Chakrit caught flirting sweetly with Nok!

Latest news! Chakrit Yamnam was seen flirting sweeting with sexy n’rai “Nok” Usanee Watthana on a luxury yacht in the middle of the ocean near Pattaya!! Nok can be seen wearing a sexy bikini under a revealing halter top dress. But don’t worry folks! They are only acting for the movie “Poo Chai Lulla”

“This scene is from the movie ‘Poo Chai Lulla’ krub. We didn’t go together as a couple. In the movie, my character rents a luxury yacht in order to avoid his wife to have a romantic getaway with his mistress. And my mistress happens to be Nok. This is my first time working with Nok krub. I’ve met her before on different jobs, but I’m never really had a conversation with her before. About the love scene, there’s no problem at all. We both know that we’re acting. And honestly, seeing how sexy she is, her personality is really masculine – harsh and bold. I’m not scared of being in the news with her and there wouldn’t be any for sure krub. I don’t want her to lose face because she already has a boyfriend. Lets focus more on our work. I would like everyone to follow our movie ‘Poo Chai Lulla’ that we all have put our hard work into. I can assure you that this movie will make you laugh for sure. I think this movie will be released approximately by the end of this year krub.”

Source: Daradaily

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15 responses to “Chakrit caught flirting sweetly with Nok!

  1. They look good together. 🙂 At first I didn’t realize she had a bikini underneath and thought dang that dress is short! Hahahha…

  2. I find her really gorgeous, first saw her in Dang duang haruthai.Hope she can be a lead actress in a lakorn.She’s a good actress compared to some lead actress who can barely act.

    • she played in “Dung Duang Haruetai (2008)” with KWAN and WEiR….obv. thee n’rai…you should watch it its verrry good lakorn

  3. Wow they look good together! Maybe it’s all the white clothing lol. I love white but too bad my fat butt don’t look good in white haha.

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