“Aff” Is Brave! Willing To Show A Niche Of Her Chest In Front Of “Tik”

Normally she is mannerly well dressed, showing off her sweetness for actress, “Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukchareon and for her showing her sexiness, not many times will we get to see it. But recently when she had been paired up for a period lakorn with actor, “Tik” Jessadaporn Pholdee in the lakorn, ‘Wanida‘ had Aff take on the role of showing her chest and bathing with a sarong wrapped around her. Like the olden days version of “Thai sexy” ever since the lakorn aired.

You can watch the scene on Channel 3, Monday night, but don’t know if her boyfriend, Songkran Taechanarong will be cheering for her. You’ll have to go ask Aff about this yourself.

[Source via Siambunterng]

18 responses to ““Aff” Is Brave! Willing To Show A Niche Of Her Chest In Front Of “Tik”

  1. aff is cute and tik is handsome. who wouldn’t be willing to show off a litle in front of tik? 🙂 these two makes the cutest couple at the moment with their awesomest lakorn, wanida. can’t wait until monday-tuesday for them on screen.

    • hahaha. when there’s a will, there’s a way LOl .. (goodness, ever since tv pool tomorrow parody from TRUE LOVE NEXT DOOR, this phrase has been with me loL)

    • Just hold up that saroung/wrapped dress with one hand up to your neck and you can clean or wash yourself with one hand without exposed yourself. After all those is a tube-type of dress… and since is common practice and everyone is doing it that way, no one will care what or where you washed yourself under that wrapped.
      Back in the days there isn’t much preverted or sex craze unlike today society, so is safe to bath in the open like that.

  2. i love Tik and Cherry in Kaew Tah Pee more than Tik and Aff in wanida…Wanida is not good as i though…i agree with betty,Aff is pretty but not my style…i love CHERRY more ,she’s unique Thai’s actress.I hope Tik and Cherry reunion again.

  3. I would have never thought in a million years that Tik would look good with Cherry but I was amazingly surprised by myself. Cherry and Tik has great chemistry together. They were really cute in Kaew Tah Pee and I love how Cherry was always blushing.

  4. O M G! Is that on Episode 5! I cannot wait to watch it.ha.I
    wondering what is going to happen when Tik walks outside.

  5. I thought Tik had more chemistry with Cherry eventhough in my opinion Cherry is not as beautiful as Aff. I love Aff with Ken. I thought they were really cute together in Jai Rao. As for Aum, I thought they looked really good together in Jamluey Rak but after that I totally thought their chemistry died down. In my opinion Aum totally has more chemistry with Taew.

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