Bie goes international to China!

It’s probably not wrong to use the words “international superstar” when talking about Bie “The Star” or Sukrit Wisetkaew. What happened was that a popular tv station in China purchased the copyright of Exact’s lakorn to play on-air over there, making Bie “The Star” the sweetheart to many young Chinese girls all over the big country. Not only is his lakorn popular over there, but his music as well. There is a bit of a gossip that his fanclubs are going as far as studying the Thai language just to understand his music!

We haven’t seen him much lately because he had just released himself from monk hood. Because of this, the company decided to wait until Bie’s hair grows out more before accepting any jobs. This November, Bie was chosen to represent Thailand in a worldwide event called the International Copyright Expo, which deals with intellectual properties. The reason for choosing Bie is probably because he is currently the hot topic for many Chinese girls at the moment. We can definitely say that this opens the market for a Thai artist to go really international!


Source: Daradaily

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18 responses to “Bie goes international to China!

  1. oh wow! this is so cool! i didnt even know that his lakorns/ music are popular in japan too! hehe! cooly! congrats bie!!! 😀

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think I’ve read the news before but it’s actually China not Japan. Either the country, it’s a very good news.

  3. It’s not just Bie, but also Pong was there promoting his lakorns too. This is a good move for EXACT to make, considering there are lots of Chinese speakers in the world. English subbed lakorn should be their next project. Lol…

  4. Japan’s market is harder to break into. Even harder in America.

    I don’t really think Bie can sing as well as most of the Thai artists that I have heard but I guess he follows the trend and trend are just simply too popular nowadays. Good luck to Bie.

  5. True that.I am falling in Love with him.I am still watching
    Dok Rim Rak Tang, and guess what he making me loving\him every minute I watch it.ha.I always thought that I’ll never be like
    a fan of his until DRRT came out!

  6. I love Bie! I didn’t like him before but I think he’s getting better and better and whoever’s clicking the thumbs down sign needs to fuck the hell off

  7. Yepp, Pong’s lakorns are being aired and re-runned again in China at the moment.^^ He, too went to China not long ago. I’m so happy with Exact’s international affairs.
    ❤ Bie

  8. yay it’s really China. I hope Chinese people would receive him well. To me, his singing skill might not so great but his perf is very good. He is a very hard working star too. Hope he can go far.

  9. Glad to hear that.I am a Chinese.Just give u guys some information.korean dramas have been popular in China for a long time.And now many Chinese turn to Thai lakorns.It’s not that mainstream yet.But it does has quite a number of fans now.The most popular one is “Jam Loey Rak” starred by Aum & Aff.(Many Chinese started to watch Thai lakorns after this one.)It was even put on the front page of Chinese version of Youtube)which was voted by the viewers.They can be a huge hit if they come to China.But unfortunately they are in Ch3 which is comparatively a conservative TV station.I am glad that Pong and Bie come to China.Hope more and more Thai stars rock the market here.

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