Noon Trusts Todd Doesn’t Believe He’ll Cheat on Her

Being the couple whom everyone is jealous of, but not long there are rumors to rock their bed for actress, “Noon” Worranuch Bhirompakdee and husband, “Todd” Pithi Bhirompakdee. Rumors are saying that Todd was secretly seeing “Pam” Panpim and they both had went to Macau. Not only that, but Pam had followed Todd to the the racing track (for cars) to give him encouragement.
Noon doesn’t believe the rumors at for she has faith in her husband.

“I don’t believe the news at all. It’s just probably rumors and not true. Like last week they had said Todd had went to Shanghai and took Pam with him. I don’t think that’s true because last week there were no car racing at all. So the truth matter is zero. I have talked about the news with Todd because someone had told me, but with Pam, I have seen her when she went to do the calendar photoshoot. She’s a very cute person and I feel sorry for her that she has news like this. It’s not only the guy side who is being hit with this, but the girl’s side and Pam is still young and they both know each other from work already.

If you ask if I’m jealous?… No, I’m not and I don’t feel afraid or confused. As for clearing it up with Pam, I don’t think there has to be anything to clear and if you want the best answer to this than go ask Pam, but with me I’m not concerned about it and I don’t suspect anything. I trust him.”

[Source vai Dara Daily]

[Pam Panpim]

16 responses to “Noon Trusts Todd Doesn’t Believe He’ll Cheat on Her

  1. i dont know but how they come up with these rumors. can they actually obtain pictures at least. like i said previously media can be a bitch sometimes and this is one example.

  2. He got someone else besides Noon while they were dating anyways so to have someone here and there while in the marriage isn’t surprising either. Noon knows about them too so she knew what was coming *shrug*

  3. Always thought it is normal thai culture for men to have a legal and official wife(be it trophy wife or not/main course) and the rest of his girlfriend out there is for ‘desserts’. AW! thai man sure love their desserts. Came across many thai friends that practice this and it is acceptable. . Sigh : (

  4. Yes, I kind of agree with Jazmyn. Like it or not…Thai society is about an official wife and a mistress or gik. People say its bad but it happens all the time. I hope its not true in Noon’s case but its not surprising for a rich guy like Todd to have women on the side,

  5. These are the type of news that the media should be ashamed of themselves. Unless they have hard evidence, it is inappropriate and immoral! These people that are spreading these lies, what kind of satisfaction do they get out of it in destroying other people’s lives? They should go drown themselves in the deep blue sea.

  6. Yep , Halfham i see you know about their social culture. I am half Thai and my grandfather have 4 wives. Guess it dates back historically whereby polygamy is practiced. Most men keep mia noi(mistresses) outside and the wife obviously knows about it. As to keep peace in the family the wife just look the other way. Most of my uncles and cousins have mia noi : ( Sad but thats how things are and its always there : (

  7. It’s cute that she trust him that much. If you wanna be dara, you gotta face the fact that before or later, there will be some dirty gossip about you. Are the news trying to tear people apart or something ?

  8. the media is really a bitch for trying to break people up and no ethics whatsoever! they should be ashamed of themselves and hope that it happens to them personally!

    it’s also funny that some of you guys up there act like you really know what goes on between them. lmao like really?

    but i guess i wouldn’t be surprise if todd does have some side women esp cuz he’s rich. i mean, c’mon even normal guys cheat let alone a rich fella. gotta show some evidence first though like tiger woods’ recorded phone conversation!

  9. Thai media is the third hand in breaking couple up now a day. It’s a couple business to deal with it even though some people are public figure.
    The media have right to get involve in a celebrities life, but media should also ground oneself to be a good media like how a person would act to be a good citizen.
    Most media is all about money more than educating society to face difficult problem other than love affair and drug addict.
    Thai media continue to grab many attention because it’s sell and many are addicted to know what’s next.

  10. okay, i never say this but im not surprise if someone IS jealous of noon and todd. Jealous is not my word and normally i dont use it. But ill admit i am shock to see that not even that long after the wedding, theres already rumor of this couple *shakes head*

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