Kob pressured, can’t have kids

This perfect matched couple has been married for over a year now and still no child. Many people have been asking Kob Suvanant causing her to stress many times. Not just this, but there’s gossip going around saying that her husband, Brook Danuporn, is not willing to do his homework causing her to complain to her mother-in-law. Kob denies these rumors saying that it isn’t true.

“Honestly, I haven’t gone to get a check up yet kaa, but Khun Mae says that she will let me go. p’Brooks younger sister is a doctor and she’ll take care of, and she even said that p’Brook is ready right now. I, myself, am getting ready to have one. Khun Mae said that I should go see a doctor first so things can be done correctly. People who’ve have children before say that I should go see a doctor first, before getting ready to have a baby. I have to talk to a doctor first. I should talk, see, and get checked first. I have to see if I’m healthy and strong enough. We have to see if I have any illnesses first, so it doesn’t effect the baby during my pregnancy.”

“I’m really thinking of going to see the doctor soon. I was supposed to go see the doctor 1-2 weeks ago, but I was sick with a cold. I was taking a lot of medication so p’Brook said that if I go, all the doctor will find is the cold virus. Because of this, the doctor probably wouldn’t want me to have a baby yet. That’s why I’m thinking I will go soon kaa. I just have to make myself normal because I don’t know what I have to d. What do I eat? How much? That’s why I have to see the doctor first so I know how to take care of myself.”

“I’m worried about my health. I’ve been allergic before and got a check up after I got married. I have this problem, it’s called Thalassemia. It has to do with my blood. I got it checked with p’Brook, but p’Brook doesn’t have it. I think stuff like this depends on one’s own luck. If one has the chance of having a baby, it’s possible to have one kaa because I’m already ready. If I can’t have one or it’s hard to have one, then I will just live my life with p’Brook. Just us 2 na.”

Is it a lot of pressure for you about having a family and not being able to have a baby yet?

“Khun Mae and p’Brook want me to have a child. Is it pressuring? It is stressful kaa, to tell you straight forward. In reality, Khun Paw and Khun Mae p’Brook as well as my mother and grandmother are not in a hurry or serious much. My fans are cheering for me kaa. They want me to have a child. There is one fan that I’m really close to, they said that they will give up watching my lakorns as long as I can have a baby. I think that if I am able to have one, I would be so lucky. But if I’m not able to, then that’s the way it was meant to be. I just have to accept it and move on with my life.”

“But there is someone who asked me saying that it looks like p’Brook is really busy with work. Another news that was published said that I went to complain to my mother-in-law that p’Brook wouldn’t do his homework. It’s really harsh na kaa, but I understand kaa. I understand no matter what because I’ve been in this industry for a long time. If I get asked this question again, I will say ‘no comment’ na kaa because it’s a very personal question.”

“Every time I see a reporter, I always get asked this question. I’m starting to get serious now kaa. I’m not tired of it and I’m not serious that it’s being asked, but when people hear this, what will they think? She’s having a baby, she’s not having a baby. She’s pregnant, she’s not pregnant. He’s doing his homework, he’s not doing his homework. This issue is somewhat personal kaa. People who hear this or read about this will think that I’m only talking about these things. You feel sorry, you feel bad, then please don’t anymore kaa.”

After hearing this, we must say that we feel for her. People who want to have a child, can’t. Those who don’t want to have a child, do. It’s such a sad thing. No matter what, we will continue to give her our support! We hope she is in good health so she can have a cute child for all of us to see!

Source: Zubzip

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9 responses to “Kob pressured, can’t have kids

  1. that really sucks. i feel her. i know some people who cant have babies at FIRST. after like 5 years after their marriage they have a baby! lol it comes when you least expect it … somehow lol

  2. maybe it’s just not the time yet, like kulyia said, “it comes when you least expect it.” good luck to them…

  3. Kob is so pretty! It takes time to have kids, well that’s what I heard.. Good luck and hope she’ll have a child !!

  4. she shouldnt do all those appointment. just let it come by as a surprise. it happens naturally. i notice those that seeks for help usually doesnt conceive.

  5. This is absolutely one lovely couple! They are born for each other. Perfect pair…I’m sure they’ll have their own kids one day.

  6. These Thai celebrities are way too obsessed with structures and courses. They do it with marriages and they do it with having a baby. Whatever happen to letting things go naturally? If you are meant to have children then you will have it. I mean I understand that you want things to be perfect and uncomplicated but do they not realize that what they are doing stresses them out even more?

  7. Kob is doing the right thing by consulting a doctor. I think her husband need to do the same thing (maybe he’s shooting blanks). Kob if your under weight you need to pack on a few pounds. In my opinion, this might help with fertility.

  8. Yes, some women can’t conceive due to weight issues. You need to have some fat in order to ensure healthy pregnancy but I won’t get into the whole physiological aspects about pregnancy here. I find it very interesting though and as a girl I’m highly interested 555. I do feel bad for Kob and Aom with people constantly asking when? It takes time to have kids. It doesn’t happen overnight (well for some it does 555). I agree with firefly about consulting a doctor. You need to know if you have any hereditary diseases that can affect your chance or if those can affect the baby after birth. Once you know you’re healthy, then go at it! 555

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