“Aum” Artichart Would Be Glad To Work With Pinky In The Future

“Aum” Artichart Choomnanont said he won’t turn down a lakorn offer if he was ever to star alongside old flame, “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech saying, “If in the future we get to work in the future together than I’d be glad to.” Plus he reaffirm everyone that his love with “Nat” Myria Benedetti is happy and sweet, but it’s not to the point where they want to start a family with one another.

“I am happy to welcome any actor/actresses that come into Channel 3. I didn’t called her (Pinky) to go and congratulate her personally, but if I get to work with her than that’s up to opportunity, the bosses, and P’Pin, TV Scene, and the whole channel also. As from my schedule that I know of that’s all that there is from me right now. Truthfully with Pinky we can still talk to one another. We don’t have any problems with each other. As for the rumors saying that I refuse to work with Pinky that’s not true at all. No matter what I don’t want others to say if I will try to meet up with her because right now my love life is normally good and there is nothing special.”

“As for me buying her things, I didn’t buy her a lot of things at all. It would be once in a long while, like birthdays, it’s an event that happens once a year so I have to make sure I pick out something really good. It would have to be something she can use and of good quality that she can use for a long time. “

Is she delighted with it and carry it every where often?

“I don’t know because I don’t see it often. She just told me that she liked it and can use it for 10 years. If she was to buy me something I just want it to be bag filled with good luck because when I carry things and go places they would get lost easily.”

Can you call Nat your girlfriend yet?

“Let’s just say everything is becoming good and we are progressing more.”

Than what would you call her?

“Someone is is good enough for me. Someone who is very close to me and the only one I’m talking to. As for starting a family I haven’t even thought that far yet and if one day there is a progress towards that I will tell you then. If I reply it will become a wave again.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Dara Daily]

16 responses to ““Aum” Artichart Would Be Glad To Work With Pinky In The Future

  1. They were both mature with ending their relationship. I’m glad they can still act like normal people whenever they’re around one another. I forget which event they both attended, but they were still friendly. ❤ Pinky and Aum.
    And with his relationship with Nat, I think it'll develop into something good. She's a mature woman, someone that he needs.

  2. It will be weird to see Aum and Pinky in a lakorn together because of their past. But I would love to watch that because when they were dating each other, I wanted so bad to watch a lakorn of them lol. And I’m pretty sure they are both professional actors and would do a great job.

  3. How old is Nat? I just can’t see them together, they look more like brother/sista hehe…. I don’t think Aum is good looking either, he is small and those ears are funny too, but he is a good actor. I wish the actors now look like the older actors back then like Sam, Pete, Willy… they were so good looking.

    • He is not small and big in heart if you konw him personally.He never treated fairly by the Thai media.Someone can be totally different from what you read.I feel sad the media only knows how to sell the news.

  4. I don’t care, she’s already ruined it for me by joining Ch.3. I only like her in character not in person.

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