The Media is Not Completely Banning Tangmo

It has caused an issue for the matter of actress, “Tangmo” Pattaratida Patchaveerapong. Who showed her dissatisfaction towards the media for prying into her personal relationship matters with off again- on again boyfriend, “Thank” Pongsakorn. Which led to some media outlets banning her after she had went on Facebook expressing how the media are making money from her fame.

Plus she also stated that the media should be the one apologizing and thanking her. Now if you go back and view things in the past, Tangmo somewhat been the person who has respect in others thoughts and had always kept her cool.

On the 29th of August, the Press Association had gathered all around to talk about the issue of the actress being banned. The resulted end of the talk was that, every mass media should go back and use their judgement on what they should do. Which the press had accepted the factor of making judgments regarding the actress.

Communications Arts Professor of Chulalongkorn University, Narong Kumwijit stated, “The responsibility of the media is that they will have to take responsibilities which the organization might have to regulate their responsibility. The responsibility of the press and every normal person is of course different from celebrities. In which a normal person will have to worry about libel law, but as for the press and a celebrity that it’s not acting nor the feelings, but journalists should have ethical moralities. I don’t want to talk about control determined by the government or other agencies, but I want to encourage reporters to know how use their profession. Knowing and understanding how to communicate with the press is something you should have. It doesn’t matter if it’s mainstream media or a subordinate.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Bangkok-Today]

7 responses to “The Media is Not Completely Banning Tangmo

  1. well she shouldnt have held a press conference about her relationship in the first place. she wanted attention and when she gets it, she flips. you know it is she herself that put her in this situation. the media just doing their job. i mean they could be more professional but hey go attack the people that hired them. sometimes i do pity celebrities but not mo. she started it herself. go whine with ploy please.

  2. i don’t care if they ban her or not, but here’s a thought. instead of declaring a ban, why don’t they just not talk about her. i mean, it’s a lot less harsh when you just don’t talk about her, then stating that you’re banning her. it makes the media look terrible and down right evil. don’t take pictures of her at functions or photo spreads or mention her name or anything about her and if this type of thing persists, then she becomes irrelevant and people forget about her and then she has no jobs and then no money. really, it’s not that hard!!

  3. I think it’s impossible for the media to ban her or any celebrity for that matter. If something scandalous pops up, I doubt they’ll ignore it and let the news die a quiet death.

  4. hola has a point. If they wanted to ban her, then they should have just silently given her the cold shoulders instead of going around declaring things then taking back some of their words. Talk about IRONIC.

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