – I just screwed your hubby!

And her deceitful plan actually worked! Babyface Nang Aek was furious, she called up Indian face Nang Aek to ask “Why is this not over?! You said you were going to stop?!” When Indian face Nang Aek could hear Baby Face Nang Aek’s voice on the other line she quickly passed the phone to her mother to handle.

When the mother got on the phone, babyface thought at least she could still yell at someone to get rid of some of the heat but it turned out, the mother made her even more heated than before.

Without any sense of shame the mother blurted “Go ask your husband why it’s not over. My daughter is newer and fresher than you. This kind of situation is like a battle where the better one wins”

Babyface Nang aek couldn’t believe what she was hearing! And to believe that these words came from the mother of a famous Nang Aek! It sounded more like the Madam from some whorehouse.

Anyway, nothing made her more angry then when her Hiso Racer hubby tried to make her beloved daughter bond with Indian face. Hiso Racer husband often tried to get them to see each other, one time he took his daughter to get a vaccination at a hospital and audaciously took Indian face with him. He made them sit together in his car. Even though Indian Face was wearing the biggest and thickest dark sun glasses, it wasn’t able to conceal her rottenness.

The latest we heard, Babyface left the country to visit family in America. But the truth is, she went to The States to file for a divorce. She knew if she filed for a divorce in Thailand, she’d be disadvantaged because as we all know, the laws in our country favours the rich and powerful. And with Hiso Racer’s kind of wealth, he could buy the legal right to gain custody of his child.

After weighing her options in her head, she realized if she stays in Thailand she could be left with no money and no child. That’s why she pretended she wanted to visit family, to make sure her husband doesn’t suspect anything. Once she’s out of the country, she can prepare for a divorce and hoped for justice from the laws overseas since her daughter holds a dual citizenship.

While Babyface is preparing for a divorce, Indian face is raking in the wealth. Recently she begged Hiso Racer to buy her a 10 million baht home and a brand new sports car. As for the mother who sells her own daughter for a living, she too got herself a luxury car.

The saddest part of this story is the mother, the mom encourages her daughter to steal someone else’s husband. The wife is also a mother, and as a fellow mother, she should be compassionate to other moms, but instead, she inspires her daughter to destroy a family.

To tell you the truth, it’s not the first time she’s done it. Back when Indian face was seeing “Hiso who likes to play with water”, it was the mother’s idea too. She wanted to find her daughter a rich husband. Luckily the last time the guy wasn’t married. Unlike this time around, where her greedy ass doesn’t only just want the guy but she wants his money too. No shame..

Indian face is already blessed with good looks, she should behave admirably. Not behave in such a way that provokes criticism.

Be careful though, because when you harm somebody else, one day they could strike back.

Even if babyface divorced her husband, don’t think you’re off the hook. I hear she has some good evidence in her hands. Something that will tell the world, you’re a mistress.

You never know, someday we might even see a video clip..Nang aek climbing Ton Ngiew hell

Source via Manager

64 responses to “Indian Face Nang Aek and Her Shameless Escapade By Sor 7

  1. lol…its ok tanya! you age like fine wine. forget what pinky’s mother said! she’s the one with the aaggy veejay…lmao.

  2. i m very tired about your news !! ! saying bad things to others people mostly the actress ¨Pinky sawika !!! do you dislike her so much ??? you can keep in your heart !! why going on ???it’s not your problem !
    Instead of saying indianface babyface , you can say Pinky Sawika , Tanya tanyares and her ugly husband !!!

    • nah ..I don’t think the writers in this site just hate pinky. I think they just translate the hot topics or some hot news that is most debating in Thai sites.
      This article is written by Sor7, not DL.
      I think they choose this one to translate coz it’s a hot topic in many Thai sites at the moment.

      • um do u guys know of any other sites that i can read news and gossips like this in english besides lyn’s blog and dirtilaundry? can u guys help me please cuz i really find these news hilarious and entertaining ^_^ thnx

    • it’s just news get over it…everyone obviously has their personal opinion. if it annoys you so much then don’t read it.

  3. this is her blog and I think she is able to wrote whatever she wants and about whatever actress or actors she please too. If you don’t like it just don’t read it simple as is.

  4. Indian face has no heart or dignity…haven’t you heard, what goes around comes around? she may be a nang ek in the lakorn world (didn’t even know how that was possible, who casted her?) but in the real world, she’s definitely a nang rai

  5. if tanya is divorcing that ugly sack of flesh, then i hope she hurts him as much as he hurted her. yep, hurt him where it’ll hurt him most: his pockets. he’s nothing but a nasty and shameless whore. i don’t think pinky is all innocent. i’m sure the “reporting” distorts a lot of things about her, but i truly believe she had something to do with it.

  6. wow, if this is true. I bow to tanya for doing this smart move. if she has evidence, she sure will get the child. a baby girl. however, the child isnt really hers. if you guys know. She couldnt have a child so her husband did this thing with her sister like giving his sperm to produce a child. But i hope she still love and will take good care of this child although what the father have done to her. I hope she knows how to separate good from evil in the future. Cuz revenge is so powerful.

    hahha i think i watch too much thai drama.. lol News these days arent so pretty.

    • I believe it is her biological child. I thought her cousin (relative) was the surrogate mother, but both the sperm and egg belong to Tanya and her husband.

      • Yes, i think the cousin or sister that had the child for them was just a Surrogate Mother for Tanya because Tanya’s body wasn’t capable to have a child. But im sure that the egg and the sperm belongs to Tanya and her husb.

    • Someone need to do some research before commenting.

      Her sister was just a surrogate. They inseminate Peck’s sperm into Tanya’s egg then plant it inside her sister. Tanya can have a baby she just can’t carry it to full term dumb butt.

  7. Woww…this is some crazy shit…and I thought USA entertainment industry is more dramatic than anyone, I see now Thailand has it too. But that’s what people like these days right? Who’s screwing who and who slapped who…?…LOL…Keep up ur good work Dirtii Laundry =)

  8. I was wondering where in the heck did Sor7 go… a little bit late but I had fun reading. Again, how did s/he get so many inside details. It has already been settled that Tanya’s husband and Pinky had something more than a brother-sister relationship.

    Ch3 is a little desperate to actually pick up trash. Being professional? Well why do people do background check when some applies for a position at their company, etc? lol

  9. Wow, this is too obvious. It’s so sad! Can’t this end already…OMG…I’m getting tired of this whole Pinky-Tanya-Peck situation!

  10. LMAO! This was so juicy to read. Thank you dirtii_laundry for providing us with some good dirtiiiiiii laundry lol. Sor 7 is such a bitch but she/he can sell news for sure lol.

  11. And the saga continues lol…This is like those long ass lakorn with parts I,2,3,4…Actually, it reminds me off Days of Our Lives LOL

  12. o m g.This is so lame,When the F will this topic be over?
    Like come on its been forever now and its their problems
    and stuffs.Plus, is it even true that Tanya call Pinky and Pinky’s
    mom say that to her????

    Plus, who is this Sor 7 person anyway?

    • i love juicy gossip. sor 7 is like thailand’s version of perez but we still don’t know who he/she is.

      theres always some truth to his/her stories 🙂

  13. I like Pinky as an actress but i hate her as a person. Hell is awaiting for ruining an innocent woman and child’s life. Well whatever goes around comes around, i’m sure the process of karma is waiting for her.

  14. OMG! Pinky is that horny! and Hate her mother!…i feel sorry for Tanya to have a life like that…..i wish tanya and peck divorce, so one day peck will regret that he have loose the one that love him for real!!….now i started to dislike pinky…
    she’s so a MISTRESS SLUT!!

  15. waaa?????!!!!!! is this trueee??????????? i can’t believe that! pinky?????!!! no way? im stuck in the middle i dunno wat to believe!

    • just believe it!! some girls may looked pretty and innocent but you’ll never know what she s capable of! its called money hungry!!! money will make people do things that others cannot imagined!

  16. Wow…Man I feel stupid…At first I was like who is Indian face hahah…then I read the comments and was like dang it’s pinky and tanya. Thought this thing was over but nope. Well it’s good that Tanya finally is getting a divorce from him. And yup hopefully since it’s in America were she went to file for divorce she will win b/c honestly whover has the most money doesn’t really pick the winner. Uggh, I dislike Pinky after this whole incident. Too bad, she’s really pretty. She should have found herself a husband but oh well. She tried to take the easy way out and get with a rich guy.

  17. Let me give some of you who doesn’t know the contents of Sor 7’s article. We’ll call it Sor 7 101.

    First off, No one know who this Sor 7 person, but as claimed by Manager Online (where Sor 7 writes for at least once a week or maybe more) is a woman. Hence the name “Sor” in Chinese is the equivalent to an old Auntie.

    Secondly, Sor 7 uses “code names” inadvertently to avoid legal issues. When the person’s real name is used, the writer can be sued for defamation and slander. Hence in all of Sor 7’s articles “she” uses “code names” to avoid any of the legal matters.

    If it’s easy for you to know who they are than good for you! You’re just as smart as the rest of the other readers who figured it out.

    Thirdly, Sor 7 articles have some truth to it and some are not true. You take in 50/50 and if evidence piles up, then use your own judgement to make the decisions. Sor 7 articles are only for fun and to dig into the celebrities dirty laundry. If the celebrities aren’t sweating over it then why are you sweating it for them?

    Read it and move on! All of this is for fun and entertainment. Not all celebrities are innocent!

    • Thanks for the clarification. I always wonder why can’t she just come right out and say the names. It only make sense for legal purposes. Either way, I’ve always enjoy reading Sor 7 articles!

  18. DL, I gotta give it to you for translating this is such an entertaining way with perfect wording. Haha

    If this has some truth in it, I told ya’ll Tanya had a reason for not divorcing him [yet]!

  19. Pinky is such a whore. Tanya is making a smart move to divorce her husband in US. Thailand is filled with corruptions. Of course, the rich people like to use their money to manipulate the law.

  20. FACT: Tanya is a very sweet woman, and she has a beautiful little girl. Peck is a cheating, lying, wife beater.
    FACT: Peck has done everything that was written about him, he is cheating on Tanya with stinky Pinky and has no shame in doing it. Not only breaking Tanya’s heart, but hurting his whole family in the process.
    FACT: Peck has beaten Tanya up on several occasions, what a big man that must make him feel like. Tanya was a prisoner in her own marriage.
    FACT: After having to try to play a part and pretend to try to put up with Peck and his rage, just to be able to get to the states with her baby, she had to live in hell for months. Now she’s here with us and he can’t hurt her anymore.
    FACT: Peck threatened to kill Tanya, her mother and her father. He even said he would videotape him killing her father and send it to her.
    FACT: We have proof and much more, ready to hand it over to Home Land Security.
    FACT: Tanya may be a sweetheart, but I assure you I AM NOT AFRAID OF PECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON YOU IDIOT PECK.
    FACT: I know the real story, she lives with me now!

    • you may or may not be tanya’s aunt but hopefully one day, the truth will come out, and pinky will be exposed as the slut that she is. sorry if i sound too harsh to all you pinky fans and for those who are easily offended.

      soo soo (fighting in thai) tanya! you have the support of many international fans 🙂

    • you may or may not be tanya’s aunt but hopefully one day, pinky will be exposed for the SLUT she really is. this might sound a little bit too harsh for all you pinky fans or for those who are easily offended.

      sooo soo (fighting in thai) tanya! you have the support of many international fans. and if the media is correct in saying that you are here in america to prepare for the divorce papers, good luck!

    • if what you are saying about peck wanting to kill her and her parents is true, it is wise of you to say that in public what evidents she has against him and where she is residing?

      i dont think that was a smart move on your part. you always want to have your enemies in the dark while you are in the light. you dont want your enemies to be out of the dark and see the light as they may be one step ahead of you.

      secondly, you are jeopardizing her safety and everyone else by stating that she is staying with you. i know that we the public dont know where her family in america is, but he would know where each of her family would live i bet from past visits!!! he may hire a hit man to murder everyone. how are you protecting her and everyone else? i think you speaking like this is actually harming everyone around her if peck hired a hit man.

      if you just have what he did to her, it would be okay, but displaying her whereabout isnt so smart or she has evidents against him. its always best to play dumb to catch your enemies off guard and kick them in the ass when legal are taken. thats putting ur enemies in the dark while you are in the light. that is playing safe!!!

      • That’s true but Tanya’s aunt may have ADT!!!! United State is alot more strict than Thailand. These type of things doesn’t happen that often unless you’re alone in an unsafe environment!! Sure crimes can happen anywhere but you’ll have to be precautious!!

        • hahahh! when i read adt, it made me giggle.

          ive definitely heard of hitman stories in america dealing with thais but i don’t want to discuss it since its forbidden subject ( if you catch my drift…if you don’t… 😦 )

          i agree with kimshawnee in a way. usually when you’re filing for divorce, your sources and your death card will usually be kept a secret because revealing it allows the other side to take a step back and plan again.

    • Whether, you’re tanya’s aunt or not. I wish tanya the best of luck. Stay strong!! I hope everything will worked out for her and her beautiful lil girl. Leave that idiot!!! He is one stupid guy. He had a diamond right in front of him but chose to cheat with a trashy girl like pinky!!!

      • i dont mind if you are or not tanyas aunt but i just wanted to say to tanya to stay strong whether this is true or not of what your “aunt” just said. But dont worry Tanya, you have a lot of fans whooting for you girl. Dont give in!

  21. Peck’s parents must be very proud of him. Following in his fathers foot steps.
    But Tanya is not going to follow in Pecks mothers foot steps. Tanya is not going to accept her husbands other whores. Shaaaaaaaaaaame on you Peck. You and your whore are good for each other. Pinky’s mother seems like she is a madame selling her daughter. Makes all mothers want to hide their sons.
    The Neighbour.

  22. awww, sorry to hear about tanya but i’m happy that she’s taking the next step to better her life. i love tanya, she’s the first actress that i saw watching my first addicted thai lakorn and after that i began watching thai lakorn and majority of it are her lakorns. best of luck and you do what is best for you with all of us our fan supporting you, you deserve way better than that.

    sorry to pinky’s fan but i’m so happy when i heard that aum and her had broken up. i know she can get better guys insteading of going for a married man who already have a little girl. maybe it’s okay for her and peck if there is no little one involved but the little girl doesn’t deserve this along with the innocent party(parties) in this situation.

  23. wow this situation is getting worse and worse… wow.. i feel bad for tanya’s side.. man i dont know.. i tried to keep a neutral side but.. i dont know.. im falling toward tanya’s side..

    i hope she divoces that shameless hubby of hers asap and gets custody over her daughter.. im so sick of that guy!! pinky now too..

    i wonder wat the other side is going to say.. >__<

  24. lol ohhh so indian face is Pinky? was like who is that ?..heheh..true sick of their news!..Move on ppl Move on!!!

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