Tangmo is banned by Thai Media

Plastic Starlet “Tangmo” Pataratida Patcharaverapong is banned says Manageronline, and yes they called her plastic.

The media press have made the decision to boycott Tangmo after the actress posted a critical comment about them on Ploy Cherman’s facebook.

Tangmo’s wild attitude became public way back when she was still dating RS Promotion singer “Dodge” Pantawatch from boyband BMIX. Back then, leaking intimate photographs of Mo and Dodge were published on the internet. As a result of the leak – Dodge was banned by RS Promotion Executive for inappropriate conduct.

RS Promotion’s Boss Hea Hoh stated his reason for banning Dodge is because the singer has received way too many warnings about his conduct.

In response to Hea Hoh’s punishment for Dodge, Tangmo fought back by criticizing him in public without showing any respect for her elders.

The following is an extract of Tangmo’s interview in regards to the treatment of Dodge BMIX

“Honestly, what he (Hea Hoh) did was the right thing to do. It was for the good of both sides. Good for RS, so they can maintain their image and as for Dodge, it’s good for him too. He can finally be free because sometimes he felt like he was being used. He is working in the industry for a return that isn’t worth it. There are so many other details to this”

“I think he is just taking advantage of the whole situation. He is using the photographs as an excuse. Because honestly, Dodge was already suspended. It was from when we went and did a photoshoot for TV Pool Magazine together. Dodge already asked RS Promotion if he could do a photoshoot for a magazine and RS Promotion said yes to that so when another magazine called asking for a shoot with the same concept, same pay, he didn’t think it would be a problem. But in the end, they fined him. When we sat down to read the contract, there wasn’t even a clause in the contract that said he should be fined. They had no right to fine him. But he let them, because he thought he was being disrespectful for accepting the job without letting them know first. But he didn’t do anything wrong and they shouldn’t have fined him anything. Besides, Dodge hardly makes any money as it is”

“Dodge loves everyone at RS because they gave him an opportunity but in return no one cared about him at all”

“I want RS Promotion to be ethical. Just void his remaining 2 year contract with the company so he can go out and work for other people. I want to help him as much as I can”

After her verbal brawl with RS Promotion, Tangmo sparked another predicament with channel 3 leading actress “Janie Tienpohsuwan”. The schenanigans started when a rumour broke out that Janie passed on Tangmo’s number to her boyfriend’s relative who was having a disagreement with Tangmo over Tangmo’s late car payments. Janie dismissed the rumour and claimed she never gave out Tangmo’s number to anyone.

Although Tangmo didn’t believe her. As retaliation, she said;

“I know everyone is raised differently so I can’t control other people’s behaviour. But I believe other people can tell the difference, I’ve been an actress for a long time now. People can tell what other people’s like. Ever since I’ve been in the biz, I always tell the truth and I can accept reality. But whatever, I don’t want to be apart of this nonsense”

And that’s not all, the two leading actresses had another run-in at an event where Janie announced she doesn’t want to share the same dressing room as Tangmo because she doesn’t want any problems. However Janie said she can be on the same stage as Tangmo but refuse to share the same dressing room, although when the actual event took place, Janie did a runner.

Tangmo couldn’t resist the urge to comment;

“This is not the first time she asked for another dressing room. I’ve been kicked out before because of this person. She made me use another dressing room at the last event where I was dressed as Cinderella. That time I still had the spirit to continue working. I didn’t say anything but she still won’t accept the truth, she acts like she doesn’t know anything. I don’t know why she can’t handle the truth. The abbaew(fake) era is over, she can lie to anybody she wants, but she can’t lie to the public”

After her battle with Janie, perhaps no one else wanted to challenge her so she decided to throw her anger to the media instead. Since then, whenever the media asked her a question, she would always get worked up over it. Like that time when she was confronted about a photo of her and her boyfriend Thank in a Japanese bathhouse – a photograph she posted herself on Facebook. She was asked if they were naked in the picture.

“Whether or not I was naked I think the people who’s been to a bathhouse would know. I don’t need to sit here and answer questions about whether or not I was naked. I’m sure you can see it for yourself from looking at the picture. The question is so unnecessary”

“Honestly, I’m not serious about these pictures but I’m serious about these retarded headlines over whether or not I was naked. Why don’t you go and ask the older couple if they sleep on the same bed? It’s so unnecessary”

Tangmo’s breaking point happened recently at an event for 7 See concert, the night she became ‘black listed’ by the press. That night Mo was questioned about why her ex boyfriend Thank appeared at the concert when she announced to the media not long ago that she is taking a break from him. Tangmo made a spectacle of her distant from Thank by making a public announcement of her separation to the media arousing all the events organizers to hire her for upcoming functions.

“What, who told you?!”

You told us

“You guys don’t know as much as me. I don’t want to answer questions to my relationship. I told this to a reporter a moment ago. I’ve given interviews for 3 days already, old news is old news. And it’s been almost 2 weeks now, go and do your homework and find some new news. I’ve said enough already. And for those who want to know more, go and figure it out for yourself, whether or not I’m giving him another chance is my business. I don’t need to tell anyone”

Tangmo confidently announced she didn’t need to tell anyone her business. But then, why did she call the media to make it their business in the first place?!

“To the reporter who said I threw a tantrum, how come you’re not brave enough to say you were the one who threw a tantrum? Don’t you have any shame? You reporters can’t communicate, so annoying”

In simple words, she thinks reporters are thick faced…and that is why all reporters made the ultimate decision to not interview Tangmo. Where ever she goes, the media will ignore her. She will not be photographed despite how much cleavage she shows..

She doesn’t like the media, but why come out into the limelight and expect to be photographed?

Since the famous leading actress was ‘ignored’ by the press. Tangmo has been dropped from all upcming events. But of course, according to Tangmo she couldn’t care less.

“I hope they ban me for real, if they don’t, who will be responsible?!!” posted Tangmo on Facebook.

On the 14th August, Ploy Cherman posted the following on her facebook;

“Why can’t actors like us have feelings when we have been victimized?? Some say we are evil like the character we play and we throw tantrums. But if we are like what they say then how did I survive 16 years in the biz?? I’m not 100% good, but I’m good enough to not make anybody else miserable”

2 days later in response to Ploy’s message Tangmo said;

“The more they emphazise that saying ‘Nam Pueng Ruer, Sure pueng Pah’, the sea needs a ship and a tiger needs a forest, they’re just trying to call in a favour, to give themselves an excuse to be unethical, disrespectful and inhumane. They give you fame 40% of the time and the other 60% comes from our pure talent. And at the same time 100% of their income comes from us. We always give them work and they always give us trouble. That’s the problem with a mouth and a pen, it’s not fair. Especially when the public reads that stuff. Think about it, who should really be the one to say sorry and thank you?”

To satisfy Tangmo’s wish and her easily annoyed personality, the media is going to leave her alone.

Tangmo is a very confident person whom at one point in her life was game enough to announce that education is a waste of time. She once said a university degree can not pay off her 10 million baht mortgage.

Source via Manager

28 responses to “Tangmo is banned by Thai Media

  1. Ploy and Tangmo are sure idiots, they go so well together. Yeah media can be bitches at times, I do agree but shit the media are also the ones that promote their arses. And to Ploy, like seriously, you’re not the only one with a fucking damn opinion!!! You’re a celebrity, live with it! Again excuse me for my language. Tangmo doesnt get media attention any more so she takes it to the facebook world, knowing that it can also cause a stir. Again two lame people. Oh to answer why they can live so long in the industry, well we people can distinguish talent. Ploy good at those rai roles. I was never really impressed with her nang ek roles. But oh boy oh boy do I love it when she plays a bitch. Mo, on the other hand, umm… that I’m still confused. She’s not really a good actress both rai and nang ek role.

  2. i read a teeny bit of this @ lyn’s..

    i love tangmo but.. sometimes.. she.. sigh.. i wont say anything except eek!!! >_<

  3. Birds of feather sure flock together. Her and Ploy are airheads.

    What took so long for them to blacklist her? Should have done that a long time ago. One thing to be straight forward (with manner and tact) and another thing to be disrespectful. She comes off as being disrepectful and arrogant. On top of that her acting sucks! Blows! Lacks! I can go on. Should have stayed in school, your acting skills sure ain’t gonna take you far and outter beauty and youth fades away after a while. Good luck!

  4. No wonder she acts this way. BECAUSE “EDUCATION IS A “WASTE” OF TIME.”
    I thought she was okay. But nevermind. <_<
    You know, she chose to be an actress, it doesn't matter. She should've known that the media are also working people who will write anything and everything about them. It's nothing new Tangmo. The jobs in the media have been in existence for longer than the years of your life, no excuses.

  5. If she’s fed up, then quit. No one forced her to be an actress. There’s the door, if you don’t want the media all over you, walk out and get a normal job like the rest of us. Sometimes I do feel sorry for people who have the media hounding them all the time, but only for those who are right in the head and don’t ask for it…Ploy and Tangmo are both attention seekers and they know it, they speak to the media by themselves, they answer with their own idiocy, if they didn’t want all the damn drama, they should walk away from reporters instead of opening their mouths. In this case, they started their own un-necessary drama, not the media. Ploy opened her own mouth with all her drama involving Di and Tar, Tangmo opened her mouth with all her drama surrounding her boyfriend so now they should just shut it if they don’t want all the media all over them.

  6. Mo has issues haha. I don’t think I was ever a fan. I can’t her voice and the way she talks. Now I remember that whole Janie and Mo conflict. Yes, yes…it was a big battle with the girls at spicyforum haha. They remembered it so well, they even brought it up at sarnworld. I think I was siding with Janie then, even though I wasn’t a fan of hers back then. But now I am.

  7. they should of banned her long time ago lol i dont know how she stayed in the industry for this long especially with her bad attitude nor does she have talent in acting..

    i think ploy should just be quiet because she is making herself look worst right now. yes, she is receiving alot of work and becoming more famous but doesnt mean she cant be a falling star..if she continues to act this way like Mo then eventually the channel will get fed up with her. i really like her as an actress, so i wouldnt want her to get banned too

  8. Why so many drama/rumours/bad news this year????!? Too much. Is there any super happy news???
    Thangmo disapoints me now-.-

    • You must be in the wrong place because this is DIRTII LAUNDRY where they will air out all the dirty secrets that celebrities have. This is the other side of the Entertainment world that is not dull, boring, filled with candy, and smiles.

  9. About time they banned her! The way she bad mouth them. She should’ve gotten banned a long time ago!

    Really? Is she speaking like she’s smart? The media and celebrities go together like PB&J. Without the media she is nothing. Her fame would have not risen if it wasn’t for the media. She’s such an attention whore that speaks like an idiot. I hope the media sticks to their word and ban her for good.

    Idiots like Tangmo shouldn’t be put in the public’s face and than pushed off to be role models for future celebrities who want to follow in her footsteps. I hope others will learn from her mistake.

  10. Aww poor Mo. She should have been banned a long ass time ago. Back when she was dating Dodge. “She will not be photographed despite how much cleavage she shows.” LOL Her poor bubble boobs. They look sickening in photoshoots. Anyway, I wonder how she’s going to pay her 10 million baht mortgage now that her fame’s gonna go down.

    • she can go find a rich boyfriend to help her pay off. but you know there are some perverted people, they normally dont care about media or press but if you have the body, they will gladly accept her.

  11. hmmm… you guys, im not trying to say that i agree with what tangmo is saying but this is a one sided issue. whoever wrote this is making it seem like tangmo is in the wrong. which im not going to lie that she is in the wrong, but so is the media. the media already doesn’t like her n i am sure no celebrity really likes the media, but they have answer to the media because people want to know whats going on. For instance, if the media likes someone like pancake they have nothing negative to write about her, but if they don’t like you then they will bash you.

    so if tangmo quits… thats not going to make a differences. the media will just target someone new n why quit if you like what you are doing. if she likes acting then let her act even tho in a lot of peoples eyes she isn’t all that great. im pretty sure when you guys like what you are doing you guys aren’t going to give up on it just because you got some cuts and bruises here and there. no you guys will continue…am i right?

    • tangmo held a press conference for the reason why she broke up with her ex boyfriend or something related to her ex or something. you know i cant quite remember because it was so stupid. holding a press conference has to be consent from both media and the person esp the person holding it. how come there are others in the entertainment circle able to keep a down low on their personal profile. anne, nat, ken, noi are able to do it. but wait, they are not immature freaks like tangmo and ploy. ahahaha.

  12. The next thing she is going to do is held a press conference saying that’s not her wrote on that facebook. She is an idiot, immature, uneducated using her plastic body for money wait couple more years she’ll be disappear or Kung dang fire her ass then she will have no job, no modeling- what is she going to then? 55555

  13. you know.. what its funny that all you guys hate her lol… i aint gonna judge her… shes human we all make mistakes and seriously the photos arent even bad like heck…. all couples take pictures like that lol. BIG DEAL. I mean i understand thailand is more strict > asian society but it’s not a really the photos arent bad. I mean she shoulda known too that once your a celebrity theres no such thing as privacy your always gonna be in the lime light if your still in the entertainment!!! duh.

    • We don’t hate her. We’re all just stating our opinion. Her pictures are not the issue here. It’s her attitude and it’s when she flaps her gum, that’s what people have a problem with. But everything else I agree with you about being a celeb & being in the entrmnt industry. .

    • i get the point but it doesnt mean i hate her. i just dont like her works and with all these bad publicity she received, it aint helping her much either. it’s not even about the picture although i do find her fruit photoshoots about a year or so ago very gross and humiliating but whatever floats her boat.

  14. I agree with sarahvang. It is free expression of speech from one person. She can say all she want about her feeling. It is her feeling and what can you do. You don’t have to watch her when you see her on the news. Just turn to a different channel. It isn’t that hard. Instead peoples bash about her being stupid. If she chose not to go to school then it up to her. Education isn’t meant for everyone. Peoples are street smart and some just aren’t. I think that there is no reason to band her from the media. The media itself have the choices to print or not to print.

  15. Wow Manager Online sure knew how to kick her out with a bang. That’s one longgggg ass article dedicated to someone you’re banning. A grand exit for Mo, if I may say~ lol.

    I neither hate nor like Mo. She’s pretty, but I think she’s a crappy actress, and she never improved over time. However, though her actions are stupid and she often doesn’t think things thoroughly before she opens that mouth, she’s outspoken, opinionated, and honest, and I like that. Rather than following the goody-two-faced crowd who act the way the public expects, she opted to be in-your-face. With Mo, what you see is what you get. Unfortunately, she crossed the line from opinionated and honest, to a self-righteous bitch. I’ll agree with her about the media being all busy body and expecting too much, but she should know she’s a public figure. She’s allowed to have her own opinions and her own says, but homegirl should know there’s a limit to how much she should be saying.

  16. I found this amusing, some people don’t like or care about mo or ploy, but they still put time n effort to write such a long paragraph about these two ladies lol anywho, if every actresses are like pan cake or Ann thong prasom, then the media prob have nothing to write about when some or majority people like to read bads stuffs about celebs, perhaps? so we can say something about it. I guess anywhere whether in the ET world or real life, there will be people who like to act out then otherss, idk whether they are like that or just attention seeker, but these kind of celebs are fun to read about more entertaining to read about lol

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