Picture of Rome and Male Friend Garners Attention

Hot actor, “Rome” Patchata Nampan‘s recently has been garnering a lot of attention when a forward mail was being passed around with the actor’s private moments with friends.

The pictures indicated as shown is of Rome hanging out with a group of guy (majority) friends and one where Rome leans over his cheek to another male friend while the male friend pretends to kiss Rome. With these pictures there are word of mouth going on that, Rome has interests in the same gender. Whether if it’s true or not, Rome better come out and clear this up soon!

[Source via Gossip Star]

31 responses to “Picture of Rome and Male Friend Garners Attention

  1. LOL, a picture may be worth a thousand words but sometimes it can be deceiving. Who knows what was going on at that instant. It could just be Rome goofing off with his close friends for all we know.

    Even if he is interested in the same sex, I don’t care. It’s his personal life but in saying that, I must admit that if one of my favorite leading guys was homosexual, I don’t think that I could watch him in the same way as I did before. It just wouldn’t be the same. These lakorns are selling us a fantasy and if the pra ek is gay, it just wouldn’t work. Him doing love scenes with the nang ek and in the back of my mind, I’d know that he’s not even remotely attracted to her, LOL.

  2. ptsssh! its just a pic! he looks drunk ass hell. and whats wrong with dudes hanging with a bunch of dudes lmao its normal its called a dudes night out. if he is gay then all for it! GAY PRIDE FOR HIM! why its only normal for girls to take pic like they kissing each other hes just being silly alot of guys play gay to be funny.

    ^ @comment: Films bisexual, yes the singer film and he plays as a pra’ek, why should being gay stop guys from getting lead roles? its sexist dont ya think? yes. its about talent and if they can portray as a hell of a good pra’ek then let it be personal life and business shouldn’t be mixed together.

    • Oh by all means you are right. I didn’t mean to imply that guys should stop acting just b/c they are gay or stop getting lead roles. I just stated that it would be hard for me to watch them in the same way knowing that they are gay but portraying a guy in love with a girl. Like I said in my above comment, these lakorns are selling us a fantasy and TO ME that fantasy is less believable when the guy isn’t even into the same sex. Is that wrong?…..Yes it is but it’s my honest opinion of it. I would still watch him if I loved his acting but those love scenes wouldn’t be as believable to me. That was the point I was trying to make.

      • Just stop fantasizing about these pra’eks all together and you wouldn’t have a problem regarding their sexuality. =)

  3. o gosh! give him a break!! he’s just having fun with his friend who ended up being a guy! so what. he’s still hot!!!

  4. Does that mean my most of my male cousins are gay? Pictures is worth a thousand words but it can also be deceiving. He looks drunk. Maybe he was being taken advantage of.

    Even if he was gay, it’s his personal right.

  5. yeah pictures could mean a million things but i’m not use to guys taking those kinds. the guy that is trying to kiss rome, ew that is gross. gay people scares me cuz they do he weirdest shit. i don’t want to watch a gay as pra’ek but i’m sure there’s some of there we don’t know about.

  6. thats how my boyfriend act around his friend but doesnt mean they are gay. he’s really close with his guy friends so they act whatever around each other.

    • Ooo are you sure? hehe JUST KIDDING!!

      I don’t know why people are so against gay people. They are people too with hearts and lots of love to give. I have tons of gay friends and they are the funnest group of people ever! I love going out with them, I love spending time with them. They are so friendly, they wear their heart on their sleeves and they aren’t fake! Well at least my gay friends aren’t. Some of my friends are gay queen and they do tend to make you pee in your pants because they over exaggerate everything and Drama Queen just doesn’t really define them when they go at it lol. I also have friends who are gay kings and man do lots of girls drool over these guys. If they don’t tell you, you would never know that they don’t go for girls lol. Oh and I also have friends that are bi-sexual. So yes, all these friends are human beings. They feel, they bleed, they are just like you and me except their life preference is a bit different. Does that make them unworthy? Before some of you say yes, you should ask yourself what makes you worthy.


  7. This is stupid I don’t think he’s gay at all.Come on, yes there
    are a lot of gay people in Thailand but its just a picture.He
    might be joking around with his friends,because guys
    does that these days.

  8. i agree with the others, pictures are def worth a thousand words. i dont find anything wrong with the pics, they look quite normal to me since i see many pics like this of my relatives.. that doesnt make you gay if you have these pics.. same with the girls..

  9. Whether’s he gay or not, we shouldn’t care. What matters is that we still all love Rome and his lakorns. I still LOVE you Rome!!!!! ❤

  10. rome used to look so much cuter when he first came in the biz but now he bleached his skin and looking too pale..i dont know why guys wanna become so light. are they ashame of their tan skin color? same goes to por thrisadee and por nattawat

  11. This seems like an ordinary picture where friends are having fun together, no biggie. There are females around too. Maybe they’re just playing around…at least it seems like it.

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