Aff enjoys playing a bold role

Aside from meeting Tik Jessadaporn, this sweet eyed n’ek Aff Tucksaorn is also happy with her role in “Wanida” as well.

“This lakorn impresses me kaa. The script is different from all the others because Wanida is a bold character. She doesn’t give into people and she’s not weak. If you slap her, she’ll slap you back. She likes to get into it a lot with p’Joy Rinalee’s character.”

“The viewers will definitely cheer for this p’ek-n’ek couple. The more you watch, they more you’ll smile. This is my first time working with p’Tik. He’s really cute kaa. He’s an easy-going person. When he wears the military uniform, he is very handsome. No matter where he goes, people always ask to take a picture with this p’ek.”

“I like it when I get to do a lot of activities including riding horses, playing tennis, dancing, and playing the violin kaa.”

Source: Daradaily

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16 responses to “Aff enjoys playing a bold role

  1. Awww, i love aff, she is such a good actress. Funny she calls him P’Tik and then he calls her P’Aff. LOL

  2. It’s true that the more I watch it, the more I’m starting to like it. I didn’t enjoy episode 1 that much, but now I can’t wait until next week episode comes out.

  3. I do like Tik and Aff in Wanida, they are beautiful together. The only two cast members I do not like is Aunt Thong and Madam Nom. I can’t believe the wig they have on, seriously it’s ridiculously fake grey hair. Just look so fake, the producer should have notice that from day one.
    The older version with Mew and Saranyu… Aunt Thong and Madam Nom, looked more natural. They are important characters too. I guess a lot of us focus more on Tik and Aff that we forget all the other characters.

    • i know! lol, especially her facial expression before she said her comeback line to Pisami and introduced herself as Major Prajaks Wife! hah! it was so cute how she had that little smirk on her face.

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