“Yard” Shy Around “Om”

“Yard” Yardthip Rachapan almost couldn’t contain herself when standing next to one of Thailand’s hottest actor, “Om” Akapan Namart. Yard was seen smiling wide and smiling here and there when given an interview with Om. The two had accepted an event to work together. They both denied that they are seeing each other off screen. Both said they are just friends and there is nothing going on!

[Source via Sanook/Gossip Star]

23 responses to ““Yard” Shy Around “Om”

  1. Oh I would be shy around him too. He is hot and good to look at. I don’t like Yard so I hope they don’t end up dating each other for real.

      • hell yeah he better not be getting with her or aanything but I was watching a show that him oun & gun were on & they said he’s into indian looking girls
        uuuuh ohhhh ! -_- but still he better not!

  2. i wouldve been the same! i dont even know of yardthip! lol but then i wish he gets to do a lakorn with KWAN..therefore her wish will come true. lol

  3. I hope they’re not together off screen too. Om’s too good for Yard. I liked her until I saw her interview on Woody Kerd Ma Kui. She sounded so ignorant or trying too hard to be ditzy in there. They just don’t go together 555. Better as friends. But if they are together…then ummm no comment 555.

  4. If Pinky didn’t have any scandal, I would say that he would cute with Pinky. Plus Pinky is indian looking and more beautiful than Yard.

  5. i dont see what you guys see in him lolol he looks like a monkey big ears and nose and his hair is like the boy from meet the robbinsons lol mmhhh mhhh my opinion heheh

    • Hahaha…you described exactly how I see him. I don’t know what people see in him. I think there are a lot of hot looking actors that look better than Om…Cee, Tic, Ken, Weir, New, and many more. lol

  6. whats wrong with yard? shes gorgeous not trashy at allll they would look good together “morsom mark!” hehe

  7. ^^lol ditto. theres much hotter actors around. ken whos already a daddy is way handsome and more eye candy than him,

    people just love hatin’ on yard. i bet if she was in a scandal like pinky than everyone would hate her even more

  8. It took a scandal for people to start hating on Pinky but Yard didn’t even have a harsh scandal and people already dislike her lol that says something right there.

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