“Pong” Nawat is Happy He’s Famous in China

“Pong” Nawat Kullrattanarak is pleased with Chinese fans for giving good welcomes to the lakorn, ‘Songkram Nang Fa‘ that it’s getting quite popular in the land of the dragon. It has been receiving warm welcomes that Pong was asked to work in China.

In Thailand, you can say he’s famous already, but recently actor, “Pong” Nawat was overly excited when he was contacted to hold a fan-meet for his fans in China after ‘Songkram Nang Fa‘ was a hit amongst the viewers in China. There were many fans who went to greet the actor. Pong said,

“I just went to China because there were a lot of lakorns that aired over there. The television station over there asked me to go on television over there. I felt like a star. The moment I got off the plane there were fans waiting to greet me. There were about a 100 fans at the airport.”

“There were a few of my lakorns that aired over there. There’s like ‘Leuat Hong‘ and ‘Songkram Nang Fa‘, which ‘Songkram Nang Fa‘ was well received over there. I’ve had fans contact me while I was in Thailand already. They would get on the website and send messages. There are even e-mails. I thought there were only 2-3 fans, but when I arrived at the airport there were about a 100 fans waiting for me. I felt like I was an AF or The Star contestant. There were fans who followed me around and there were some who drove a van following. I was confused because I was more famous in China than I was in Thailand.” Pong revealed with laughter.

When asked if fans from China had followed him to Thailand the actor revealed that the fans from China did organize a group to come watch his lakorn in Thailand. Which had Pong thinking that the work that has to be aired, he’ll have to work even harder and the best that he could.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khom Chud Luek]

11 responses to ““Pong” Nawat is Happy He’s Famous in China

  1. LOVE Pong! Good to hear he is known in China. He deserves the recognition. I read his other lakorns Prung Nee Ghor Ruk Tur and Buang Ruk Kammathep aired successfully in China, too.

    • I’m so happy for him too. I’m also a big fan of Pong, love all his lakorns especially the ones you’ve listed..

      I just watched the interview with him and Pang in China, and I can tell that they really like him there.

      • I saw that interview, too. He looked so cute. I can’t wait to see the interview of him on the Chinese talk show. The video will get released later this month. From the photos that his Chinese fans took, it looks like he had lots of fun on the talk show.

        Yeah, Pong deserves the recognition. He’s becoming a wonderful actor. He improved a lot in Prung Nee Ghor Ruk Tur.

  2. haha that is so cute and funny when he said he felt like a star and was confused that he was more famous in china than thailand! so cute lol

  3. hhaha.Funny! – “I was confused because I was more famous in China than I was in Thailand”. That is the Funniest thing I’ve
    heard from him.True, though If I were him I’ll wonder too.” Why
    am I more famous here than my own Country?”

  4. Pong is a genius. His recent drama with Aum P that describes the love between a model and a mature young man is beautiful and makes sense to me. I would like to see Pong coming to Chicago and he will find he has many fans in MidWest of America. Welcome to visit us at Chicago, Pong.

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