Ruj cuts in front of other guys to co-star with Min

Who is hotter than Min Pichaya? Right now, there are many guys in the industry who are at the superstar level. Many are even bold enough to flirt with her like nobody’s business.

Sounds like Ruj The Star, ex-boyfriend of Gybsy Keith, has stolen this job! Looks like Aff Chanapol, Om Akapan, Oun Rangsit, and many other guys have lost the race. Sorry guys!!

What’s the name of the lakorn? We’ll have to wait and see!!

Source: Daradaily

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28 responses to “Ruj cuts in front of other guys to co-star with Min

  1. Wow. Go Ruj. Ahahahha !
    I wish it was Om too but that’s cool 😀
    Can’t wait to see Min & Ruj co-star together!

  2. OMGOMGOMGOMG! Ruj will be in a lakorn?! And Leading?! *dies*
    HOORAYYYY! I absolutely love him and his music. I love his hair at the length it is in the photos.^^
    Can’t wait to hear more about it. I bet it’ll be a collab. with Ch5 and Ch7. 🙂

  3. I don’t think she is that pretty- it is surprising to me that the media makes such a big deal out of her. I think that it is her managers deliberately planting how all these guys re into her to make her a “thing” like Aum P.

  4. wth, i thought ruj said he doesnt want to play in lakorns bc its not him….he just want to foucs on singing

  5. I think it’s just a rumor. Unless she comes play for Exact, there’s no way Khun Boy will let Ruj’s first lakorn be anywhere else.

  6. i dont think daradaily is such a reliable source. most of their news seem like it’ll be true but in the end, its false rumors. like how they said anne-benz were starring in “sanaeha maya” for p’kai but he said the lakorn doesnt even exist

    i agree, i dont see whats the hyped for Min. she looks like plain jane.

    • I so agree with you Tinah. She’s so commonly and also when she laughs or blushes, it looks so forced and fake. Her acting is not even close to par either. But who knows, maybe some day she will grow on me.

  7. Ruj is super HOT! He reminds me of Louis Scott in those pics, must be the hair and his smile. Can’t wait!

  8. Even though, I say Min P. is pretty but some might not agree that she is, everyone has different view point of prettiness in their eyes, If I say Aump P. is not pretty but just her sex appeal that makes her look pretty then everyone would go boggus or Peserk. I think being popular is not about prettiness but it’s her personality and her atitude towards life that everyone likes about her, she is a happy and bubbly kind of gurl. that’s what make u being popular in this industry, not just pretty, u have to have talent and the down to earth kind of atitude to survive in the Et industry, I can seen Min P. has it. She is not a fussy kind of gurl, she is easy to get along with just go with the flow….I like her

  9. Yup Min the next overrating queen for ch7. They air her lakorn almost back to back. I wouldn’t say she is next rating queen. She have one lakorn that rate over 20.

    • that is why they are taking advantage of her. when min appeared in ruk the one with kob, the rating actually went up- that lakorn wasnt doing so good in the beginning. so they are taking advantage of her like how they took advantage of pancake. and in a few more years, she will just have as much haters as pancake. seriously i like it when they brag about someone with talent but min… i like her but it annoys me that she gets brag about it. ahahaha.

  10. i like min but.. she’s so overrated atm.. like super overrated.. bleh.. hmmm ruj’s first lakorn eh..? i’m with thipstar atm.. i thought he was gonna focus more on his music as well? hmm.. iono anymore.. and yeah.. i don’t think khun boy will let ruj’s first lakorn be played on a different channel besides theirs..

  11. her again…? *sighs* people make such a big out of her. I dont think she’s that pretty and her acting isn’t even all that great. CH7 and their overrated stars. What is she the next pancake? Whatever sells. I’m excited Ruj will finally be starring in a lakorn though 🙂

  12. nah..i don’t hate her yet like i hate pancake atm lol (i don’t hate pancake but i hate the lady who puts her in every freaking lakorn out there) give her a couple more years. it’s nice to see someone else in the spotlight besides pan. i think min is cute and her acting in better than other newbies. i just hope she doesn’t start acting sexy like aum.

    • you will hate her soon b\c im sure that the lady will puts min in many coming lakorns as well, juste like pancake..Min annoys me a little now!

  13. I don’t think min or aump are pretty. What is so special about them? For me, I liked a beautiful and lovely face but not a thin face like them.

  14. i like min alot. min such a good person. and very good actress. min’s very beautiful. love min and will support min forever

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