“Son” Likes Farang Girls With Good Figures

Right now there is no one claiming the heart of actor, “Son” Yuk Songpaisarn. Every girl that comes into his life are just in the “friends” zone.

What about “Ticha” from G20?

“With Ticha, she’s been a really close friend of mine since the beginning because we go to the same university (Chulalangkorn.) We’ll go out to eat with each other often and it leads people to believe that I’m hitting on her. As for my type of girls, I like farang (Western/Caucasian) girls with long legs and good figures.”

Than is Malinee (Coates) your type?

“It’s unrelated. Truthfully, I’m close to her younger sister “Nuch” (Neranart Coates). We BB chat with each other, but if you ask me is Nuch my type? She is because she has long legs and a good body. I’ve known Nuch since secondary school and if I was to feel weak in the knees for her than I would’ve been a long time ago.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod]

[“Nuch” Neranart]

10 responses to ““Son” Likes Farang Girls With Good Figures

  1. LOL. I want to feel offended, but at the same time it’s not like this Asian girl with short legs has any interest for him what-so-ever, and I know I aint the only one. He’s quite the picky one. Whatever floats his boat.

  2. My friend is studying abroad in Thailand right now and ran into him at a club so I’m not surprised about this. He really does like them Western looking.

  3. It’s his personal choice and right to pick whoever he wants to date. Maybe one day he will turn around and find Asian girls hot. He is still young and confuse.lol

  4. it’s alright if he likes them more “western” looking. no insult taken, most especially since i don’t find him hot. i bet the poor bastard secretly wishes he had some euro look in him. haha

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