Dan Jokes Around With Pattie; Asks For Hand In Marriage

Before all of this, when he was seeing other girls he would always kept mum on the relationship..even when there were pictures as proof for everyone to see. “Dan” Worrawech would firmly deny that there was nothing going on.

But when he finally decides to date “Pattie” Ungsumalin who is 6-7 years younger than him, Dan hurried to admit with delight that he is seeing the young actress which probably made the other women he’s been secretly seeing jealous with envy that Dan would flaunt his relationship with Pattie, but not with them. Who would’ve known that Dan would fall head over heels for a kid to the point he joked around in asking Pattie for her hand in marriage.

We guess this love for Dan is true love to the marriage point, but Dan would probably have to wait a long time because Pattie is only 18. We’ll just have to wait and see how this open love of Dan will last.

[Source via Gossipstar]

9 responses to “Dan Jokes Around With Pattie; Asks For Hand In Marriage

  1. Oh wow she’s only 18 and he’s in his mid 20’s hmmmm, i don’t think marriage will be in their conversations for a very very very long time, or even never cause come on it’s a celebrity romance, they either go into marriage or break up in a few years. Despite that i wish them the best.

    • as usual Gossipstar is having wrong information. she’s 19. Lols, well.. not that make such a big difference, but yeah she turned 19, 2 months ago

  2. 😦 hes taken!! a girl can dream lol well hope hes happy! haha shes pretty is she an actress? its like i’ve seen her before in a lakorn????

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