Pat misses the Silver Screen

Yes, you’ve read the title right! “Pat” Napapa Tantrakoon used to have it on the Silver Screen. After asking her if she misses doing movies, she admitted that she misses it everyday. If she has the opportunity, she would want to go back and play again.

“Honestly, I am still waiting for it. I was born from playing in movies. Even though I didn’t play in many, those jobs made me have more jobs that constantly come in. That’s why it makes me realize that was the beginning point to where I am now.”

“If we really look into the movie industry, we can see that it has changed a lot. Now that I’m playing in lakorns, I don’t have time to play in movies. If one day I have the opportunity, I will go back but I have to look at the script and other things first. Right now, there are many film companies. Competition is rough, so I have to look at many other things before I can accept.”

Source: Daradaily

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