Tik forgets about his wife

How can we expect to see little Tik running around when Tik has to film a TV show for over 10 days in the woods? Our admired p’ek “Tik” Jessadaporn Poldee has been revealed by the media saying that he has forgotten about his wife! They said that he wouldn’t want to go home, but always likes to sleep on the set of “Wanida”. He even asked Joy Rinalee to buy him a microwave as if he was going to stay there for a long time or something. Not like our n’ek Aff Tacksaorn who runs off to see her sweetheart Songkran every break she gets!

Please stay tune for the “Ratree Samosorn” show this Wednesday at 11pm on Ch.3

Source: Thairath

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17 responses to “Tik forgets about his wife

  1. i feel bad for Peach — seriously, it sounds like Tikker has no time for her at all but i guess if they’re not ready as a married couple .. it’s alright to stall time .. just sad that we don’t hear news of him mentioning his wife name — i wish i could hear ppl tease him once in awhile about Peach but man, all i hear each time is the wood talks and girl still going gaga over him ( i can’t blame him but seriously, I’d feel terrible if I’m PEACH atm T_T )

  2. tik must enoy working with the crew.. when they were done filming, he mentioned that he will missed the good time he had with the cast

  3. What! How could forget about his wife.That is just sad.
    I hope its a joke.(Which I think it is). I Love watching
    Wanida, I cannot believe it does not have a high rates like
    in the 2 digits.its good but where’s the 2 digits!

      • Yea he is a hard worker and all, but it seem like he have no family time. I guess the wife is not as important as his big work. Poor Peach maybe the only time she will have with him is when he sick or she have to take care of him.

  4. I’m pretty sure Tik and his wife have some sort of arrangement to deal with this kind of schedule. I’m pretty sure she is used to him or else she wouldn’t marry him in the first place. I hope wanida pick up momentum soon bc is getting boring.

  5. well it has been YEARS since he last did a period drama. Besides, our beloved Tik is an outdoor person so i wouldnt think too much. lol Peach is probably busy working too since shes a business woman… right? ithink its the other way around. *eyebrow rises* maybe its peach whos getting too worked up?

    • Could be b/c she has more than one kind of business — she really is busy as well — however, i wish we get to hear more good news of their couple .. really wanna hear good news soon ..

  6. it’s the bond between him and all the crews. sometimes working together and having such an awesome team makes you forget about everything else. i’m sure he’s not going to forget his wife, Peach. He’s been doing this for a while so i don’t think Peach would have a problem because she already knows what he’s like otherwise there’s no point in marrying him if you can’t accept him and vice versa.
    anyways, i love this lakorn. can’t wait until monday-tuesday. i agree it’s about time that the lakorn start picking up momentum because it did seem to be dragging a bit but still looking forward to them on screen.

  7. It sounds like he’s a neglectful husband. No matter how hard he work. He needs to find time and make time for his wife.

  8. wat?…i feel bad for Peach..but i guess with Tik as a husband she can’t have him only!..ahhh still, he should mention her here and there too!!..

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