Tik loves his role in Wanida

After being MIA from lakorns for a long time, he has come back to play in “Wanida” that has just aired on Ch.3 this past Monday. The popular p’ek, “Tik” Jessadaporn Poldee, has told us that they reason he chose this lakorn is because he was impressed with the script.

“I am playing is a military soldier again, but I feel good about it na because I don’t get to play these kind of characters often. Plus, it’s hard to find a romantic lakorn to play in especially since it’s p’Riets lakorn. It like this lakorn na because I get to learn many other things from playing in it like riding horses, dancing, playing tennis, and so much more. It makes the time filming this more fun. Plus, the script is fun too. The characters fight a lot and have to make up, and there is a lot of flirting here and there. The viewers will sure be excited to see when they will actually love each other for real. The weather and scenery are beautiful too. Every place we film at takes us back into history. The more you watch this lakorn, the more you’ll smile krub.”

Source: Thairath

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19 responses to “Tik loves his role in Wanida

  1. Is it me or does it seem he is performing not as great as before? I remember him in the lakorn with Aom in Leud Kattiya and he was a similar character…maybe he had more chemistry with Aom? So far, I am not very impressed.

  2. Even he is married and been off the lakorn for a long time it is good to see Tik again. Even if he is married, I still like him as an actor 🙂

    Welcome back Tik!

  3. I really miss seeing him in lakorns. I am so glad he’s back. Let’s hope there are more lakorns in his future 🙂

  4. ha.I Love him, happy he is back! True, The more you watch
    it the more you smile. =)
    Maybe the only reason why I smile while watching this
    lakorn is because of him.hahha.

  5. Compared to the original cast members (SW & Meow L), these two (TJ & AFF) make the lakorn seem boring/lifeless. I enjoyed the older version way better.

  6. I love his role too but I kinda agree with someone mentioning his lakorn with Aom. I think he has more chemistry with Aom.

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