Pinky Denies Moving Into Peck’s Home

Sharp-eyed actress, “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech came out to deny the rumors saying she had moved into “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul while his wife Tanya has flew across seas to The States with their daughter. She brushes off not knowing that Peck and wife, “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul are in the process of divorcing. Pinky asks to not speak about this subject anymore because it has all ended already.

Reporters asked the actress about the informed sources regarding “Peck” Sanchai about to divorce wife, “Tanya” Tanyares that she had to take her daughter out of the country for the time being. If Pinky had heard anything about it, the actress replied and said,

“This, I don’t know anything about it. I ask to not speak about this anymore because it had come to an end already.” (There are rumors saying that Peck had you moved into his house.) “I have my family, so therefore, regarding the news, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” (Did you change your car?) “My car is still the same. I didn’t change it. I don’t want to answer it and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

When asked about why is she wearing a ring on her left ring finger and if someone had secretly proposed to her, Pinky opened up saying,

“It’s my own ring that I wear on my left ring finger because on the other fingers I can’t. Did someone come and propose to me? No, no one did (laughs). I bought it myself. My mother proposed to me first.” (Aren’t you afraid that someone will misunderstand you?) “Whomever wants to see it can see it. I don’t care because there is no one reserving me. My mother had me wear it because she saw that my fingers were empty looking and had me wear a ring. I have been wearing it every since.” (Right now what lakorns do you have?) “I have a lakorn shooting for 3 days and a stage drama that I have to prepare for next month, but I can’t tell what stage drama it is. It’s a musical and it’s something that no one would thought of that I will sing.”

[Source via Sanook/Gossipstar]

27 responses to “Pinky Denies Moving Into Peck’s Home

    • Our p’ek you mean? No hes not gay, or else he wouldnt be hitting on my girl Nat =) Aump is the female actress whos dating Note

  1. I Believe Her!! Seriously People Just Needa To Keep It Pushing Seriously This News Is Only Tearing Up Tanya And Peck, Pinky Is Single So It’s Not Phasing Her, Oh Gosh Just Leave The Poor Girl Alone! Still A Big Pinky Fan ;D

  2. O M G! I cannot believe it that their news about her being
    in a relationship w/ Peck and being a third hand is still
    going on.Come on, it;s been what a couples of months now.

  3. OMG the media is boring me, WTF i think we should stop bringing this up cause whether Pinky did or did not do anything only she and peck know so we should stop digging this hole deeper.

  4. O.M.G I miss Pinky with her long hair or medium-ish hair. I like Pinky but honestly, she looks really bad with short hair, well that short style she has, and honestly again, she doesnt look good in that picture…….( Big Pinky fans dont think I dont like her orr get mad at her because I said she looks bad in that picture and short fans.)

  5. I told you the media won’t let it end. Maybe that’s why Tanya decided to come to America, she was tired of answering all the never ending questions. They wouldn’t leave her alone when Pinky was gone. So now that Tanya isn’t there to be hounded, they go after Pinky.

  6. eww pinky!!! she’s not even a nang ek material in my opinion!!! she looks more like a friend of nang ek !! instead!! don’t get me wrong. She is a pretty girl but not all day like most nang ek!

  7. yeah this is getting OLD OLD OLD! So what if Pinky likes to get with married men, it’s her life… and karma will take care of it, why are we getting a headache from this… really people, ask yourself that question. I’m over it 🙂 Now on a more important note WE Need to focus on TIK and AFF in Wanida… OMG, I am loving it!!!! haha

  8. OMG!….how come those reporter like pinky and peck and tanya couple so much….pinky now is quiet, and peck them are now quiet too…man these reporters just want to make this to have moneys and more bad news for the actress….

  9. This is so dumb. The media keeps dragging this on and on and on and on. It’s been done with and now it’s been over-exaggerated. It seems like they’re making up their own accusations. People of the press, just s-t-o-p.

  10. Oh come on! Pinky can do waayyy better than this! I’m so tired of hearing about them but really first of all- the guy’s married with a child and second, he’s fugly!

  11. What happen if this is are true? The girl have no shame at all. If Peck can leave Tanya. Peck can leave you too baby. Don’t be happy now. Tanya all the way.

  12. ahahaha. who wears a ring on their wedding finger? unless you just feel like saying hey im married butt off. i do that at the club sometimes ahahaha when i have my girls night out. no boys- sorry.

    anyways poor her, i sort of pity her. it’s been over but the media is dragging it just like how ch7 drags their drama in lakorns ahahaha.

    • You would think that her and her mother would be a bit smarter and not garner any attention to themselves at this time. Instead she comes out wearing a ring on her wedding finger. Like omg the reporters has eyes like a hawk! Of course they are going to see it and start making up all these rumors about it.

  13. hahha its just like her lakorn with stephen how she moved in with a dude and how she “trying” to steal pra’ek when hes got a girl. i believe her i believe she would never stoop so low for that dude!

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