“Smart” Knows He’s Improving

Having played in many lakorns, “Smart” Kritsada Pornwaerod is starting to believe that his acting skills are improving.

The actor revealed,

“My acting skills are improving now. In the beginning I admit that I was stiff because I have no background in acting. My first role in “Kularb See Dum”, I didn’t study acting so I just went on ahead and took the role and every day I’m improving with each role. I improve myself from learning from other actors/actresses that I work with. My acting abilities increases, but not from learning, but I will look onto it as remembrance. I see it as an ability of each individual. Sometimes one’s style is like this and the way the speak and do things is another. If they were to learn or take acting classes their style will be the same as they are. If you ask has my acting abilities is good enough? I say it’s increasingly OK.”

We heard that you will be in a lakorn with Cherry (Khemupsorn?)

“Yes, Nok Jariya has contacted me already to rewrite the script. In this lakorn, I’ll have to play a player and a bad guy at the same time.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod]

10 responses to ““Smart” Knows He’s Improving

  1. “player and a bad guy at the same time” a lakorn with Cherry? So this must be Mia Teng…..OMG so excited. Since i saw the mam and sam version.

  2. He’s really cute! I surely won’t argue with that but I don’t think he should compliment about his own acting especially when his acting isn’t really all that great in most of his lakorns.

  3. another lakorn with cherry? really? this would be like their third lakorn together. but at the same time i dont mind though! :]

    • What are the first 2 lakorns with Cherry? I know Mae Ka Kanom Wan was one but what about the other? Also…his picture bothers me. The super hairy happy trail is strange.

      • smart and cherry second lakorn is Pla Lai Pai Daeng…this lakorn is still in production…i think it’s would be air in the end of this year.

      • I like Mart. However, I didn’t expect Asian Guy to have a lot body hair (even though He is not hairly), but I hope those Lakorn director or make up dept. could do something on his eyebrown—may be little wax to make him more classically handsome…smile…
        But I’m more in love with his personalty and charisma.

  4. i agree..he has improved not greatly though..his pictures always have the same expressions lol. this ones hot tho.

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