What’s in the stars for Lydia and Matthew?

On the 25th of August around 1pm, popular singer “Lydia” Sarunratch Wisuthsakda and boyfriend Matthew Dean went to make good merits and ask for blessings. Pra Ajarn Dang blessed them both, enhanced their stars, and sprinkled holy water.

Lydia has told us that they came to make good merits (tum boon) for luck because her lakorn “Rabum Duang Dai” is airing for the first time. She is playing as the n’ek and wants to as for blessings so the lakorn can be popular. She also adds that she has been to this temple many times and Pra Ajarn Dang has always helped her.

“After paying respect to him, I feel so much better. I can concentrate on my work. If there are any problems with work, they will work themselves out. Also, there are new works that have come in as well. Today, he is kind enough to enhance my stars as well.”

As for Matthew, he is afraid to enhance his stars. He came to make good merits today because it’s close to his birthday, which is on the 29th of August where he will be turning 32 years old. After this, he will be traveling to film his new lakorn “7 Brajun Ban 2” that is still in the making. The lakorn is anticipating to go on-air sometime in September through Ch.3

Aside from this, we’ve gotten the opportunity to ask if they will be getting married as well. Lydia and Matthew smile, their faces both red. They both asked to continue working for a little bit more. When they have the good news, they will come tell us immediately.

Source: Zubzip

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3 responses to “What’s in the stars for Lydia and Matthew?

  1. they have been dating for ages
    despite all the negative feedbacks for them
    i still wish them best of the luck…

    and HBD to Matthew as well

  2. ^ i couldnt have agreed more with you ^_^.. i wish them more happiness and luck as well since they passed through all those negative feedbacks etc..

  3. I like how these two don’t hide there relationship from the media. They look good together. Lydia is a good singer. Mathew is too, but I haven’t heard anything new from him.

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