Before and After Pictures of PookLook Garners Attention

The recent Miss Thailand Universe, “PookLook” Fonthip Watcharatrakul has been garnering a lot of criticisms from netizens after she had came out to say she has never went under the knife with the help of any surgical doctors.

PookLook claimed her face changed from after losing weight and changing her hair color to black. Well netizens from all over started a thread on various forums and sites with the title, “PookLook Fonthip didn’t go under the knife right?” With pictures of the beauty queen when she won the title of Miss Thailand Universe and pictures from the Miss Universe competition.

Pictures of her before and after were next to each other for comparisons were posted and in the pictures you can’t even tell they are the same person. When you look at it, there are no similarities or same features from the before and after for you to know that it’s PookLook. Not only that, but it was confirmed (by a reliable source) that PookLook did go under the knife before she went to compete in the Miss Universe pageant, 100%.

Aow, so did PookLook go under the knife like the rumors said or not? Well you’ll have to  judge that for yourself!

[Source via Gossip Star]

40 responses to “Before and After Pictures of PookLook Garners Attention

  1. Come on. It is a differernt person. Right? If it is the same person, I can’t believe it she did not take any plastic surgery.

  2. Look like she did her nose, eyes and boobs. She looks totally like different person from her competition pictures from Miss Thailand Universe stage. From sweet looking señorita to sexy vamp. Well lies about having nothing done bc everyone in the world know that all the candidates from any pageant stages does have some kind of things did to their body. I don’t believe that all the girls up there had a natural body like that. I’m pretty sure in the future she will come out and say it.

  3. Obviously some of you can’t read. Seriously refrain from using bad language. It’s annoying. I know you can cuss.

    Anyways~ She doesn’t look like how she did when she entered the pageant. I guess she’s waiting for everyone to be blind and stupid to listen to what she says.

  4. very different…I wouldn’t even be able to tell they were the same person if no one told me…I think she looks much sweeter and more unique she looks like a lot of regular teens out there trying to be sexy….oh well if she did go under the knife so what…just admit…i wouldn’t be as cool but we’ll still support u

  5. At first I saw some similarities so I thought maybe it’s just the way she does her makeup and hair. Also she did look like she lost a lot of weight and her body looks more tone. The first two pictures looks totally different, the last picture looks more alike.

  6. WTH! she looks like a whole different person! she hella injected her lips! err’thanngggggg! lol she did her eyes too to get eyelids like most korean stars who went under the knife for eyelids && etc. omg. clearly she should clear things off the media because peeps dont like her right now. shes just going to make everyone dislike her even more.

    • I’m pretty sure she is not going to come out and say it. I mean a lot of Thai stars got plastic surgery but they had it done oversea like Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and etc. That’s why you’ll hear a lot of them say ” I didn’t do anything..I just lost some weight or I got sick. or they’ll say if I got it done, find a doctors who will proof that I got it done.” You can’t because the doctors are not Thai.

      • she was on mochit she said it was bcus she got alot skinnier since she lots like 7 kilos. but I also think its bcus she dyed her hair & eyebrows darker & actually got darker since in america tan girls are better than white looking girls.but it looks like she did that surgery to make her chin longer.

  7. lol the changes are not from losing weight. If that is really her before picture, then yes you can totally tell she went under the knife. Come on… stop with the lies… you’re trying to lie to millions and you think no one will catch on? Seriously…

  8. can you boob get bigger within a year time frame, but she to the age where you stop growing… you know what i mean. she looks different. completely different. it could be that her pose are a lot more sluttier. it cant be the makeup, her nose bridge looks longer cause in all the picture she is wearing some sort of makeup.

    i think she was faking herself the whole time when they were still competing in thailand for the crown. now that she has won, she is certainly showing her true colors. i really hope she doesnt win anything. she’s a big disgrace to the pageant world to thailand.

  9. Losing weight can change a person’s look but it have to be from a BIG GIRL to a slim girl .. i look different in my younger years b/c i was slim but now that i’m just a little bigger, i’m like two different ppl too .. lOl .

    anyway, she does look a bit different.

  10. I can’t really tell because all the before pics, she’s smiling sweetly while the after she’s just trying to be sexy. Something’s different but I’m not sure what. The nose is the same, eyes the same, her lips probably the same. The before pictures, she’s smiling so her lips are thinner. The shape of her face is questionable though, but like she said, it might be due to weight lost.

  11. I think she looks better before! Her smile was more sweeter and nice. I think shes trying to hard to look sexy. Definetly not nature that turned her face into that .

  12. I still see the same person, except she’s skinnier and instead of the curly, innocent looking hair, she has her hair straight and darker, that gives her the edgy, bad girl’s look. Her straight hair contours her facial structure making it look more oval. She wears darker make-up. Other than that, I think she got breasts implant.

  13. She looked very pretty before. I think besides the weight loss, she had her nose and breast done. I know b/c I have been around fams who got their nose done.

  14. Sad…because she looks so much prettier and more natural before. She would have had a much better chance at Miss Universe if she kept the same natural beauty look.

  15. She didn’t go under the knife.. she already clarified at the recent interview TiNi Mochit due to weight loss, change of hair style and make up made her look different than before. Her parents are with her too at the interview, you can tell that she has her dad’s nose.

  16. She definitely got her nose done, that one is clear and her weight loss just made the changes more evident.

    I don’t get the hate for her though and from what, the posing pictures? Are you kidding me? Calling her a disgrace and all. I find the pictures quite funny and they were all having fun, you can’t expect these girls to be prim and proper, it is Miss Universe after all. It’s not even a big scandal as people make it out to be lol.

    • And also she is definitely a two face! Because on her facebook she said thats the real her. But compare to those before pictures. . -.-

  17. I cannot believe that Pooklook would go under the knife because it is not necessary for her to do so. I mean, she already been crowned as Miss Thailand. It is obvious that the judges and Thai citizens recognized and differentiated her beauty among other candidates. This is a reason why she received the title as Miss Thailand. If I were PookLook, I would not go under the knife. Sure, she look more sexier and prettier than before but the point is she already beautiful. Now, I started to feel that she might be insecure about her look. As a result, she decided to go under knife to enhance her beauty which is not necessary for her to do so.

  18. She looks better in her before photos. She can’t blame her face change on weight loss. Come on, losing a mere 3 lbs isn’t going to drastically change your face! We’re not blind.

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