Ann showing signs of breaking up with Puri?!

Young actress “Ann” Alicia Laisuthruklai has revealed that her relationship right now with boyfriend Puri Hirunprik is not at the point of breaking up, but just wants him to ask himself if he’s ready to have a family. She also says that she’s not afraid of the 5th year superstition that makes couples break up because she trusts her boyfriend. If he asks for her hand in marriage, she will accept.

Young actress Ann Alicia has told our reporters

“We can say that we’re taking a break. This will be the 5th year since we’ve been together. We need to start talking about what we want to do from now on. We can’t just keep seeing each other like this everyday. We are adults and are getting older each day. That is why we need to think about our future, to see if we are going down the same path or not. I know that guys think marriage and family is a big deal. That’s why I just want him to take this time to think and see if he will be able to take care of me. Using this time apart, I want to see if he will miss me and if he still wants to be with me or not.”

“We really need to talk to each other like grown ups. We can’t just be together like this everyday.”

News have it that you want to get married but Puri doesn’t seem to ever be ready. Is this the problem?

“Honestly, we both want to get married. Like I said, we need to see if we both are on the same path for the future. Do we need the same things? Having a serious talk is probably hard, but we need to talk it out so we can understand each other first. We need to know what each other thinks.”

Do you really want to have a family?

“I do, but it’s up to the future. I don’t want to be single the rest of my life. It’s normal for most girls to want to have a family and kids.”

Did he ask for some time to think about things?

“I let him take his time to think about things. He didn’t ask for anything. I’m not mad at him na. He even called me yesterday to talk because his dog died, but he didn’t talk about what I asked him to think about.”

Are you guys distant now?

“Right, we don’t see each other at all. I want him to think if he likes being by himself or if he likes being with me.”

“Ever since we’ve been together for 5 year, there was nothing. I just want to know if he misses that life.”

What if one day Puri came and asked to marry you?

“I’d be ready instantly. I’m using this moment that we’ve been apart to test certain things. I know that he has some things that he’s unsure about. That’s why I want him to ask himself. I’m not afraid of the 5th year superstition na kaa. I’m not mad and I’m not breaking up. I just want him to think.”

Lets say he said that he’s not ready, what are you going to do?

“p’Jieb has told me to use my feelings as a base. I have to continue being strong kaa.”

Source: Zubzip

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10 responses to “Ann showing signs of breaking up with Puri?!

  1. im soo used to seeing the two together that if i see them paired with others, it will be awkward or no chemistry. weird iknow 😛

  2. Wait, there’s a 5 year superstition? I thought it was only a 7 year thing. Gosh is every year going to be a superstition now? geesh.

  3. Didn’t Anne give an interview a while back saying that marriage and kids wasn’t an imporant factor in her life?
    Wonder why the change of heart.

    Any way wish them the best of luck.

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