Before and After Pictures of Ploy Garner’s Netizens Attention

Another one! Not sure if it’s because “A” list actress, “Ploy” Chermarn Boonyasak is always in the news, but the rumors are going strong that many are talking about something interesting… Especially a topic that everyone is very interested about and lately pictures of actress, “Ploy” Chermarn before and after pictures are garnering a lot of attention. The person who had compared the pictures of Ploy had said Ploy had rhinoplasty to make the bride on her nose more higher. Harsher rumors than this Ploy have already met with, but hopefully Ploy will fight and overcome it.

[Source via MSN/Gossip Star]

20 responses to “Before and After Pictures of Ploy Garner’s Netizens Attention

  1. woooooww! those before and after pictures does make it seem like she had something done, but hey, it’s her right. it’s her nose and she can do whatever you wants. not a fan of hers, but even without her supposed nose enhancement, she is still a pretty girl.

  2. yeah the top one. ive seen some people who lost weight and their nose looked more higher. But thats only one person that ive seen so cant really say. But yeah the top one you can see the difference. the shape on the tip also

  3. Geesh, whoever never noticed this must’ve been blind. If anyone remembers she used to be in Num Sornrams MV when they had the Super Teens album out. And her nose is an obvious difference; look at her lip as well. Sometimes her lip looks crooked (now). But back then it wasn’t.

  4. She did not go under the knife. One can honestly make ones nose appear smaller and longer with make-up and also by, how one angle their face. If you look at the before and after pictures you can tell that Ploy’s face is always angle on the after pictures, but not on the before pictures, where you see her entire nose.

  5. I doubt she had anything done, but even if she did, it’s her face, and it’s her nose. Regardless, she’s still beautiful, and still looks the same.

  6. Well, if she did fix it and why is it still a little crooked? Shouldn’t it be a little more perfect than it is now? I think it’s probably the angle as someone stated earlier.

  7. Looks like camera angle to me. Makeup can also make a difference too. For it to be a fair comparison, they need to take pictures of her with the same angle and without makeup.

  8. many things to keep in mind, especially age… seeing that the age difference in these picture comparisons are totally different.

  9. i think this news come out from p’tar ex-girlfriend, or p’dome girlfriend, because now ploy have news with them and i think one of them might use this way to make ploy more furious….
    and make ppls to hate her…
    it’s my opinion…

  10. Im pretty much sure she had some things done to her face..when i saw the clip of her and P’Dome together..i notice changes to her face..more like her cheeks or something?

  11. Uh… I don’t think makeup can dramatically change your nose like hers did. You can contour it but you can’t change the overall shape of it.

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