Ploy admits her character in “Rabum Duang Dao” is harsh, even Tar is scared

Lets say that they feedback for the lakorn “Rabum Duang Dao” is above and beyond. Many people are starting to think that actress “Ploy” Cherman Boonyasak is really evil in real life as opposed to it just being her lakorn character! Ploy admits that her sweetheart, Navin Tar, is even a little scared.

“The feedback for the lakorn ‘Rabum Duang Dao’ right now is really good! The character that I portray is even more harsh then in Goolaab Rai Naam. Many people even said I act so good that it makes it seem like this is the real me. But looking at it in a positive way, it makes me realize that I have accomplished what I was set to do. I was able to make the viewers believe that the character that I’m portraying is really me. At first, when I heard this, I was a little surprised. But after hearing about the good ratings, I was ok with it. Everyone did a good job portraying their character, whether it be Aerin, Lydia, Oil, no matter where they go everyone loves them. p’Tar even watches it on Youtube. He says that I am very bad na (laughs). He even comments saying why am I so evil? And am I going to be evil like this to him? So I playfully replied that I would be even worse to him (smiles). I watch myself on tv and I’m even scared of myself because in the lakorn, I play as someone who is mentally unstable, so at the end of the lakorn, I’m even scared of myself.”

Source: Daradaily

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12 responses to “Ploy admits her character in “Rabum Duang Dao” is harsh, even Tar is scared

  1. Most of her characters are pretty harsh and scary, i have her lakorn with Yard and Paul that had her killing people for blood.

  2. If people think she is scary that mean she is good at portraying her characters, So keep up the good Ploy but I miss her as Nang’ek and she was so cute with Por and Vicky lakorn. (Ruk lay sanae ha) I hope she get to play with Om as his nang ‘ek.

  3. Ploy is in character on and off screen. Tar should worry of recent incident on “facbook” should send a red flag !!

    • Her incident on facebook isn’t even bad. It does not say anything about her character. People rant on facebook all the time! The only reason why hers garner so many attention is because she’s a celebrity.

      People act like celebrity are special and are exempt from being human.

  4. Wow, this lakorn got to be good then.I haven’t watch it
    because I didn’t want to watch another jealously lakorn
    that is going to make me piss off again .ha. but its good
    that ploy is doing a great job.

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