Film graduates!

All smiles for the Tohkongsub Family! RS Promotions singer, Film Rathapoom, has graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts with emphasis in Digital Media Arts. He received his degree from Her Majesty the Queen Somsawali at Siam Technology College with a GPA of 2.32

“Today, my family and I are so happy. We are very happy that I have accomplished my studies after a long time. After this, I will continue my studies in the English language in England. But this won’t be until I have cleared all my work. Being able to be a role model for all the younger people, I would like everyone to give importance to education. Manage your time wisely because, like me, I study and work at the same time and it’s hard. Harder than the normal person, but school has always been my priority. I think that people who are educated are able to survive and live a healthy life krub.”

Source: Daradaily

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13 responses to “Film graduates!

  1. hey, at least he stuck with it and graduated…i worked full time and went to college full time. let me tell you, it was tough, but i got through it. a 2.3 isn’t so bad. at least he graduated. i graduated with a 3.4 but not everyone is the same when it comes to academics.

  2. its hard when you have to support your parents and work full time and ALSO have a lot of photo shoots, interviews, etc yet at the same time HAVING TO PLEASE YOUR FANS is Hard. i dont blame him. i used to have that GPA too. its when peoples negative comments bring me down instead of my actions ESPECIALLY when i did nothing wrong and yet people criticize. -.-

  3. congrats to him. better to graduate with a low gpa than not graduating at all. many things can affect his low gpa since he is an actor/singer. they do not have the time like us to procrastinate or study because they have a tight schedule (filming, singing, photo taking, etc). once again, congrats to him.

  4. Although it is a low GPA, at least he stuck through college instead of forgetting about it just because he is an actor and singer. It’s annoying how some people believe that just because they got their acting, singing, etc career going, they don’t need education. For example, it just annoys me how Miley Cyrus decided not to go to college.. I find that stupid… you’ve got the money, time, and a life free of concern and you don’t go. I commend those who have obstacles but still make it through college.

    I know education isn’t everything because experience makes up a huge part of success too, but in my opinion, it’s important for development and exploring. Even though he got a low GPA, he got the basic knowledge and skills to get him going.

  5. it’s a low GPA but hey he did it. congratz. i know there are a lot of ppl that dislike film (i am one of them) but cut him some slacks.

  6. You might want to fix the article. Her Highness Soamsavali is not the queen of Thailand; she still retains the princess title.

    It’s admirable that he stayed committed to finishing his degree. But perhaps revealing his GPA wasn’t the wisest choice since it opens doors for others to criticize him.

  7. Congrats Film!!! If I were him I wouldn’t care what people say about his g.p.a because he didn’t buy his degree and he worked hard for it. He doesn’t have an easy life and he have to take care of his family too. So what it took him 8 years to finish at least he didn’t give up on it. Even Min (new star from Ch7) said she doesn’t think she’ll finish her education in 4 years either.

  8. the ones bashing film seriously need to step in his shoes and do what he does.

    i bet none of you can even graduate with a full time schedule like his. just him graduating and getting his bachelors is already proving that he accomplished something in his life. even if he doesn’t make it with his “career” at least he has his bachelor’s degree to fall upon.

    so what he has a low gpa? at least he got his bachelor’s degree. wtf else matters?

  9. i’m not sure if he was the one who revealed his gpa because for some reason when thai celebs graduate, the news always include their gpa (heard about it a bunch of times on dao kra jai).

    anyway, since when do we put people who has a low gpa down? not everybody is a genius when it comes to academics. even if you have a 4.0++++, i think you’re very ignorant to look down on others.

  10. I LOVE FILM!!! But that is such a low GPA. I at least have a 3.5 or higher all the time!! But I think it’s hard to get good GPA’s over there, because other thai celebs who graduated, do not have hgh ones either. Either way, I love Film :))))

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