Lydia cuts into Ploy’s heart in “Rabum Duang Dao”

The latest lakorn “Rabum Duang Dao” directed by Orapan Watcharapol of Polyplus is finally on-air! We have 3 of the biggest actors starring in the lakorn: Ploy Cherman playing as Naamwaan — a young hi-so that becomes one of the biggest n’eks in the industry, Lydia Sarunratch playing as Meuy — a young lady that sells fried bananas who make it into the industry, and Thana Suttikamol playing as Payut — a news reporter who is also the son of the owner of a huge newspaper company. Lydia says,

“I’ve learned so many things and have understood a lot more about acting. I have to thank the director p’Oh Krisda and all of the other cast members including p’Ploy and p’Oil. I admit that acting is hard because this character in the script is not like me at all. She is a young lady who sells fried bananas and has to do any kind of job to help support her family. I also have to cry and get into fights with p’Ploy. Everything. But I do admit that it is fun kaa. I would like for everyone to watch the my lakorn and give critiques to my acting kaa.”

Source: Daradaily

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13 responses to “Lydia cuts into Ploy’s heart in “Rabum Duang Dao”

  1. oil thana is a cutie!!! hehe! but yea, i havent watch this lakorn yet! behind already! need to catch up! hehe! 🙂

  2. yeh ive watched this last week, its actually very good. But Lydia’s acting is a bit flat but i guess its her first lakorn. I think they tried to make this like Meung Maya, the concept of having two girls in the industry fighting against each other.

    • yeahhh hers actings not that great, but I think thats as natural as it’s gna get bcus she even talks like that in real life

  3. Usually freelance actors will tend to do more Ployplus than going to Ch7 since Ployplus works for both channels? Doesn’t he have a line up with Ch7 alongside Kwan… I haven’t been to Sarnworld lately so I don’t gotta a clue of it still exist.

    • yeah sometimes if they sign with polyplus they can do lakorns for both channels, like Om he’s gna do a lakorn with ch 3 also, so ive heard.

  4. I’m kinda hyped to see this lakorn, im caught up with wanida atm, but will get to it. I wish the best for Lydia after what RS did to her. Hopefullie this will lead to other record deals

  5. Sawutdee ka,
    We love you Lydia!!! First lakorn but lots of talent as an actress and singer. Your acting is very good and your crying amazing, looks very real that I couldn’t help having couple tears lol

    I was septic about this lakorn but 2 thumbs up to Lydia and for Ploy Charmarn as well…! We like dramas!!! 🙂 xx

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