“Joy” Rinlanee Will Return As Nang Aek in ‘Eye of Heaven’

You can say that “Joy” Rinlanee Sripen has ruled the Nang Rai role throughly and this time in the lakorn ‘Wanida‘ she is both beautiful and evil (rai) at the same time. Recently Joy murmured that for her next role in ‘Duang Dtaa Sawan‘ (Eye of Heaven) she will be returning back as a Nang Aek. Not only well she be Nang Aek, but the character is of a whiny and crying Nang Aek.

“The lakorn just aired not so long ago and viewers had told me it’s really cute. The said the lakorn was very beautiful, from the faces, hair, and clothes. I play with Tik and he is very cute and everyone who get’s to work with him will all say the same thing, that he’s very down to earth, playful, and is friendly with everyone.”

“Personally I love period lakorns already because it’s beautiful from the style of clothes, the scenes, and period lakorns and the language in the era has suavity.”

“And as the for the song, ‘Prom Likit‘ (Fate/Destiny) when you listen to it a lot of people liked it. I don’t listen to it much though. Yes, in ‘Wanida’ when people watch it they’ll see that my character isn’t that evil much, but in the beginning she and the Phra Aek are both in love and about to get married, but the Phra Aek has to marry another to pay off the debt. I become possessive and jealous than there’s an instigator who starts to instigate. I’ve played evil in a lot of roles, but I don’t always get to be evil. I get to play a good person now in the lakorn, ‘Eye of Heaven.’ Right now were are still filming and in this lakorn I will be prim and proper who will be the crying Nang Aek and get’s bullied by others and I’ll be back playing those roles again.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Dara Daily]

15 responses to ““Joy” Rinlanee Will Return As Nang Aek in ‘Eye of Heaven’

  1. I love Joy! I like her in period lakorn she suits the role/lakorn well. Her acting has improved over time, but I like to see her play the spit fire, I don’t crap from no one nang ake like she played in Bansaithong.

    I will be watching both Wanida and DDS. I’m a huge fan of Kat and Joy <3. I prefer a dif pa aek, but Rome is cool too. YAY

  2. Yayy!!! 🙂 But to be honest, i wanted her to play the tough Poj roles though.. But its okay. Shes still Good 😀

  3. Yayyy! Joy is talented and I like watching her–good or evil. lol
    I’m glad she’ll be our n’ek again. I love that she loves period lakorns. She fits the look so absolutely beautifully. My friend and I just had a conversation about her matching the styles back then. Hate me but, she shines more to me in Wanida than our leading lady Aff. >_< haha

  4. im so happy that joy is becoming n’ek again. honestly, i think she suits as n’ek than a villian although she can nail both roles. i love her and shes so beautiful

  5. I like her as n’ek and n’rai before, now I’m so used to seeing her as n’rai, I forgot how she acts as n’ek. It’s been years since she was n’ek, I loved her in Ban Sai Thong

  6. about time she gets back on screen as na’ek…i can never take her serious as the mean one because i started to watch her as na’ek and i like her alot..im not a big fan of aff, i’ve tried watching wanida for tik…but i couldnt stand aff so i stopped..but the fact that in the beginning tik and joy are so in love makes me mad that she wont end up with him..anyways looking forward to eye of heaven

  7. yeah yeah yeah!!!!!…Joy is BACK as Nang aek!..i’ve only seen two both with Num sonram and i absoutley love her there, but i want her to have a strong character cuz she rocks with that evil glare that she has!!..

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