Tangmo Apologizes To The Media via Video Clip

Actress, “Tangmo” Pattaratida Patchaveerapong realizes her wrong doings. She does so by showing her sincere feelings through a video apologizing to the media. Plus she points out that the reason she did the video clip was the right way to settle things for both sides (Tangmo and the media.) Therefore, instead of holding a press conference and having to meet the media, she decided to make a video clip so that she can better hold in her tantrums emotions. Tangmo knows that she hasn’t been showing unsuitable behavior when she get’s interviewed asking about her love life because she has met with an inevitable situation that passed. When asked about her love life from the media caused the actress to not be able to control her feelings and lashed out towards reporters. She also claimed that she had said she wasn’t ready to answer any questions and was about to leave the scene, when a reporter pulled her arm back so that they can interview her some more. Which led the actress to be dissatisfied with reporters. She than asked herself if she is banned by reporters than why are they still writing about her?

Which in that day there were 2 subjects that reporters talked about which led Tangmo on her behavior, 1,being Tangmo and her outlash towards reporters and 2, asking about “Prae” who is the ex girlfriend of Tangmo’s off again – on again boyfriend, “Thank” Pongsakorn. The actress said that it felt like reporters were trying to stir problems up between her and “Prae”. She had try to avoid to answer anything regarding “Prae”. Reporters distorted words from “Prae” so that they can get right to the point, which led Tangmo to feel uneasy and she felt like a prisoner that didn’t have a choice, but to answer the one question. Which caused the actress to not be able to control her feelings.

As for her post on “Ploy” Cherman’s Facebook which said something along the lines of,

The more they emphazise that saying ‘Nam Pueng Ruer, Sure pueng Pah’, the sea needs a ship and a tiger needs a forest, they’re just trying to call in a favour, to give themselves an excuse to be unethical, disrespectful and inhumane. They give you fame 40% of the time and the other 60% comes from our pure talent. And at the same time 100% of their income comes from us. We always give them work and they always give us trouble. That’s the problem with a mouth and a pen, it’s not fair. Especially when the public reads that stuff. Think about it, who should really be the one to say sorry and thank you?”

Tangmo had said that her writing on Facebook was a small area of her expressing her feelings where as reporters when they do is spread all over for over 60 million people to read. Tangmo begged reporters to not take it to the heart because it has no influence on anything what-so-ever.

But no matter what Tangmo showed her sincerest heart by raising her two hands and apologizing to the media through her video clip that she intended with her heart to do. She also says that she was not forced by the bosses at Channel 7 to apologize to the media and it was her determination. She also left with the ending that reporters had been adding her to their Facebook to copy her words and apologies. Tangmo said that if they were quick to copy and pass it along than please be quick to pass along her video message also.

[Source via Rakdara]

5 responses to “Tangmo Apologizes To The Media via Video Clip

  1. Surely (because she is a bad actress) I can believe she’s being sincerely honest in these videos and that this isn’t just an act?

    And I just have to say this… she looks really, really pretty in the videos. I love her flawless skin.

  2. she sugar coated her apology. she apologize yet not really. ahahaha. but i applaud her for not holding a press conference. wait a minute, she can’t because the media won’t be there. smart move. kuddos to mo. i dont think she can act, but i guess… whatever. it’s over.

  3. hmm.. i was surprised that she made a long video clip of apologizing but i guess it balances out.. even though there’s so much problems that occured, i still love tangmo.. she looked very pretty in the vids too..

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