Part II of Tangmo Vs Media: “Termite” By Rakdara

Do you know the difference between a human and a termite? A Termite knows their job and they perform it without even thinking or using their brain. As for humans, we have brains, therefore we think before we act.

 The reason we brought this up as an example is so we can relate it to a certain conduct of a celebrity. The one who announced her apology to the media press.

I want to say, we are sorry too. But the press didn’t ban you. The first time you threw a tantrum you made us realize – we’re not to mingle with your personal business. And it just so happens that  members of the media have brains with good memory.

Let me ask you something, in your apology clip where you said you were sorry for what you’ve done. Where abouts in the clip did you express your sorry conscious? All I could hear was you reminding us that we all ‘owe you’. Like the last time when you announced that the only reason reporters have jobs is because of you?

It’s funny though, how come when I get my pay slip I don’t see your name on it? Don’t you think what you said to us was out of line?  Everyone should have respect for other people’s occupation. And in your 30 minutes apology video, I watched every bit of it and all I could hear was subtle biting.

Thank you though for expressing your courage and even criticized us for almost half an hour. I am touched, I almost cried.

As for the fans, who are against the press. How would you like to be in our shoes. Only then you would know how hard it is. Celebs and the media press are a package, like teeth and tongue. Celebrities ask us for our help,to promote them here and there, asking for us to publish some news on them.

When they don’t have jobs, they come to us, begging us to write about them. And then when we find some dirt on them, they can’t handle it and lies like nobody’s business.

We don’t mind if they don’t answer our questions. But just don’t bitch about us behind our backs.

Fans, do your really know the truth about celebs? Can you distinguish between the good and the bad? So what exactly do you know? How can you be so sure that every news that’s ever been written are all lies?

What makes you come to the conclusion of judging all of us that we are all liars.

In the shoes of the press, when you do something good, you get bad things in return, when you do your job you get bad things again. We understand that fans will always admire celebrities and they will do anything to defend the object of their admiration.

Even in a coin, there are two sides. People can choose what they want to read and follow. Not all members of the press are as bad as people say.

It’s the same for everyone. Actors, fans, reporters, there are always good and bad ones. Always look at yourself  before you criticize.

The media press, we do have principles. Good news and bad news, it is up to you to use your head and make your own opinion. You don’t have to read like a termite.

As for you Tangmo Pataratida, you will be remembered for a long time to come.

Source via Rakdara

11 responses to “Part II of Tangmo Vs Media: “Termite” By Rakdara

  1. I agreed with this statement. Celebrities, Politicians reporters etc and media goes together like a horse and carriage. If Tangmo can’t handle the criticism then she shouldn’t be in this business period. Every jobs have a bad side to it and you have to adapt it. Every one will go through the up and down with media. I mean Noon, Aump and Kob all went through it but I don’t see them threw tantrums at the press at all. Good Lucks Tangmo with your career.

  2. Thank you for watching the video and gave us a summury about it at least we kow her true character= FAKE !!

    The girl is an idiot, dumb and arrogant. She needs to shut up and move on.

  3. I told you it wasn’t an apology but an excuse for her behavior. She apologized and then she goes back to the first phase. Mo, seriously you need to go back to school. Education is KEY!!! If you have stayed in school, just maybe, you will be a little bit brighter… or not.

    Seriously I think the media can be a pain in the neck most of the time but to say media’s income is based on her and celebrities. It goes hand in hand. Without the media, she’s nothing. Without her stupidity, we wouldn’t be able to sit here and comment about her stupidity. It’s has always been a win-win situation. I don’t think this business is right for her. Being a celebrity, if she can’t even take this much criticism, she should back out. By the way, she isn’t really a good actress. I really hate it when Ch7 picks a lot of Miss Teen to become actresses. I don’t mind, but they have been doing that so constantly to the point where there’s no other people out there in Thailand that actually has acting ability and not just picked off the runway and pageant. Don’t get me wrong, there are many out there can can do both: model and act, sing and act, etc. Miss Teen turn actress: Amelia, Cheer, Tangmoe, Cartoon… there are too many to mention. And the ones mentioned, they can’t act even if their life is on the line. But I like Cheer. She hasn’t been known for any misconduct.

  4. Although I do agree with the author of this article regarding Tangmo being a faker, I have to say that this person is being a hypocrite. He/she asked Tangmo and other celebrities to respect their profession? Well sure they would be respected if what they wrote were true and base on factual evidence but most of the things they wrote are base on rumors. They exaggerate and rewrite things to plant the seed of scandals and doubts in their readers’ mind. They make it juicy so they can sell. Smokes turns into fire when you fan it excessively. That’s what majority of the media do, they fan and fan and fan and if it doesn’t flame, they throw fuel into it.

    Maybe more celebrities need to throw some tantrum to let the media know that they cross one too many lines. However Tangmo is not the celebrity to do that because of how she seeks the media out for almost everything. When you rely on the media to make you famous or continue to keep you in the spotlight, you shouldn’t backlash them later.

  5. I completely agree with the article. Celebrities need the media and the media needs them. It’s a win-win situation.

    I don’t see celebrities in America throwing tantrums when paparazzi’s follow them and have cameras all up in their face. I just think Tangmo wanted to be treated differently, but since she has a mouth on her and is an attention seeker they don’t even care about her. She got what she deserved. They should’ve banned her ass all in one and never had made her an issue.

    Oh wait, she’ll hold a press conference and announce it herself if no one cared much for her youtube videos.

  6. Tangmo is one uneducated celebrity. First of all she can’t act at all and she got big because she got a big stupid mouth and sex pictures. lol

  7. I think the media reports “white lies.” Like some part of it is true, while other parts are added in so people buy their news. Everyone has a duty and I think they should be respected. The media should be respected for doing their job and the actors and actresses should be respected too. But the thing is daras know where the papparazzis are at so if they don’t want attention, then they shouldn’t go where those waiting to snap pics are at.

  8. for someone who isnt famous sure is making a big fuss out of something that isnt such a big deal. every a-listers have dealt with harsh criticism once in their career but you dont see them whining or bashing anyone. she should have already expected this when she decided to enter the biz but if she can’t handle it then the entertainment world isnt ment for her. she isnt a good actress to begin with anyway

  9. Based on the article she didn’t apologize she merely defended her actions.It’s not a wise idea to make enemies out of the press people if you’re a celeb.Media and Celebs always go together.If you’re a celeb that’s the price, you’ll always have news about u good or bad.
    It’s too bad about her she doesn’t know how to handle them.She could’ve just kept her mouth shut.

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