“Ken” Theeradeth Misses Queue; Rope Hits Nose and Bleeds

Actor and father of 2, “Ken” Theeradeth missed his queue on the set of, “365 Days of Love“. A rope swung at his nose that left a mark and caused his nose to bleed, but Ken was assisted with the injury until he got better and was able to continue to work again the next day.

Fans of the actor were shocked when they heard of the rumors that were spreading around saying that Ken missed his queue and an electrical wire on the set of the lakorn and was rushed to Srinakarin hospital. Thairath than called to ask what really happened on the set of the “365” when they heard of the news.

PR “Boong” Sumalee answered the questions and said that, it’s true that Ken did get into an accident while on set, but it was nothing major.

As for the scene where Ken received his injury is when Ken and Anne (Tongprasom) is riding on a motorcycle which had to be filmed from a caravan and while they were filming. The caravan had ran into the rope that was in the middle of the road and hit Ken in the nose that caused him to bleed. Ken was aided for his injury until he got better.

Not only that, but the area they were filming in was raining also and the production team had to stop filming that day.

As for Ken there were no major injuries and he was able to come back on set the next day. As for the rumors saying that Ken had to be carried off to the hospital was probably because he was around the Srinakarin hospital when the incident occurred which probably lead those to think he was carried off to the hospital.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Thairath]

9 responses to ““Ken” Theeradeth Misses Queue; Rope Hits Nose and Bleeds

  1. I’m happy for him that his career in the Thai entertainment industry is going well. A wife and couple kids doesn’t seem to slow him down. Which is good because he has a lot of fans.

  2. I like him he never has rumors or any bad news. He’s a good role model and not an attention seeker like many actors now and days. Young actors should look up to him.

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