Pim, the third wheel between Wan and Mint AF3

We knew it! What’s going on between Waan and Pim Zaza is true!!

Not too long ago, singer “Wan” Thanakrit Panichawit was rumored to have broken up with girlfriend “Mint” Mintita Wattanakul (Mint AF3) because of “Pim” Pimmada Boriruksapakorn being the third wheel. After some time of speculation, Wan has admitted to seeing Pim Zaza.

In an interview, Wan has revealed that he does not want to call Pim Zaza his girlfriend yet, but would like to get to know her a little bit more before having it turn into something more than what it is now. As for being boyfriend and girlfriend, they can’t answer that right now but would like to leave that up to the future. As for the rumors of Pim being the third wheel between him and ex-girlfriend Mint, Wan says that it’s not true at all. He also says that he didn’t steal Pim from her lesbian girlfriend and asks to not mix the two situations up. Wan reaffirms that he did not break up with his ex-girlfriend to get with Pim.

Source: Zubzip

“Wan” Thanakrit Panichawit

“Mint” Mintita Wattanakul (Mint AF3)

“Pim” Pimmada Boriruksapakorn

Picture Sources: Wan, Mint AF3, Pim

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23 responses to “Pim, the third wheel between Wan and Mint AF3

  1. wan thanakrit pleum pimm zaza’ right? I think it was on bangkok station show.im not sure but wan should of stayed with mint.they were a cute couple.

    • Yes .. he adore Pim — he said it in JPD when Cee/Kob invite him .. Pim was his surprise special guest .. Anyway, PIM had a lesbian lover? What? Where was I? I’m lost loL .. SOMEONE pls refresh me on this part.

      • haha yeaaaaah she diid i saw a picture of them like 3 yrs ago. well im glad shes going back to guys i think shes too pretty to be lesbo.

        • shoot i will turn lesbo for pim any day ahahaha…

          anyways did pim admit she likes girls?

          i wanted wan and rotmay! it doesnt matter who wan ends up dating or still with or will get with, cause i like all three girls!!! as long as they end on good terms. sometimes feelings just change.

      • The article surprised me as well! I always thought Pim was straight. But according to the article, it said “อดีตแฟนทอม” meaning that her ex-girlfriend was a lesbian, not necessarily Pim jaa ^___^

  2. nooo… wan & mint broke up.. noooo.. >_< they were so cute!!

    hmm.. wan & pim ehh.. iono.. lol..

    if not wan & mint, i want wan & rotmay lol…

  3. I don’t think Pim was more of a lesbian. If she was she would date only women, but to me, she’s more bi-curious.

    If she’s still willing to date a guy still she’s bi-sexual. I just think she’s bi-curious.

  4. Mint is more pretty then pim and Pim is alot older then waan, he’s like 23 and she’s like 30. I heard she turn to girls because captian uht broke up with her
    Anyway mint can do better then waan

  5. I love AF couples, so this is a bit saddening. Wan’s had a crush on Pim since forever, so it’s not surprising that he’d pursue her. But since this news followed his breakup pretty quickly, it kinda sucks for Mint. Oh well, it just means that she’s available to find someone more suitable for herself.

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